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Fabulous 50 blog awards winnerNever let it be said that the Watcher’s Council isn’t on the ball.  Here it is, the first day of 2014, and the Watcher’s Council already has its nominations lined up.  In addition, several council members have weighed in with predictions for the coming year.  (I didn’t join in that one.  My predictions depressed me.)  Oh, one more thing!!  Both the Watcher’s Council itself, as well as several blogs included in the Watcher’s Council, got the nod in Doug Ross’s Fabulous 50 Blog Award Winners.  Yay!

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  1. says

    I remember during 2008 when someone on the nets asked me to read this blog post and make a comment, in advocating for American patriotism (Sarah Palin’s bid). It ended up here at this link:

    Big bucking duck worth of a blog comment war. I was going in preparing to be ambushed from 9 sides, so I only planned to talk to the head honcho, the leader of the mob, David Brin. Everyone else I treated as the Praetorian Guard, designed to stop me from getting to their leader. I’ve read some of David Brin’s books, so I knew some of his psychology and I reverse engineered it, as exampled by my “environmental” line of confrontation which Brin actually took some damage from, whereas the other things he just didn’t care about (such as Palin’s hacked mail accounts).
    They are correct that I was very vague. They are correct that I wouldn’t play their game and fight the battle by their rules of engagement on this topic. Brin, a writer, even gave me a compliment, having to do with my appearance as a debater or writer. I suppose that was a nice thing, though worthless when used against someone like me.
    I already knew at that time that civil war was inevitable in the US. Nothing patriots were planning to do and nothing the Left were doing, was going to stop it in the US. So I had no desire to be specific. I had no desire to make predictions I knew would come true eventually. Because I thought of the future in decades. Coincidentally though, Obama started showing the Left’s cards a few years in. So I came back to Brin’s blog and said something about that.
    I made no specific predictions. I was vague on purpose. I let them spew out all the stuff they really thought about Bush, Obama, and Palin (including us, as their supporters or detractors). It was all for the purpose of data gathering. I have to know my enemy, before victory has a chance. So now you can see what a certain Brin said then in 2008 and what Instapundit says he is writing about now in 2014. Should be very interesting given the enlightened perspectives of patriots now a days. It would have looked very different for a person in 2008, to see Brin’s comments then and there. I knew that. That’s why I didn’t try to match words and power with Brin or his commenters. It was not yet time to speak truth to power. For one thing, zombies don’t deserve my truth to begin with.
    So if anyone is hesitant or regretful that Leftists won’t charge right in here on this blog and start spewing out the hate and evil to be refuted by Book’s comment team, you can read the comments over there at the link through for the fix. A nice, safe, stress free activity. They are frozen in time while you are free to maneuver around them as you see fit. For those that have a difficult time with Leftist conditioned responses to events, do a compare and contrast. It’s easy to understand once you figure out that the primary component is obedience to Leftist propaganda and doctrine. If I treated Brin as an equal, a peer worthy of dictating to me how I should think and speak and write, I would have lost the battle before I even got on the field.
    The Left, such as GLAAD, always tries to get you to treat them as your equal, as your peer, worthy of sitting in judgment of you. Don’t let them do as they please. Nobody was born a zombie. Nobody was born a sub human or as a monster. As the Left likes to say, they are made to be who they are. They conditioned and trained. Except, the truth is most often they are made to be rapists and criminals by the Left. And the propagandists that have a socially acceptable face are little better.
    III. Now that the NSA story is out and the net is awash in “dangerous talk” and “crazy people” talking about civil wars and revolutions, I don’t have to worry as much about being flagged and tagged (bagged). Now I’ll just say and write whatever the heck I want to. I don’t have to filter myself out as I did back then. I’ve had many many years to think about how to phrase certain things in my mind and heart.

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