How about a different approach to Holder’s demand that schools stop disciplinining minorities?

out-of-control-classroom-300x225It’s already old news now that Eric Holder has announced that schools must stop disciplining minority students because he feels they are disproportionately the subject of school discipline.  Many who read his edict thought, first, that a ukase against discipline based upon skin color, rather than conduct, was just about the most racist thing they’d ever seen; second, that this will be a disaster for minority children who are seeking some structure in their lives; and, third, that it marks the end of any discipline at all in schools, as each school drops to the lowest common denominator of possible behavior.

Robert Arvanitis has suggested that there is a different way to achieve racial parity — a way that would also expose how appalling Holder’s ideas are without turning schools into out-of-control war zones:

Holder now complains that valid, objective standards for school discipline are nonetheless racist if the results fall disproportionately on minorities.

Forget the rational rebuttals — it is unfair to all the other kids who are deprived of education; it ignores the root causes such as fatherless homes, causes engendered in turn by failed left policies.

Time to fight back in a smarter way. Let’s frustrate the left’s feedback mechanisms just as they themselves try to hijack and distort the real metrics of society.


For every “favored-minority” student disciplined for real cause, we report the required multiple of non-favored kids on comparable status. I don’t mean lie, I mean we actually do things like “in-school suspension.” No harm to records, which are all sealed for college applications and recorded in aggregate anyway.

Now if Holder catches on and seeks separate categories like in and out of school suspension, then we refine it a bit. Everyone is on “in-school” suspension,” and held in separate classrooms. We spend some extra for dedicated tutors for such separate classrooms. And when the real troublemakers fail to show up, then hey, they’re marked delinquent as well.

My point is that there is no rigid rule system the statists can impose, that we cannot game. I have long experience with such things as tax, accounting, and regulatory frameworks. They all fall because of the algebra — it’s called “over-determined equations.” When there are more constraints than free variables, there will necessarily be contradictions and inconsistencies in the system for us to exploit.

So rule away Eric; check, and mate.

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  • Libby

    How does this work in minority-majority schools (where the non-whites greatly outnumber white students) – will they just become free-for-alls? Also, does this also apply to private schools?

    • Robert Arvanitis

      Here’s the idea — if a school is 60% minority, then for every three minority disciplinary actions, we “report” two majority.
      Note we do not assume better behavior by any group; we just make sure to balance the scorecard so Eric has nothing to grab onto.
      And the strategy applies wherever Eric seeks to extend his grasp.

      • Libby

        I think that may already be happening, but not for these reasons. We’ve seen a parade of headline-grabbing zero-tolerance stories about imaginary grenades & poptart “guns,” but there was a guest post over at American Thinker last fall written by a teacher (anonymous) sharing that some schools are actively hiding actual firearm incidents as a way to protect their reputation (such as a teen gang member caught w/gun in locker and the whole thing is swept under the rug).

      • Libby
  • Matt_SE

    The left will sue, then judge-shop until they get the verdict they want.
    This only ends one way: widespread, popular civil disobedience.
    In this, we are at a disadvantage since we actually take the rule of law seriously. We on the right are going to have to get over our totemic insistence on the righteousness of “law.”

  • Ymarsakar

    I’m not sure we all take the “rule of law seriously”, actually.
    I for one, like the concept of poking the LEft in the eye every once in a while with these minor rebellions against the Powers that Be. I don’t think it will change the strategic envelope but, but tactical differences are still differences.