Comedians Key and Peele — there’s reality and then there’s Leftist reality, and it’s always about race

key-and-peeleBecause I have a high-energy young dog and a bad knee that precludes more vigorous exercise, I walk a lot.  I happen to find this very boring and am grateful for whatever entertainment I can get on my iPhone.  A lot of trial and error has revealed that the best app is the one for NPR radio.  Using this app, it’s very easy to assign radio segments to a playlist and then to listen to them, one-after-another, on demand.  The downside, of course, is that I have to listen to NPR, which I no longer find as entertaining as I did back in my Democrat days.  Still, it’s rather fascinating to see from an intellectual distance the Leftist shibboleths that once seemed so normal to me.

The segment that caught my interest today was an interview that Fresh Air’s Terry Gross did with Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, a comedy team on Comedy Central.  They are two very talented young men whose entire awareness of self and raison d’etre seems to be race.  Both have black fathers and white mothers.  Wait!  I said that wrong.  Terry Gross was oh-so-careful to say “African-American” fathers and “white” mothers.  Frankly, I was offended by her skin-color obsession with Key’s and Peele’s mothers.  What she should have said if she was going with the skin color was “darkish brown” fathers and “sort of pale peach colored” mothers.  And if she was talking continent of origin, of course, she should have extended to the mothers same courtesy she extended to the fathers:  “African-American” fathers and “Euro-American” mothers.

Yes, what I just said is totally nonsensical, which is my point.  The Left’s racial obsession, as well as the insane racial “sensitivity” Leftist white folks try to show when discussing race, makes all racial interactions uncomfortable.  All I could think of was Basil Fawlty, who after being warned not to talk about the war to German guests at his B&B, banged his head and then obsessively (and hilariously) focused on the war.  (Imagine my shock when I learned that, in modern Britain, the government almost banned Winston Churchill from a bank note for fear it would offend Germans.  The Germans lost that war, but I think even most Germans would agree that, ultimately, if losing wasn’t actually a good thing, Naziism was so foul that they deserved to lose.  Churchill helped save them from themselves.)

But back to Key and Peele. . . .

What gave Key and Peele recognition outside of Comedy Central was the first in a series of sketches they did that showed Obama giving a speech in his usual pinched way, with his Luther, his “anger translator” standing behind him saying what he really means.  They felt bad for Obama that, because he was black, he couldn’t have a temper tantrum when faced with the slings and arrows of outrageous GOP and Tea Party attacks.  This racial view of history ignores pale-peach-colored George Bush handling gracefully the unendingly vicious attacks and lies that came his way.  Pale-peach-colored Clinton (aka “the first black president“) was also usually dignified in public, no matter his disgraceful private behavior.  To the racially obsessed Key and Peele, though, the black(ish) Obama is the only one who is forced to act dignified when addressing the people of the nation that elected him.

With that horrible handicap in mind, it’s obvious that the following pictures are mere tricks of the camera insofar as they show Obama being anything but dignified and restrained:

obama gives us the finger_thumb[41]

Poor guy.  That kind of repression can’t be good for him.

Anyway, knowing how Obama suffers in silence, Key and Peele invented Luther, Obama’s “anger translator” (language warning):

Luther is both Obama’s and the Left’s Id. Luther says the truth that the Left dare not say. All Leftists know that when Obama, in his flat, clipped, angry tones is saying bland-ish things, he has a tiger waiting to get out. What’s fascinating about this tiger, as Key and Peele first voiced him in January 2012, is that everything the tiger says is wrong.  By that I mean that, when push came to shove, Obama either didn’t have the courage of  his alleged anger (the “anger translator” was in error) or he felt free to act upon it himself (the “anger translator” was unnecessary).  Need proof?  Here:

Obama:  First of all, concerning the recent developments in the Middle Eastern region, I just want to reiterate our unquenching support for all people and their right to a democratic process.

Luther:  Hey!  All y’all dictators out there, keep messing around and see what happens.  Just see what happens.  Watch!!

