Solidarity with the nuns — a tipping point moment?

Lech WalesaRemember back in 1980 when something happened in Poland that seemed little but had enormous consequences?  That was the year that Lech Walesa started to lead the Gdansk shipyard workers.  Their trade union eventually led in a straight line to the Soviet Union’s downfall.  From a trade union, those shipyard workers morphed into an enormous, non-violent protest against the Polish government (a Soviet proxy).

When the Polish government blinked, people throughout the former Soviet Empire realized that the Communist monster was weakening and could be challenged.  Aided by Reagan’s, Thatcher’s, and Pope John Paul II’s moral support, as well as political and financial aid from Western countries fighting in the Cold War, communist bloc citizens suddenly had real hope — not the phony stuff Obama and his media acolytes socialists have always peddled, but real hope that the decades they’d spent imprisoned in their own countries were finally ending.

Let’s call the Solidarity movement a tipping point.

For reasons best known to itself, the Obama administration has seen fit to wage war against these ladies:

Little Sisters of the Poor

These gals, of course, are the Little Sisters of the Poor.  For more than 150 years, this order has been serving the elderly poor.  And when I say “serving,” I mean that.  They aren’t just conduits for funds.  They go out every day and work amongst the elderly poor, especially the ones who are sick and alone.  As you can see from the picture above, the little sisters are mostly elderly themselves.  They are grandmotherly types whose deep and abiding faith carries them to places most people don’t even think about.  And to the extent they do think about them, they cut a check to charity or, when they’re paying their taxes, try to minimize the pain by saying, “I guess it helps fund Medicaid.”

Being good Catholics, the Little Sisters were in the forefront of groups refusing to abide by the Obamacare mandate that they provide insurance for their employees that includes contraceptives and abortifacients.  Aside from the fact that the nuns don’t need either contraceptives or abortifacients, to the extent that they might hire a receptionist or accountant, they weren’t about to condemn their immortal souls by providing those services for her either.

The Obama administration, recognizing that this was a fight it couldn’t win, came up with an illusory compromise:  Religious institutions can sign a slip of paper saying that they won’t buy those “benefits” for their employees.  However, their insurance company must still provide those same benefits for employees.  In that way, said the administration, the nuns weren’t violating their consciences.

Nuns, however, are not as stupid as the Obama administration seems to think they are.  They understand that, if their insurance company must provide those benefits, someone needs to pay for them — and that’s going to be the insured.  In other words, even though the nuns will no longer directly pay for contraceptives and abortifacients, they will still indirectly pay as the insurance company hikes their fees to pay for unidentified “sundries.”  Whether the nuns pay directly, or the insurance company pays on their behalf, the nuns are still paying.

You’d think, at this point, that the Obama administration would have the intelligence to back down.  Nobody, however, has ever accused committed ideologues of intelligence, nor have I ever made the mistake of accusing the Obama administration of having any intelligence greater than a feral manipulative ability, gilded by an adoring and complicit press.  They are in this to win.

The question is whether the public will side with the Obama administration or with the nuns.  The hardcore NARAL crowd, of course, will side with the president and claim that the nuns are just being pointlessly fussy.  You and I, of course, will side with the nuns, because we recognize that they’re not being fussy at all.  If they sign the paper, they are giving their insurance company permission to use their money to fund something doctrinally prohibited and repugnant.

It seems to me, though, that the masses will not like seeing Obamacare used to pummel little nuns who work tirelessly for the elderly poor.  There’s no way that you can paint these nuns as wild-eyed Todd Aikins who believe that pregnancy negates rape.  Since the roll-out, those who have lost insurance and lost their doctors and spent fruitless hours trying to use the exchange have been the face of Obamacare’s victims.  Employers, however, haven’t had a face . . . until now.  These nuns exemplify the villainy of forcing America’s employers to buy insurance antithetical to their values or even impossible for their budgets.

I would love to see nuns across America descend on Washington, D.C., for a “Million Nun March.”  Nothing would put a clearer face on Obamacare’s trampling of individual rights than seeing elderly nuns protesting at the White House.  Arrayed behind them should be priests (of course) as well as Americans of all creeds who believe in religious freedom.  Were that to happen, I think we might see the same tipping point that started in a Polish shipyard a long, long time ago.

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  • March Hare

    As a “cradle Catholic,” I know there is only one acceptable response to a nun and that’s “Yes, Sister.”  They are gentle, they are kind, they are FORMIDABLE. 
    So the wise-ass in me would love someone to show Sandra Fluke the above picture, “Should the government be allowed to intimidate these women and force them to  violate their consciences?  Isn’t that an example of the ‘War on Women?’  Why or why not?”  And then tape and broadcast her response.  
    I know in my dreams…
    Has anyone seen reported exactly how many lay women are employed by the Little Sisters?  And if this applies to the entire LSOP order in the U.S. or just in Denver?

  • Danny Lemieux

    Hmmm….sometimes I do wonder if you aren’t a closet Catholic but just won’t admit it, Book. ;-). 

  • Eidolon

    It’s not a tipping point and it won’t be. 2012 taught me that the media, TV, movies and music still control thought in this country. It doesn’t matter if people can see something with their own eyes — if those groups tell them that’s not what they saw, they’ll believe it.
    No one will hear about this. The Catholic church, ironically hated by the left for being too big, rich and powerful, is nowhere near as big, rich, or powerful as the above social forces. There’s no chance this becomes a national issue.
    Not only that, but there’s no chance that the public will come to understand that the problem is left-wing politics. At the most extreme, the public will only feel a general distaste for politics that applies to the left and the right equally. After Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Obamacare, Libya, etc., I no longer believe that anything the left does will ever become a lasting national issue that actually shifts the debate to the right, unless another Reagan comes along.

