Obamacare Reality — it’s not what you thought it was

A friend sent me this Facebook link, which I think sums up a lot of the Obamacare shock we’ve been seeing from Democrats discovering that the Obamacare sales pitch and the Obamacare reality are two different things:

Obamacare brother and sister

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  • sabawa

    Should I laugh or should I cry?
    I thought the polls were heavily against Obamacare before it passed.  I thought he rammed it through with bribes and paybacks.   I have memory problems I guess b/c I can’t remember when the tide turned and ppl wanted this doomed-to-fail plan.   But I guess they did.   (BTW, I thoroughly enjoy/look forward to your posts…..and everyone elses  comments.  I am learning a lot.)

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The people in a democracy are one of the easiest groups to control. A democracy is almost designed to be able to control the minds of the people and make them think they are free. You just need to “mature” the democracy by a few decades to form an oligarchy or monarchy. It just takes some time.
    Plato knew it. Socrates knew it. Aristotle knew it. The Founding Fathers knew it. Only the religious death cult called the Leftist alliance, doesn’t want to admit they know it.