Hey, Luther!  Obama bowed down before the Muslim Brotherhood, a group open about its goal of denying the “democratic process” to women, Jews, Christians, gays, etc.  Obama told Bashir al Assad that he’d drawn a “red line” by gassing his own people.  The only problem was that, when Assad essentially said “So what, pretty boy?”, Obama hid behind Vladimir Putin.  Put another way, Luther, not only did nothing happen when Obama faced anti-democratic impulses in the Middle East, the reality was that he either sided with the bad guys or ran and hid.

Luther got it wrong about Iran too:

Obama:  Also, to the governments of Iran and North Korea, we once again urge you to discontinue your uranium enrichment programs.

Luther:  Oh, Mahmoud!  Kim Jong!  I think I already done told both y’all 86 your sh*t bitches or I’m gonna come over there and do it for y’all.  Please test me and see what happens.

Uh, Luther!  We’ve got another little problem here.  In fact, when Iran tested President Obama, he told them to go right ahead with their enrichment — but to be sure to stop just a few minutes before creating the nuclear warhead with Israel’s name on it.  To help this program, Obama un-froze a whole bunch of funds the absence of which had been helping to destabilize the Mullah’s regime.  Obama pretty much failed that test. (With regard to North Korea, the whole world is watching in fascinated horror as an allegedly drunk Kim Jong Il nukes his own family.)

Obama didn’t do so well at home, either.

Obama:  On the domestic front, I just want to say to my critics, I hear your voices and I’m aware of your concerns.

Luther:  So maybe you can chill the Hell out for like a second, and maybe then I can focus on some sh*t, you know?

“I hear your voices.”  Really?  Does anyone remember January 2009?

After listening to a critique of the nearly nine hundred billion dollars stimulus package from Republican Congressional leaders, along with some helpful suggestions on how to fix it, President Barack Obama had a two word answer.

“I won,” President Obama said, indicating why the Republicans were not going to have any significant input into the bill. President Barack Obama was echoing sentiments by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who had explained by the House Democratic leadership version of the stimulus bill was going to pass with or without Republicans.

Funnily enough, Obama’s words don’t sound much like “I hear your voices.”  They sound a lot more like “Shut the eff up!!”  Luther, Obama lied to you, his beloved anger translator.

But wait, there’s more:

Obama:  That goes for everybody, including members of the Tea Party.

Luther:  Oh, don’t even get me started on these motherf*ckers.  Right here (slamming a fist into his palm).

Obama didn’t need Luther to call the Tea Partiers nasty names.  When someone recently wrote Obama a letter complaining about his treatment of a group the author called “Tea Baggers,” the President didn’t blink.  Instead, he called them “Tea Baggers” too.  For those out of the loop, the MSM’s beloved Anderson Cooper (who told the world about the time he proofread his mother’s ruminations about oral sex) coined the term soon after the Tea Party first appeared on the political scene (although he was only one in a long line of immature gay Leftists sniggering about the Tea Party’s name).  Given the giggles with which his words were received, it was clear that Cooper, who is gay, and his fellow TV folks all knew that he was referring to a gay sexual practice involving oral sex and testicles.

And so it goes with the rest of the comedy sketch.  You can watch the last minute of the video, which is pretty much more of the same.

As fascinating as the video is the reason that Key and Peele felt compelled to give voice to Obama’s id is just as interesting:

We know we’re frustrated when a person like [Rep.] Joe Wilson had , when he was like, “You lie!” to the president. And we were like, “The president can’t react the way millions of Americans right now are going, ‘Ugh!’ He can’t say anything. He can’t rail at this man, he can’t get upset. What if we had a surrogate who could get upset for him?” And that was the embryonic state of creating Luther [the anger translator].

Peele: The way we’ve described it before is that he couldn’t come off like an angry black man, especially early on, so what Luther says are things that ring true to us, and we felt like we were giving the truth a voice in a lot of ways.