  • Earl

    From your lips to G*d’s ears, BW……and March Hare!
    Eidolon: Don’t be ruled by your worst fears… makes it harder for me to avoid the sin of despair.  :-)
    And to EVERYONE:  please go here — TODAY — and put your money where your mouth is….send the Little Sisters a few bucks:

  • jj

    Have to go with Eidolon.  The LSOP may close up shop and invite the US of A to go f*** itself – as may the entire Catholic Church – but the difference it makes isn’t going to be much.  Right now in Seattle there are marches and demonstrations and the usual yadda-yadda-yadda about a Catholic school firing an assistant principal wh0 married his boyfriend.  It’s a major cause celebre (can’t do accents here), and the guy is whining and sniffling all over the evening news.  Personally I want to grab him by the throat, turn his head, and yell into his ear from an inch away as loudly as I can: “It’s a Catholic school!  CATHOLIC!  CATHOLIC!  What part of that did you not understand, Shitforbrains?”  Same message to all his supporters; witless kids marching around outside the school gates with their equally witless parents, ditto politicians, etc.
    So I think the answer for the Catholic Church is becoming clear: adios, America.  You want to go to Mass, you go to Quebec and deal with it in French.  That’ll be the nearest one.
    But I doubt if Francis is tough enough for that – and I damn sure know the American bishops aren’t.  The jackass in San Fran who keeps giving Pelosi communion when she shows up is proof of that.  Tim Dolan, who already is feeling betrayed (because he has been) by the Jugears administration might be tough enough, and might even precipitate a fight, but it isn’t going anywhere.  Sound and fury – to the 2% of us who even know about it – signifying nothing.

  • Ymarsakar

    The fundamental reason why the Libertarians or their party have no clue is because they often complain about civil liberties, but they don’t say that the source come from the Left. They say the source comes from a piece of legislation like the Patriot Act or Bush. This was too in line with Leftist propaganda and disinformation campaigns to be believed at the time.
    So while people may think they predicted things, they didn’t actually predict anything. Because they will not arrive at the right answer, without being right about the fundamental source: Leftist power.
    If they cannot see Leftist power, then they will be blind to the future consequences as well. Any hint of the future will merely be programmed into them by the AUthority. Without recognizing the evil of the Left, they cannot distinguish good authority from illegitimate authority. The Catholic Church of private citizens is equal in the eyes of Americans as with Obama and Eric Holder. The implanted gay priest and homosexual abuse of boys thing is still actively controlling the mind of the zombies.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Leftist strategy is a lose lose proposition for the Catholic Church. If they attempt to deal with homosexuals internally using reconciliation and mediation, they will be accused of covering up homosexual rapes of kids, plus the hetereosexual rapes of kids too. If the Catholic Church fires homosexuals and unrepentant homos in positions of authority in the Church, people will go around protesting the intolerance of the Catholics. Jesse Jackson and the various homo activists will crowd around, looking for some bank and palm grease.
    So if homosexuality is proven as a taint and an evil raper of children in the Catholic Church, it’s the fault of the Catholic authority. If steps are taken to eliminate homosexual activism within the Catholic authority, the Catholics are homosexual haters and need to be pushed back at. The Left back in 1930s didn’t know how it would turn out, cause this was a decades long infiltration. Something they funded and sent out, but with no real control over after the fact. Well, you don’t really need to micro your devils if the strategy is ironclad.

    • Ron19

      “So if homosexuality is proven as a taint and an evil raper of children in the Catholic Church, it’s the fault of the Catholic authority.”

      The individual perpetrators are not culpable for their actions based on their own personal choices; they were made to do it by the hierarchy that made them take sacred vows to God to not do stuff like that.

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  • barbtheevilgenius

    Psssst. “ImmorTal” soul.

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  • Simplemind

    Barb beat me to it.
    I for one, am looking forward to the Supreme Court decision.  Even the Catholic lite catholics, won’t mess with the nuns.  Even non catholics give them respect.   They are just so completely squared away you just can’t argue with them at all.  Seriously, do you think you can intimidate, outlast, or overcome any of those women?  The pajama boys in this administration better tuck their tails and walk away, or else their is going to be a truly enlightened piece of writing coming from the Supreme Court.   

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  • Eidolon

    Let’s say the nuns win. What then? What difference would it make? The administration will do some other workaround, make the exemption apply as narrowly as possible, and continue doing exactly what it’s doing. No one will know, only people who are already conservative will hear about it, and it will change nothing. It won’t even change the minds of liberal Catholics, let alone the whole country.
    I thought with Benghazi, “surely people can’t ignore the fact that the President abandoned Americans on American soil to die so he could get his sleep for a Vegas fundraiser. This will finally be what undoes this administration! I mean, people ignored it when Obama attacked another sovereign nation with our military without authorization from Congress or even the flimsiest excuse, but that takes actual effort to explain and understand. This is a situation where the President did nothing while Americans under his watch were murdered. This can’t be ignored.” And then it was ignored.
    You guys are being way too optimistic to think that going after a bunch of nuns is going to make any difference. This administration keeps repeatedly cutting military and veteran pay and benefits, something I thought would’ve created a huge firestorm. It cut Medicare. These people will do whatever they want, and as long as the media suppresses it enough it will just go away.

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  • Ron19

    Unfortunately, too many nuns nowadays are not in solidarity with the Church.  This is not universal, but beware of nuns and orders that have abandoned the “habit” style of clothing.

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