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Victorian posy of pansies(I actually wrote this post yesterday, and thought I’d published it. When I looked at my blog just now, though, I saw that it never got out of the draft phase. Still, there’s enough interesting stuff in it that I’ll publish today anyway.)

I discovered two things to help with my email:  Boomerang and The Email Game.  Thanks to these two, I reduced my email from 150 emails to 4 emails in 45 minutes, all while having fine and feeling in control.  This is, naturally, very exciting.  It’s also interesting how turning a task into a game is so much more fun, even when you’re basically going through the same motions you would in any event.  I guess it’s an example of good mind games.  For other email advice, check out this article.


It can be a good thing when married men date.  No, I’m not kidding.  Read here and learn why.


Mollie Hemingway has noticed something very interesting about MSM movie reviewers’ approach to movie violence:  In 12 Years a Slave, violence is meaningful and important; in The Passion of the Christ, it’s disgusting and overboard (their view, not mine).  I’ve noticed a similar attitude towards cigarettes and birth control pills.  Cigarettes have known health risks and are especially damaging in growing children.  Leftists will do anything to destroy them and they cannot be sold to children.  Birth control pills have known health risks (cancer, blood clots, strokes, etc.) and, while nobody has studied it, it’s entirely reasonable to believe that pouring toxic hormone doses into young girls’ bodies is not a good thing.  Not only do Leftists approve of the Pill, though, they pass laws ensuring that parents, who are the people most likely to have their daughter’s physical and emotional interests at heart, can have no say in the matter once their daughters are 12 or 13 years old.  Parents know that a 12 or 13 year old girl, no matter how physically developed she is, is still a child.


Keith Koffler noticed that Obama just announced that he’s going to violate the Constitution.  Koffler is deeply offended, as all Americans should be.  Republicans in Congress don’t seem to care.  Nor do Democrats, although they should care too because history has shown that they’re unlikely to control the White House forever.


This story is slightly out-of-date, but it amused me.  You remember, of course, when school kids all over America complained that they weren’t getting enough calories thanks to Michelle Obama’s interference with the menus, ostensibly to make them more healthy.  The USDA has now backed off the new policy.  Why?  Because “more kids decided to brown-bag it and bring their own food to school.”  Why is this amusing?  Because government food programs have always been premised on the fact that they are there to feed children whose families are too poor to feed them.  This little USDA minuet exposes this reasoning for the lie it is.  Federal food programs are there to exert further government control over young people.


If you need cheering up, or you’d like to know that there are other people in the world who, like you and me, love to dance but don’t do it very well, check out this delightful video at Noisy Room.


I sometimes find the proliferation of New Age religions gin America both maddening and sad.  The Left has driven so many lost souls away from traditional faith, which gave meaning and purpose to life, and given them nothing in return.  They’re now adrift and searching.  Of course, sometimes once they’re done searching what they find may be good for a laugh.


Someone who was there in the aftermath says that Lone Survivor is a good movie, but bemoans the fact that, being Hollywood, it couldn’t resist gilding the lily.  With a movie such as Lone Survivor, doing so somehow dishonors the dead.  Mr. Bookworm likes to introduce movies such as Spielberg’s Lincoln to the children with the phrase “This is history.”  He’s always irked when I add, “It’s not history.  It’s Hollywood’s version of a true story.”


Texas. Rep. Scott Turner definitely shows signs of being a rising star in the GOP.  I’m just not going to give my heart away immediately.  It’s been broken too many times.  I will however keep my eye on him and hope for the best:

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  • JKB

    The other day I happened into an interesting contrast.  In a discussion on all the pessimism, I related we needed another Reagan, someone who believed in America.  To wit, I offered Reagan’s 1981 commencement address at Notre Dame.  After another listening to that speech, I clicked on the “similar” Obama 2009 commencement speech at ASU.  Really, we need someone who believes in America.  
    Try it for yourself, but I recommend, listening to Obama first, then Reagan for you mental health and mood.
    ASU Commencement Address: Obama, 2009 – YouTube 
    President Reagan’s 1981 Notre Dame Commencement Address – YouTube 
    PS, don’t start a drinking game for everytime Obama says “I”, you get alcohol poisoning.

  • JKB

    Just saw this over at Powerline.  A nice discussion to use to blow a liberal’s mind. Seems Brown v Board of Education didn’t overturn Plessey v Ferguson but was just a reinterpretation.  So Separate but Equal still lives, as we see in Affirmative Action.  Listen to the linked video.
    Equal, Separate But Equal, or Equally Separate?

    • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

      I think a zombie’s mind is already pretty much blown out though or decayed to goo. Any more applied would just make a mess.

  • shirleyelizabeth

    I’ve come to accept that most thoughts I come upon are not at all unique, and are often delayed, especially among everyone here. But I sometimes like to share to receive further insight in feedback.
    Today I was thinking on how religions are so demonized of late. Catholics are evil, pedophiles that want all pregnant women to die. Mormons are weirdos and hate gays. Baptists are racist and fun to laugh at. Actually they’re all probably racists.
    Years and years of hearing these things you start to not only dislike these religions, you distrust them. And you don’t give them your money. Instead you give it to “qualified” organizations that will do little withinyour own community, will have plenty of waste, and will spend a good chunk of the leftover money on everything but charity.
    Or you’ll choose for the government to distribute your charities, because it’s much more trustworthy. And since you can’t count on those wicked churches to take care of the rising number of poor and distressed, you’ll agree when the government wants to expand these programs.

    • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

      Certainly, boycotts are the natural extension once de-humanization has been achieved of a target population.
      It’s easier to pull the trigger when an enemy has been de-humanized. It is easier to foment up black hate and Taliban quest for jihad, by dehumanizing the target and making the target into demonic beings that are a threat to the community.
      Cutting off the funding is a form of logistics warfare. It cuts off people’s ability to wage war, it does not directly fight them. An army of 150,000 or the Tea Party, both can be demolished by cutting their supply lines and letting them die of starvation.
      So long as people felt sympathetic to the Target, they might break the blockade, boycott, and offer them food and aid. That cannot be allowed. Total annihilation will not result if the allies feels sympathy for the enemy. That is as true for the Left’s point of view as it is true of our position. We cannot annihilate them if we continue to believe they are good people or misguided. And they cannot get enough zombies to annihilate us, if their zombies think Republicans and American patriots are good people with virtues.

  • lee
  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    For me to know about trends in MSM movie reviews, I would first have to read about them. And that, is something I cannot stomach.
    Why does it matter when a dictator say he’ll ignore a piece of paper after he’s already been treating humans like livestock and slaves? I mean, really.
    Damn straight the Left’s lies aren’t history. It’s only history when they win and wipe out all the survivors that know better, then it’s history.
    Your heart wouldn’t be broken if you stopped relying on politicians. It is this reliance and search for a savior, that has reality meeting unrealistic expectations. If you want a job done well, the only way to guarantee it is to do it yourself. Part of the Democrat permanent power is that they do the job of corrupting people themselves, they don’t farm it out to Republicans or voters. Ted Kennedy was going to personally drown a woman, all up through the air and down into the depths. Bill Clinton was going to personally enforce separate and unequal regiments on women roles vs males in jobs. Obama and John Edwards personally increased the wealth gap, in order to talk about two Americas, whites vs blacks in Chicago. They do it personally, in order to benefit personally, because they are right in the middle of the battle. Once they rise up in the ranks of evil, they outsource and delegate most of it to the underlings and minions. But they started with the face of the berserker, in the middle of the carnage. They want the fruits of evil enough to get it done themselves. Do people want to kill evil enough, as a comparison, to do it themselves?
    America is known as a place that grows big people, genetically short like Asians or not. The USDA and MO is going to downsize the next generation’s height, and keep them small and compact, so that they efficiently produce waste that can be reprocessed for Gaia’s salvation. The method is simple: starvation.
    “Simply put, we have become an incredibly lazy society.  We want to be spoon-fed historical facts in a movie or 30-second news clip.  There is little, if any, time spent doing independent research.”
    That’s an interesting look at the movie. I used to think there were some individual viewpoints about war produced by tv, which I thought was Hollywood resistant. They weren’t Hollywood resistant. The writer’s guild union and various other practices, are uniform, whether it is cable, movies, tv, etc. They’re all Hollywood. Even the music companies that aren’t Hollywood… are Hollywood corrupted.
    So all I’m going to say about that movie spoon fed historical war thing is that the Japanese provide a more accurate portrayal of things, in my review. And they speak an entirely different language about an entirely different culture and war space history from the West, which is perhaps the cause.
    “I understand that the following statement may not sit well with some people.  Morally I do not differentiate between the lies that a Taliban leader tells a group of impressionable young minds in a madrasah to manipulate individuals into becoming suicide bombers and a Hollywood movie exaggerating accounts of a mission to sway the emotions of the masses to their favor. Both are crimes against truth and virtue.”
    That doesn’t really bother me. For some reason… Well I do know the reason.
    The mindset change people need is to look at politicians and DC as an ally or enemy, not as a superior but as an equal or peer. Most people won’t tolerate the same BS from their peers as they would tolerate from their Boss. There’s a reason for that. An ally is someone that is traveling the same road as you, and you just happen to share a common interest, but you were going to go on this voyage to the End of Infinity anyways. A boss is someone that you follow because without the Boss, you would never take a single step on the Journey of Infinity.
    Right now Americans want to bow down and worship Obama because Americans feel weak due to the inherent knowledge that they are weak. Because slavery made them weak. Because starvation made them shrink, prevented their growth. Because punishment and fear made them hesitate and made them fearful.
    Hollywood is evil. Obama is evil. The Leftist alliance is evil. What else is new?

  • lee

    Here’s an INTERESTING article on how to spot a narcissist on line. Check out the end of the article: Oh-Ba-ma!

  • http://www.amazon.com/Occupy-Innsmouth-ebook/dp/B009WWJ44A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361504109&amp raymondjelli

    I wondered about this when they swore in De Blasio in NYC. Why do give an oath of office to atheists and self admitted communists? Shouldn’t they just say I don’t believe there is a higher power judging my actions but gosh darn I’m an honest guy?  Shouldn’t we be writing an oath of office for atheists?  Maybe something like there really isn’t a higher power and there really isn’t a reward for doing good in the world but I have campaigned hard and spent all that cash just because I want to do good for you but I don’t care an iota of myself. Gee Twillikers how could you even suspect me?