Send the Marines

United States Marines with 34d Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 31st  Marine Expeditionary Unit at Urban Operations Training FacilityMarines used to be sent to fight, as Tom Lehrer (the funniest Leftist ever) noted disapprovingly, but humorously, in the early 1960s:

Now they’re being sent to the South Sudan for some amorphous sort-of rescue, maybe-fight duty.

Soon, as the military satire site the Duffel Blog reports, they’ll be purely decorative.

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  1. Caped Crusader says

    Found two 45rpm extended play Tom Lehrer records from my 1950′s stash just a few weeks ago. Funny guy! My favorite’s were, I Wanna Go Back to Dixie, Fight Fiercely Harvard, and Bright College Days. Stirring up OLD memories. Also love It’s Makes a Fellow Proud to be a Soldier. For a evening of fun go to YT and find a 41 tune Tom Lehrer and listen to all. Back when comedians were funny and poked fun at everyone, and nearly all men had the experience of military service; a common bond.

  2. Matt_SE says

    If the next president is a Republican, he’ll have to purge the Obamaites from the military rolls in order to start reversing the damage done to the chain of command.

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