A Facebook post that explains why Ryan’s pension cuts to the military were so craven

American military cemetery LuxembourgA friend tipped me off to a Facebook post that’s gone viral.  Practically within minutes of learning that, while Congress was doing nothing to stem the millions of dollars heading to illegal aliens, it would cut veterans’ benefits, Chuck Wooten, Chief Master Sargeant, USAF (ret.), got a fundraising letter from Paul Ryan.  Wooten took to Facebook to explain precisely why he wouldn’t be contributing any money to Ryan any time soon:

FB Friends,
I’m still mulling this Paul Ryan budget deal that stole money from every military retiree (past, present and future). This morning, upon opening my email, I noticed I had a letter from Congressman Paul Ryan…and it was begging me for an “emergency end of the year donation.” It only proves what we already know. The folks in Washington are indeed clueless. Instead of hitting the delete button, I decided to call Congressman Ryan out on his audacity and lack of self-awareness. I sent the following to him. I’m also posting it on the FB USAF Chiefs page as an open letter to the Congressman. If you’re a retiree, I will tell you we may have lost the battle, but not the war. If you’re inclined and find it worthy, let’s flood social media with this letter and see if we can get some traction. Thanks.

To Congressman Paul Ryan
Today at 8:19 AM
Congressman Ryan,

Please note that this request by you for a cash donation from me is extremely unfortunate and very ill-timed. You see sir, I am one of the military retirees your “bipartisan” budget just impacted. You and every Republican (both in the House and Senate that voted to pass this travesty betrayed and broke trust with me and everyone like me. You may not know us by name, but we’re the people, Congressman, who answered our Nation’s call, some of us at a very early age to willingly serve YOU and others LIKE YOU so you could safely attend college and pursue your personal ambitions without fear of harm.

You might also want to note that for at least 20 years, my brothers-in-arms answered that call of duty EVERY SINGLE DAY, without fail, without complaint, without enough money to sustain our loved ones we had to leave behind while we DID OUR JOB in every corner of the Earth. And for that service, we were given absolute assurance our so-called retirement benefits would be protected by law. The very law you shattered in your zeal to impress your Democratic cohorts in your back room deal–with the enemy. Yes, I said it. The liberal Democrats are an enemy to the American people and our Nation. Your lack of judgement and eagerness to compromise on the backs of us who protected you is sickening. Congressman, you and every Republican that voted for injuring military retirees have engaged in a complicit, sordid affair with the Democrats who’s objective has always been to dismantle the military. By climbing into their bed on this issue, you have confirmed you are absolutely no better than they and have proven it with your vote.

Congressman Ryan, the audacity which you display is noteworthy, but to unceremoniously snatch earned money from a small group that has added so much more value than the paltry $6B you looked to “save” (which is all smoke and mirrors and you know it), is reprehensible and insulting.

We have, despite the hardships, meager salaries and harsh conditions, have performed with honor and excellence…in silence, which is something most members of Congress have no idea about doing. Our job approval was, is and always be better than yours. We knew our mission and we got it done, then handed it off to a new generation in better shape than we found it.

Your ability to look us in the eye, take money from us (apparently there was ZERO, other source of waste within the federal government that you could have recovered this money from…right, got it), while simultaneously holding your hand out to beg (with passion) for our cash is stunning. Your actions have proven you do not have the tremendous intellect you’ve sold the American people on. I say, with all seriousness, Congressman, what you lack in intellect and spinal rigidity, you make up for in cajones.

I hope you and your cowardly, Republican “colleagues” hear a message from me loud and clear. You will NEVER receive another cent of financial support from me. Further, if you happen to be at a Capitol Hill dinner or at a K Street cocktail party with RNC Chair Reince Priebus, Rep. Ron Barber, Sen. Jeff Flake or Sen. John McCain, I would be honored if you communicate with them that I am launching an effort to ensure NONE of you traitorous “representatives of the people” ever receive another vote from a military retiree. Remove me from your contact lists.

Chuck Wooten,
Chief Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret)

That pretty much says it all. While I’m no fan of the overly generous pensions too many public employees get for doing jobs that the rest of us perform in the private sector without all the whoops, hollers, and excessive rewards, the military is sui generis. Our troops hold a unique position in which they promise to fight, bleed, and die on our behalf. Thankfully, most of them aren’t called upon to make these ultimate (or potentially ultimate) sacrifices, but the fact that their job description requires them to make such a promise means that they deserve something more upon retirement than the average white collar desk jockey gets.

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The money redistributed from military members probably will go to unions, the TSA, and paying for ATF’s ammo supply.
    It’s hard to say that they are diverting the cash to where they say they are. Money laundering never works like that if you count the entire process.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    I’d really like for someone to look up a Master Sergeant’s pension, and let us know how it compares to what Congressman Ryan is going to get when he retires from Congress…..that would be instructive.
    I simply do not believe that MS Wooten is getting the $100,000.00+ that a couple of my acquaintances are getting from CALPERS for doing jobs whose importance pales in comparison to that of our military.
    I’m planning to make a copy of that letter and send it back to ANY fund-raiser I get from the GOP.

  • jj

    The chief’s grammar isn’t up to much – but I heartily endorse his sentiments.  And the grammar’s not his fault, he probably went to public school.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    There was a reason why I never got on the various band wagons people constructed between 2008 and 2012 to fight off what they ultimately knew to be lasting despair.
    For I had already seen and recognized the existence of the Left’s power. I was’t hiding from it. And it wasn’t something that could be defeated using weak things like budget plans. No matter how brilliant. No matter who said it was going to work. No matter who they thought they were.
    Power is not something that can be negated by band wagons.

  • Matt_SE

    I believe Ryan’s capitulation was at the behest of McConnell and Boehner.
    I believe they wanted to reverse the sequester ahead of 2014. This was  in order to give the military-industrial complex a taste of the largesse they could expect if they helped the establishment defeat Tea Party challengers.
    McConnell is now openly courting them for that purpose.
    Meanwhile, the Chamber of Commerce wants to flood the US with illegals so their members can have cheap labor. Look for amnesty to make a big comeback after the primary deadlines are past.
    The most important race in 2014 is the Bevin/McConnell primary. We must be rid of these Quislings. Please donate directly to Bevin if you agree.

  • Matt_SE

    P.S. Sadly, there are many well-meaning dupes in the Republican party that don’t follow things as closely as we do here. They still remember Ryan from the good-old-days when he was the one on the Romney ticket energizing the conservative base.
    My mother is one of them. She refuses to hear ill of Ryan.