First of all, let me say again that Obama isn’t the only president who has to suffer insults in silence.  It’s part of the job.  He’s not special.  Second of all, to the extent that Key and Peele appear upset that Obama had to stand silent as he was being slandered, they’re a little confused.  Joe Wilson called out “You lie” when Obama promised that the monies from Obamacare (which Key and Peele, per Democrat party directive,  now call “the ACA”) would never go to illegal aliens.  The problem (for Key and Peele, at least) is that, while Wilson was rude, he was also accurate. Obama did lie:

Now [August 11, 2011], Wilson’s indictment seems to have been proven right.

On Tuesday, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced it was awarding a $28.8 million Obamacare grant to 67 community health centers, many of which offer free care to ‘migrant workers,’ in other words…illegal aliens.

HHS spokeswoman Judy Andrews told that “approximately $8.5 million will be used by 25 New Access Point awardees to target services to migrant and seasonal farm workers.”

Andrews continued: “Health centers do not, as a matter of routine practice, ask about or collect data on citizenship or other matters not related to the treatment needs of the patients seeking health services at the center. The Program’s authorizing statute does not affirmatively address immigration status.”

In other words, while Obamacare ostensibly excludes illegal immigrants, the HHS has already handed out Obamacare money to organizations that serve illegal immigrants.  Obama’s lie wasn’t white, so much as dark grey.

Watching Key and Peele perform, it’s obvious that these are two extremely talented men.  They’re also one-dimensional.  To them, the world is solely about race.  That’s why Obama gets a pass. Better to lie about his policies and spin fantasies about his accomplishments than to acknowledge that the man is dishonest and inept.  A black (darkish brown) president cannot be seen as less than perfect.

This race-obsessed duo is as boring as my once-dynamic high school friends who, when they came out of the closet, defined themselves solely by sexual practices.  All their friends were gay, they only went to gay themed entertainment, their politics boiled down to their bedroom proclivities, etc.  It wasn’t “Hi, I’m a dentist, and I have two children, and my hobby is archery.”  It was “Hi, I’m gay.”  Key and Peele don’t introduce themselves to the world as creative thinkers who are talented mimics, wry observers, and quick-wits.  Instead, the Fresh Air segment title says it all: “For Key And Peele, Biracial Roots Bestow Special Comedic ‘Power’.” Gawd, how dull!

In a healthy society, race is an incidental, culture is something interesting, and natural talent and hard work are what count. To the NPR crowd, though, it’s all about a person’s “biracial” African American-Euro American status (or, as linguistic purists should be saying) their “biracial” darkish brown-pale peachy pink status. The way in which two talents have been compressed to do service to a party’s continuing racial obsession proves more clearly than anything I’ve seen that the Democrats have had a straight-line racial continuum from the KKK crowd to the NPR crowd. When all is said and done, they are defined by (and, eventually, one hopes undone by) their unsavory racial obsessions.

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  • Matt_SE

    For all their talk of diversity, Democrats seem to have a need to put people into oversimplified groupings…stereotypes, essentially.
    It’s like they are unable to grasp that people are more complex than that.
    All minorities must vote their skin color (or for white Democrats, who represent all the downtrodden), women must vote with their “lady parts,” etc.
    It’s insulting to the intelligence.

  • David Foster

    Matt_SE: “For all their talk of diversity, Democrats seem to have a need to put people into oversimplified groupings…stereotypes, essentially.”
    Rose Wilder Lane explained this back in 1943:
    Nobody can plan the actions of even a thousand living persons, separately. Anyone attempting to control millions must divide them into classes, and make a plan applying to these classes. But these classes do not exist. No two persons are alike. No two are in the same circumstances; no two have the same abilities; beyond getting the barest necessities of life, no two have the same desires.Therefore the men who try to enforce, in real life, a planned economy that is their theory, come up against the infinite diversity of human beings. The most slavish multitude of men that was ever called “demos” or “labor” or “capital” or”agriculture” or “the masses,” actually are men; they are not sheep. Naturally, by their human nature, they escape in all directions from regulations applying to non-existent classes. It is necessary to increase the number of men who supervise their actions. Then (for officials are human, too) it is necessary that more men supervise the supervisors.

  • Ymarsakar

    First, the step is to make them into sheep, no matter what the cost.

