1. Robert Arvanitis says

    Alas, in the business world, this means someone useless, of no value.  Most empty suits I’ve known were content just to (i) boast and (ii) get paid.
    Obama is not an empty suit in that sense.  Rather he full of anti-colonial / class warfare / thug politics rancor and malice.
    Would that he were merely an empty suit.

  2. Zhombre says

    I called Obama an Empty Suit in 2008 and I am not prescient, not even all that astute. Since 2008, I graduated him to Supercilious Prick. Definitely the worse President I’ve seen in my lifetime (about 62 years).  

  3. JKB says

    Can Democrats govern?  In the last 40 years, we’ve had 3 Democrat presidents.  Only one, Clinton, can be said to have been of any value to the country and he was blessed with tech revolution and the political instincts to adopt the Republican ideas.  The cities run by Democrats are in disaster.  NYC was saved only by Republican election.  

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