Just Because Music: The Kinks’ “Come Dancing”

I loved this song when I was young and I still like it now that I’m not so young:

Wikipedia says there’s a story behind the song:

“Come Dancing” is a tribute to Davies’ sister Rene who bought him his first guitar, with the song’s lyrics affording Davies’ sister a happy life denied her in reality. Living in Canada with her (reportedly abusive) husband, the 31-year-old Rene was visiting her parental home in Fortis Green at the time of Ray Davies’ thirteenth birthday — 21 June 1957 — on which she surprised him with a gift of the Spanish guitar he’d tried to persuade his parents to buy him. On the evening of the same day, Rene — who had a weak heart as a result of a childhood bout of rheumatic fever — suffered a fatal heart attack while dancing at the Lyceum ballroom.

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  • Gringo

    I don’t recall that song, probably because I had stopped following pop music several years before.  Coupled with the story behind it, the song and video were rather touching.
    The  tragic,early  end of the sister 18 years older than Ray Davies reminds me of  an elder cousin and our youngest aunt. The youngest aunt was only 16 years older than my elder cousin. The elder cousin spent a lot of time with our aunt, and idolized her.  In looking back, there was also some similarity in their personalities- energetic and rather sassy.  Like Ray Davies’s elder sister, our aunt had a tragic, early end to her life.
    Here is a Kink’s song I remember:
     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4DV-5d6a5g All Day and All of the Night

  • johnny65

    I too loved that song. Gringo, it was in the early 80’s. The music was so beautiful, especially the horns at the end, and the story in the song was fun. Now that I know the story behind the song, I love it even better. Sadness seems to lead to good art.