  • Ymarsakar

    In some sense, the black community of castrated wannabe men, feel pride that whites and other law abiding people fear the “angry black guy”.
    What they don’t quite understand is that there are still many in this country (and more and more as training schedules allow), who won’t be pushed around by their flash mobs and knock out games. The more atrocities they perpetuate on the patriots, the more patriots look towards non mainstream people (like a certain someone) to tell them what the real deal is on violence. Prison is not there to protect white people from cons and black killers in jail. Prison is there to protect them from people like me.
    Obama’s silence isn’t there to protect the American patriots from his iron fist. It’s the other way around.
    There is enough power in my pinky to touch the strongest and largest tough guy, and they’ll just go screaming and flying across the room. As pressures and persecutions of the weak increase, knight errants and citizen militias will only grow more popular over time.

  • Libby

    It’s interesting that so many Lefties, such as Key & Peele and Bill Maher, wish for Obama to be what they consider more “authentically black” – angrier, acting out his inner bada$$ gangsta self on his opponents here and abroad. Yet we’re the racists for expecting Obama to behave in the same manner as any previous president (and as fits the office) with a calm, reasoned demeanor in public, regardless of his inner emotions and skin color. Funny that  Key & Peele are incapable of noticing Obama’s anger, which has become quite easy for the rest of us to see: “Eat your peas!” “You didn’t build that!” “The police acted stupidly!”

    It’s also interesting that when Obama’s (and Michelle’s) mask slips, our noticing their lack of grace is again attributed to our racism.Seems to me this is the result of neither of them putting in the amount of public appearance time prior to his presidency to have acquired full control of their emotions and reactions in public, and also, a lack of respect for the presidency. Obama has never behaved as if he ere president of all the United States, just those who voted for him (the rest of us are either enemies or annoyances). Neither of them seem aware that they are representatives of the US, and as such, should behave appropriately in public (not like at the Mandela memorial, or their need to ‘keep it real’ on various TV shows).

  • Bookworm

    Libby, your comment is the type that leaves me wishing I had a “like” button for comments.  I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.

  • Charles Martel

    Sometimes the left reminds me of the sorcerer’s apprentice, besotted by powers that he doesn’t understand and that ultimately are beyond his control. The left’s manipulation of black Americans and its collaboration with Islam are two great examples of its arrogance and ignorance.
    The left’s cynical exploitation of blacks could well lead to open warfare that decimates them. The brave but stupidly egocentric and disorganized fighting tactics of a gang or a flash mob will lead to slaughter at the hands of organized men who have more than ginned-up hatred and adrenalin to sustain them.
    Islam is a death cult, and death cultists are notoriously resistant to the blandishments of moral wrecks like Tom Friedman or Sandra Fluke. Sharia law is a bitch.

    • Matt_SE

      <b>”Sometimes the left reminds me of the sorcerer’s apprentice, besotted by powers that he doesn’t understand and that ultimately are beyond his control”</b>
      This ties into my views on the well-known phenomenon of “liberal projection”:
      Liberals are incompetent (like the chestnut about how “those who can, do…those who can’t, teach). What they have instead are envy, greed and ambition.
      They see conservatives succeed, and they covet that success. Since they themselves can’t succeed, they rationalize it away by assuming that conservatives must’ve cheated.
      This is then used as a rationalization for their own cheating.
      So by this thinking, liberal projection is actually an outgrowth of their own incompetence.

  • raymondjelli

    I’ve seen them and they can be very funny and like most comedians their comedy falls flat when they are promoting rather than satirizing. I’ve noticed that what passes for highly placed black Obama supporters are people absolutely like himself. Biracial with the exactly correct white socialist political views (Melissa Harris Perry for starters).  It is a very subtle but real example of high yellow privilege. Like all things Obama it is at its heart very very ugly.

