Why Israelis are right not to trust Obama

Obama at the Western WallObama doesn’t like the Jews and the Jews don’t trust Obama.

From the “Jews don’t trust Obama” file comes Jonathan Tobin’s excellent analysis, which ends with this compelling paragraph:

The United States seems to be retreating from the Middle East, a position that frightens many Arabs as well as the Israelis. They see the drift toward the appeasement of Iran as a sign that this administration is prepared to accept a compromise with Tehran that will leave the nuclear threat in place. Under these circumstances, it’s hard to blame the Israelis for believing that Obama can’t be trusted. American friends of Israel—including those who voted for Obama—have good reason to take a long, hard look at the Israeli poll results and reconsider their longstanding unblinking trust in this president.

And from the “Obama doesn’t like the Jews” view, read this:

A US official close to President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry said both men are disturbed over what is being perceived in their inner circle as ‘Jewish activism in Congress’ that they think is being encouraged by the Israeli government, Israel Radio reported on Thursday.

And this:

One other nugget from Obama’s interview with the New Yorker’s David Remnick has direct bearing on the Iran debate:

“Historically, there is hostility and suspicion toward Iran, not just among members of Congress but the American people,” Obama said, adding that “members of Congress are very attentive to what Israel says on its security issues.” He went on, “I don’t think a new sanctions bill will reach my desk during this period, but, if it did, I would veto it and expect it to be sustained.”

“Very attentive to what Israel says on its security issues”! Points for subtlety. That aside, with 58 co-sponsors, the bill really is within striking distance of a veto override, though Senate Dems really might prove reluctant to take that step in the end.

To summarize:  Jews look back at five years of dealing with Obama and conclude that, despite his periodic pro-Israel speeches, his actions have consistently insulted and destabilized Israel. (In other words, looking at a dog that’s both wagging its tail and barking viciously, they’ve concluded that the bark is where the truth lies.) Meanwhile, Obama and his administration are telling everyone back home that the nefarious “Jewish lobby” (the same one that made a starring appearance in “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”) is controlling Congress to America’s detriment.

This is all very not good.  It’s also very much as I predicted.  Four years, I had a lunch with a Jewish couple who were simultaneously very pro-Israel and pro-Obama.  I politely told them that Obama’s history and affiliations trumped his speeches and that the man could not be trusted to support the only stable, truly liberal democracy in the Middle East.  They scoffed.  I wonder if they remember my words now or if they’re still telling themselves “But Obama said that he loves Israel.”

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Obama told the Jews that he would lower the seas. People should be consistent in their beliefs of their man mad god here.

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    Obama’s goal is to finish what Bill Clinton tried and didn’t do – return $6 billion + to Iran. Obama’s interests begin and end with Hillary Clinton now and to shore her up as a candidate in 2016. None of them give a damn about Israel. Their perceived legacies and presidential libraries are their goals and gods. The rest of us are mere speed bumps in their path.
    I highly recommend reading the link, it provides an excellent timeline going back to 1996.
    Editor’s note: The Clinton administration is hoping to conclude a
    “package deal” with the government of Iran in time for the November
    elections that would resolve 20 years of hostility between the United
    States and Iran, lead to renewed diplomatic relations, and give
    President Clinton a much-sought-after “legacy” in foreign affairs,
    according to intermediaries directly involved in the negotiations and
    former U.S. officials.
    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2000/10/6753/#O25jKzqVvExKu4xA.99

  • yara

    this is marginally off-topic and is really a riff on Tobin’s comment “a position that frightens many Arabs as well as the Israelis”.
    I have often wondered about how few comments there are about the contradiction between Obama’s stated and apparently forgotten goal to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the world and the fact that the US withdrawal from the Middle East and allowing Iran to build nuclear weapons will only allow nukes to spread.  For as sure as God made little green apples, the closer Iran gets to having an A-bomb, the more interest the Saudis will have in buying or making their own.
    And that’s just the Middle East.