America’s attitude towards Catholics and the Pope *UPDATED*


Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose; or, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

In 1960, Protestant Americans were afraid that a Kennedy election would mean that the Pope would have a say in American politics.

In 2014, with the Pope having been anointed (inaccurately) as a pro-Choice, pro-gay marriage savior, Progressive Americans are worried that American Catholics are giving him too little say in American politics.

The result is that now, as in 1960, we’re once again seeing explicit anti-Catholic bias.  [Link error corrected.]

UPDATE:  I forgot to add that today’s Progressives also love the Pope because they think he supports a redistributive economy (and they might be right about that, even though they’re wrong about his views on abortion and gay marriage).

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  • Matt_SE

    To liberals: JFK was a Catholic. So the real question is, “why do you hate JFK, haters?”
    (No H8!!!)

  • jj

    It’s tough to be biased against Catholics to anything greater than a pretty minor nuisance value degree in this country. One of every three people you meet, as Americans often forget (or, being Americans, never knew) happens to have been born and raised Catholic.  (More will have been raised Protestant, but they’re spread among numerous denominations.  Catholics are Catholic, and whether or not they’re currently practicing may or may not matter should a call to solidarity come.)  It’s sort of difficult to be successfully prejudiced against the largest single religion in the country, I’d think.  
    The Catholic Church in this country is something of a sleeping dog.  When asleep it’ll put up with a fair old amount of heaped up indignities.  But the way he’s going, Jugears is going to wake it up.  A lot of folks who’ve more or less forgotten where their allegiance lies may recall in something of a sudden, when pushed sufficiently far.  And nobody on earth holds a grudge better than the Irish.  It could get interesting, and whether the Pope’s a Commie or a closet Zoroastrian isn’t going to matter.

  • Simplemind

    You are on a Pope bender.
    However, you do have a sense of what is going on. The key swing vote for Obama was the Catholic vote.   He couldn’t win if they were against him.   He can’t win them all.   What to do? Split them. 
    When the Media attacked JPII, it made him more popular.  They attacked Benedict (showed him in the nazi garb but that backfired because it made people find out about his wartime experience) and that failed.  Media is now on Plan B with Francis.  Plan B is to embrace  Francis, emphasize only his social justice talk in an effort to portray him as something he is not. In turn creating dissension among Catholics on the “direction” Francis is taking the Church.  They will have liberal catholic priests and nuns out there next year yapping up how its time the Church allowed women to be ordained, gays to marry, and birth control permitted.

  • Ymarsakar

    Time will tell which side will win.

  • 11B40

    Back in the mid-’60s, my father decided that my intellect and character would benefit from several years of the Jesuits renowned tutelage.  Having spent four years in an Augustinian high school, my father must have figured that his decision was going to be a bit if a sell so he reached into his magic bag of tricks and came up with, “You’ll like the Jesuits, their like God’s Green Berets.”
    Whatever else the new Pope turns out to be, you can bet he’s smart.

    • Matt_SE

      Of course, people who went to Harvard are smart too. Kinda.

      • Danny Lemieux

        Matt_SE, there are many different forms of “intelligence”. “Smart”, as in “Street smart” is not an attribute that I would apply to any Harvard grad that I have met. 

  • Ymarsakar

    Doublethink requires a lot of brain cpu resources. Doesn’t matter how smart you are, when you are overheated.

  • Charles Martel

    Regarding Simplemind’s remarks, I think s/he is correct in predicting that the left’s next assault on the Catholic Church will be to trot out the Bidens, Pelosis, embittered nuns, and Episcopalianized priests to pound the church into proper PC shape.
    It will probably cause a long-awaited rupture in American Catholicism, dividing it into a denatured, “nice,” state-approved (and manipulated) denomination on one hand and the Church Militant on the other—the remnant that will be willing to suffer and struggle, even to the point of martyrdom. Going to the mattresses is really nothing new for Catholicism.
    If you read Francis closely, it is plain that he is aware that persecution lies ahead, especially if Catholics heed his call to go out into the world and evangelize. By calling for them to do so in the classic Christian manner of hating the flaw and loving the one who is flawed (thus, his approach to atheists, militant homosexuals, and abortionists), he is forcing the secular world to reveal the true depth of its hatred for Christianity.
    At some point, when the secular world finally understands that Francis will unrelentingly defend basic church doctrine (no abortion, no homosexual marriage, no euthanasia, no promiscuity, no women priests), the long knives will come out. If in the presence of Christian charity the haters scream for blood, their true faces will be revealed. The stark choice of where to stand will become apparent to people everywhere.

  • Ymarsakar

    Zombies can no longer make ethical decisions. They can no longer make any decisions.