  • Charles Martel

    raymond makes a good observation, namely the “high yellow” factor in a lot of Obama’s thinking.
    It irritates me no end to see Obama’s opponents mislabeled as racists when their real objection is classist: Obama is an Oreo, dark on the outside, but a cosseted white upper middle-class sissy boy on the inside, with all of the sneery, snarky, condescending mien of his class. The face that should have been put on the Pajama Boy tweet was his.

  • Ymarsakar

    At the moment, Americans need a re-education on violence and power. A gun is only one tool. It’d be like using a hammer for everything, because all you got is a hammer. So you might as well HAMMER your way out of drowning too.
    Women, primarily, need to re-look at the violence dynamic. Instead of always figuring that speed, strength, and size predetermines the victory, they need to find smarter and more efficient ways to survive. Luckily, most of the research and experiments have already been done.
    The Left can find and come up with ways to put a Zimmerman on you, even in as pro a gun state as Florida. They just barely failed, because those pro gun and pro defense laws are so strong. Barely. In Chicago, New Orleans, or California, they would have won.
    Patriots need more tools. They need tools for the rape out squads. They need tools and options for the knock out squads. They need tools and options for flash riots. The military commander that just has one tool and only ever uses that, becomes so predictable he will lose his entire army against a competent foe. If your only way to utilize lethal force is with a gun, then they know if they take it away from you or get in close, your power is nullified.
    The state’s enforcement arm, in the days of pre evolution, were always the brown shirts. It was always the Civilian Security force as well funded and strong as the US military.
    What we see on social media is merely “dry runs”. Like the ones terrorists do, to test response times of the local defense force.
    AQ’s behavior in Iraq was extremely valuable to those of us paying attention. Because those are the same tactics the Left will use. And they will be defeated in the same fashion.

  • Jane Dough 5000

    Book, I love this site.  It’s one of my five or six daily go-to places on the ‘net.  But you may have dropped the ball just a bit on this one.
    When you say “To [Key & Peele], the world is solely about race” you may be misled in two ways.  I despise Katt Williams and Jamie Foxx and all the other black race panderers, but it would be a mistake to include K&P with that sorry lot.  It’s just the opposite:  they constantly poke fun at people for whom everything is about race.  When they do their anger-management Obama, they’re not saying Obama can’t show his true self because he’s a black man, they’re saying he’s duplicitous because that’s just his thing.  He smiles at you while he’s stabbing you in the back.
    Their show bears this out.  Watch any episode … maybe one of their five or six skits per episode is about race, and when it is, it often as not makes fun of black-on-black stereotypes and misplaced white guilt.  Zombie roommates, Mr. T PSAs, ludicrous black football player names, a date from hell, 350-pound computer geeks, pawn shop crazies, misplaced gay privilege — their writing and performance is consistently hilarious, what SNL should be if SNL had been funny since the 90s.  Maybe one sketch, about a slave auction in the 1800s, obliquely referenced white oppression, but even then they were increasingly pissed because they weren’t picked!
    Secondly, I’ll just lay it out there … you mean it’s NOT all about race?  There’s a race war going on in America, at least since the 2008 inauguration.  It’s just that no one notified whitey.  As long as we’re in denial about that we’re losing.
    Key & Peele transcend this racial bipolarity in a way few others are qualified to achieve.  Besides, aren’t they like the first comedy duo since Martin & Lewis or Stiller & Meara?  That right there is something.
    Brilliant performers and a writing staff second to none.  I came late to the party — just a few weeks ago started catching reruns — but it’s the only show on Comedy Central, or for that matter the alphabets, that’s still sharp and funny instead of a tedious and predictable liberal circle-jerk.

    • Bookworm

      Thanks so much for the input, Jane Dough. I’ve only seen Key & Peele in random skits that show up on Facebook through YouTube, and those sketches have invariably been about Obama the martyr whose finally given voice through Luther, the man who can shout his conservative critics down. (I’m not much of a TV watcher.) That racial aspect is also what came through in the NPR interview, which was “in your face” all about race. It even included a discussion about the way in which Key & Peele are working on an Obama/Luther sketch lambasting Obamacare critics.

      Based upon what you say, I’ll now have to watch them seriously, instead of dismissing them as “same old, same old.” If they really are poking fun at the racial shibboleths permeating our culture, I bet they’re funny and they deserve an audience.

