Quick links, pre-Christmas Eve edition

Victorian posy of pansiesI have a legal memo to write, so of course I had to check out all sorts of stuff on the internet first.  Here’s a quick run-down.

The Left loves to talk about McCarthyism.  The Left also loves to practice McCarthyism.  John O’Sullivan reminds us that GLAAD’s approach to the Robertson clan is a perfect example of the old-fashioned blacklist:  destroying the livelihood of those who hold that wrong belief system.  Whether you’re a baker, or a photographer, or a TV figure, if you don’t support gay marriage, plan to be driven to the poor house.  It was a bad idea in the 1950s, and it’s a bad idea now.

Not only did Glenn Reynolds write his usual great USA Today column (this one about Obama’s bad 2013 and the probability that 2014 will be worse), but he opened with a Soviet-era joke.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that most Soviet-era jokes need few or no changes to work in Obama’s America.

I’ve spoken before at this blog about the execrable Peter Singer, who holds an endowed chair at Princeton, who is the intellectual father of PETA, and who believes parents should have a 30 day window within which to euthanize handicapped newborns.  (Never mind that those handicaps may hide brilliant minds and powerful souls.)  I thought of Singer when I read Matt Walsh’s powerful post about the chasm between those who understand that we must support life and those who embrace death (the deaths of others, of course; never of themselves).

Rand Paul gets an A+++ for his wonderful embrace of Festivus.  If you haven’t read the stream of tweets he sent out, you must.  They’re clever, charming, and very on point.  As a political move, Paul couldn’t have done better.

Yes, Obamacare drives up the cost of health insurance for the middle class.  But if you’re a member of the middle class who’s upset about the costly lies Obama told you (less money! same doctors!), apparently you should quit your whining.  You are merely a sacrifice to the greater good.

Beware that, if the Muslim nations have their way, it will henceforth be illegal to mention Muslims’ propensity for violence or any of the other less savory aspects of their faith. Of course, such a law will simply put a legal gloss on what’s already happening.  After all, hasn’t the administration told us repeatedly that the Fort Hood massacre was “workplace violence,” while the Benghazi massacre was a film review run amok?  No Muslims here.  Just move along.

The headlines proclaim that Obama signed up for Obamacare.  Except that he didn’t — as with everything else about Obamacare, Obama and his team are lying to us again.

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  • Matt_SE

    Linked at Instapundit this morning:
    This article details how Mitch McConnell is openly calling on defense contractors for donations to the (establishment) Republicans for their primary fights. He makes the case that RINOs will protect defense spending while Tea Partiers will cut it.
    Upon reading that, it suddenly hit me: the sequester’s cuts came disproportionately from defense. By gutting the sequester, Paul Ryan has restored some of this funding. This, I think, is the carrot being dangled in front of the military-industrial complex. A taste of the sweet funding they can expect if they help the RINOs smash the Tea Party in 2014.
    This is straight-up cronyism, worthy of Obama himself. I suddenly realize that the establishment (or, at least McConnell) is every bit as bad as I’ve ever heard. Winning back the Senate won’t do conservatives any good if this man is still at the helm.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar
  • Matt_SE

    Another link from Instapundit that supports this thesis, first in a general way: http://www.cato.org/blog/its-very-merry-christmas-washington-insiders?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed
    Then, in a way specific to Republicans: http://danieljmitchell.wordpress.com/2011/02/21/the-most-despicable-and-reprehensible-people-in-washington-are-republicans/
    This makes me so mad, I could spit.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    <B>Some of my Republican friends sometimes respond by asserting that Democrats are worse, but I grade on a curve. Democrats seek to make government bigger because they believe in statism. So it’s not terribly surprising or philosophically inconsistent for them to become lobbyists and get rich pushing to expand the burden of government (though some Democrats lobby for things that are not completely consistent with a left-wig agenda, such as special tax breaks or defense contracts, so it’s not a black-and-white divide).
    Republicans, however, tell voters that they believe in small government and individual liberty. So when GOP politicians and staffers decide to get rich by lobbying for bigger government, that is more disgusting.</b>
    What the hell is he talking about. Democrats exist to enslave humanity. Republicans are corrupted by money into going with the flow. But it’s the Republicans that are the worst?
    This guy needs to re envision what evil really is on this planet. Another guy that thinks the Democrats exist solely as a political entity and that there is not much else to it. There is a whole heck load to it.