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Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon Adelson

I found incredibly amusing the Facebook post a very Progressive friend of mine wrote about her daughter.  During her gap year (a break between high school and college), the daughter wanted to do the very Marin thing of going to work on an organic farm natural habitats in Africa.  When the gal ran the numbers, though, she discovered that this type of charitable work would cost her a fortune.  She therefore abandoned the plan (apparently charity’s only worthwhile if it’s free and fun) and, instead, is leaving soon for a “birthright” trip to Israel.

A trip to Israel is a wonderful thing.  Unless they’re dumb as posts, the Progressive kids who go on it come back realizing a couple of things — (1) that Israelis are not evil Nazis and (2) that Israel is a vulnerable in a teeny country surrounded by haters.  I therefore think it’s great that the girl is going to Israel.

Moreover, a “birthright” trip to Israel is a wonderful way to go.  It’s a free trip that introduces young American Jews to the Jewish nation.  They tour all over and meet fascinating Israelis who help them understand that dynamic little liberal democracy buried in a theocratic, totalitarian region.

In other words, there’s nothing funny about the gal going to Israel.  What is funny is that the biggest funder (or one of the biggest funders) behind the “birthright” program is Sheldon Adelson.  Adelson, whom I greatly admire, is a conservative/libertarian.  He is the antithesis of everything this young woman has been raised to believe.  Nevertheless, she’d rather take his money for a free trip than spend her own money to help out a Progressive-approved charitable endeavor.


* It’s important to note here that the young woman’s parents staunchly support Israel.  It’s just that they also support a president who is doing everything he can to empower Iran while destroying Israel, and a political party that is becoming increasingly open about its old-fashioned antisemitism.  In other words, they are both perfect representatives of the kind of “thinkers” that the modern Ivy League (both went to Harvard) is churning out.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    Interesting. However, I would fear that she fall into the hands of self-hating members of the Israeli Left, of which there are quite a few. Who knows, though. A few loose missiles and an air raid warning just might mug her with reality. Let us know if you get a chance to debrief her on her safe return.

  • Ymarsakar

    Debrief, ka? Interesting way to put it.
    From what I’ve heard, the Left also has volunteer brigades to Palestine. But when the girls get there, they aren’t allowed to leave, since they are living in house with the Palestinians. Who, when given free genetic diverse brides, don’t want to let them go.
    The Left has keep that news very quiet for awhile now.

    • Bookworm

      I’ve heard the same, Ymarsakar, although I heard that it was hushed-up rape, rather than permanent sexual slavery. If true, the Stockholm Syndrome that keeps those women quiet is beyond belief. 

      • Ymarsakar

        Islamic culture doesn’t let them leave the house without a male escort. That is the process of control. They also can’t leave without their passports.

  • Navy Bob

    What baffles me is why any American Jew with one eye and half a brain can support Obama when he is so obviously anti-Isreal. 

  • Matt_SE

    Stockholm Syndrome would imply it is the girls censoring themselves. Another explanation is censorship by the left, who will brook no criticism of one of their pet projects. A little (or a lot!) social pressure from “thought-leaders” in their social circles, and the result is silence.
    Reminds me of what happened to Filthy Filner’s accusers over the years.

    • Matt_SE

      And I thought feminists were all about “finding their voices.”

  • Ymarsakar

    The power it takes for a human to develop the will to disobey Authority, is no half hearted thing.
    Neither this generation nor the previous, ever studied the true costs of human free will. It ain’t free. Compared to slavery and sexism, free will is the most painful thing humans can ever experience, barring failing to protect their loved ones.
    Many people would rather obey and save their lives, than exercise free will. That’s how painful it is. Only individuals that have transcended the realm and fear of death and life, can ever have a hope of reaching that distant horizon. There are alternative paths to enlightenment, such as meditating and fasting in a cave for 5 years, but that’s not realistic for modern humans. There’s a reason why Christian emphasis on heaven and hell provides strength for true believers and saints. Humans can transcend biological limitations, but certain triggers must be flipped first.
    The Left, no matter what they say, will not free a single human soul. Not a single one. Those that think otherwise, have no idea what they are facing here. The transcendental nature of evil is not something people snacking on biscuits can take on. They’re going to need more will power than what it takes to choose between vanilla and chocolate.

  • Charles Martel

    So, instead of closing one’s eyes and thinking of England, one closes one’s eyes and thinks of Abdul, Abood, Akmad, Akram, Ali, Ammar, Anis, Aslam, etc., etc.—all the way through the colorful Arabic alphabet.

  • Ymarsakar

    Islamic Jihad has many things in common with the Left, including permanent or semi permanent sexual slavery. On the surface, it might seem their theology is incompatible on a religious and fundamental level. On the surface, it might seem Jewish secular and religious interests are incompatible from Palestinian ones.
    Humans often have more in common than many may think. However, that’s true for evil too. Evil has more in common with evil than humans have in common with other humans, too.
    Now imagine if all that you know and understand now stays with you as you time leap mentally back to the past you, in 2006. Then imagine how you would react when everyone talks about compromising with Democrats, how Bush bombing Islamic Jihad is costing America money, and various other things like electing a “powerful” conservative leader.
    I stopped commenting at Blackfive because all that would spew out would be horribly negative, demoralizing, rants that would go on for pages, every time they post an American casualty (caused by Obama) or an American strategic disaster (caused by Kerry and Democrats like HRC). The best thing I could do at that point to “support the troops” was to shut up and stop talking about the things they keep talking about.
    Hate is not a weak ideological platform people often see on billboards and diversity indoctrination sets. True hate burns with a fire few have ever touched.


     “It’s important to note here that the young woman’s parents staunchly support Israel.”
    Being Jewish isn’t a bipolar menu that one gets to pick at like canapés being served. Dining on Obama is still the main course (pun intended).  Sending their daughter to Israel is picking at canapés.

  • Mike Devx

    Just because they make it to Israel doesn’t mean they will have their eyes opened.  Remember Rachel Corrie. An American leftist idealogue young woman who was, ahem, “visiting Israel”.
    Her doctrinaire leftism and blindness – and basically a complete lack of common sense as well – led to her tragic death.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Palestinians primed her and made her into a preparatory type of suicide bomber or human shield. The Left, like other tools, are easily reprogrammed depending on their master.

  • Ymarsakar

    In addition, torture and sexual conditioning can lead the victim to blame herself for the evils inflicted on her. Thus they try to search for an escape clause, a way to redeem themselves. Getting killed by a bulldozer to defend the Palestinian true and pure cause, may in her mind have absolved her of her own personal pains, whatever they may have been.