      Ironically, what you say makes the Fresh Air interview even more awful, because it drags two multi-talented,open-minded, non-ideological comedians right back into racist paradigm where the Left wants America to live.

  • 11B40

    The photos you posted of our President and his favorite finger reminded me of a family dinner back when I was 10 or 11.  Having only a Big Sister for a sibling rival, I had discovered that she (an intelligent Catholic school girl only a year or so older than myself) had somehow discovered that digit’s secret alternate meaning.  So during the early part of our repast, I set about displaying it as often as  appeared wise.  Apparently, that timeline was actually exceeded as became obvious as my father offered, “If you’re having trouble with that finger, I can fix it for you.”

  • Zachriel
  • Ymarsakar

    Yo Z, when do you want that 50% execution rate to be applied for this century’s healthcare costs?

  • Ron19

     Currently reading:
    Detect Deceit: How to Become a Human Lie Detector in Under 60 Minutes
    by David Craig
    Amazon seems to think that the same book is also called:
    Lie Catcher – Become a human lie detector in under 60 minutes
    published in 2011. 
    Would that it had been published 10 or 20 years earlier.
    Even though it doesn’t quite mention it that way, the chapter on facial expressions seems to be an obvious explanation for Obama turning his head so so far right and left when he’s giving a speech; it makes it very hard to get a proper reading on his facial body language.  He faces forward when pausing, i.e., not saying anything for a moment.

  • Ron19

    This comment box could use some work, along with the Reply button on each comment.

    • Bookworm

      Ron19:  Could you let me know what problem you’re having with the comment box?  If I can get some specifics, I’ll forward them to my webmaster.

  • Ron19

    The comment box is short and narrow.
    Come to think  of it, the comment column is narrow, especially if you are going to nest replies.

  • Ron19

    Your comment box is short and narrow.
    Come to think  of it, the comment column is narrow, especially if you are going to nest replies.

  • Ron19

    Ron19 says  January 5, 2014 at 10:25 pm
    was supposed to be a reply attached to
    Bookworm says    January 5, 2014 at 10:20 am 
    Instead it appeared as a new free-floating comment. 
    Without the comment numbers of old, it is difficult to match it up to the comment it was supposed to be replying to, especially if it is posted after a number of other comments have been add there and elsewhere.

    • Ron19

      Comment reply without using preview.

    • Bookworm

      I’m so sorry, Ron19, that the new format isn’t working for you.  My wonderful webmaster is doing this for me on his own time, so everything is still a work in progress. 

  • Ron19

    Comment reply to
    Ron19 says
    January 5, 2014 at 10:34 pm 
    using preview button.

  • Ron19

    Bookworm, your website is still a wonderful place.  But like your mother, it used to be more wonderful before it was hi-jacked.

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  • Sam Kraft

    You’re right that people are obsessed with skin color but key and Peele have houndreds of sketches that are hilarious. They are certainly not one-dimensional. Some deal with race stereotypes but the best ones Meegan, Continental, Wendell, are all non-racial. Then there are other races that they make fun of openly, without holding back (Dominican, White, Puerto Rican, Asian). Isn’t that what you say you want in this article? It’s an open discussion about race through comedy. A discussion that alleviates tension, as opposed to creating it. And by the climax of their skits, the topic has wavered from race and evolved into outlandish theatrics, reminding me of the same fundamentals of classic slap stick comedy.

    The media asks key and Peele to talk about their race and how it effects their comedy. Yet obviously race is important to two darker toned men . Why wouldn’t it be? Race defines how society looks at you, just as gender does. For someone to observe this phenomenon and comment on it does not mean they are obsessed with race. It simply means it is a factor in their lives. (Not always, as the media is overly focused on it when the subject doesn’t demand them to be) Yet I’m certain that these two comedians would rather be defined as great comedians as opposed to great black comedians.

    Also, for the Obama skits, it might be best if you stop dissecting them so thoroughly. It is, after all, just a joke.