Wednesday Wrap-Up (and Open Thread)

Victorian posy of pansiesThis is what community organizers do: they go into a struggling community that anxiously awaits a high-quality, low-priced store that community members believe will help lift up their neighborhood and, shouting racial epithets, they shut the initiative down.


Democracy?  Who needs democracy, even a watered-down representative democracy?  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has announced that she will enthusiastically bypass the Congress to which she belongs and simply draft orders for His Imperial Majesty Barack Hussein Sotero Obama to sign.


Labeling as “criminals” people who commit illegal acts is somehow insulting.  I wonder if Justice Sotomayor, who made this Orwellian statement, has the same standard when it comes to pedophiles.  (Maybe Woody Allen can help her answer that question.  And yes, I think he’s guilty, if only because so many of his movies reflect an old man’s obsession with young, female flesh.)


John Kerry lies, and lies, and lies — this time about Israel.  And he lies precisely in the same way Barack Obama does:  blatantly and unashamedly, secure in the knowledge that a compliant media (and, in this regard, that includes Fox) will not call him out.

Speaking of Fox and Israel, I’m wondering something. Al Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud, a member of the Saudi royal family and one of the richest men in the world, is the second largest holder of shares in Fox. In the past, he’s claimed to have put pressure on Fox to tilt the news his (and Saudi Arabia’s) way.  That meant that Fox, while reliably conservative in most ways, was more Muslim-friendly and less-Israel friendly than one would expect.  Now, though, Saudi Arabia and Israel suddenly have similar interests:  keeping the bomb out of Iran and preventing Iran from becoming the true power broker in the Middle East.  I wonder if this will change Fox’s tilt.  I don’t have an answer, because I don’t watch TV news.  Has anyone noticed a change in Fox News’ coverage?


And speaking of Muslim-friendly news, CAIR is advertising a “walk against Islamophobia.”  I love Drew’s comment at Weasel Zipper’s:  “If CAIR really think so-called ‘Islamophobia’ is a problem then why don’t they hold a ‘walk against Islamic terrorism?’ Wait, that means they would have to condemn their co-religionists, never mind.”  That statement really nails the problem with CAIR, doesn’t it?


Oh, and while I’m piling up on Islam, Daniel Greenburg wrote a Groundhog Day post looking at the fact that Islam never breaks free of its endless day of winter.


And while I’m on the subject of Daniel Greenburg, he’s got another superb post (he’s always got superb posts), this one about the utopian Universalists, who speak the language of universal love while spreading antisemitic hate.


Salon has sunk to new lows by openly promoting communism (and no, I won’t link to that drek).  It does so, of course, through lies.  Tom Toth calls out Salon on its latest pro-Communist grotesqueries.


As an aside, looking at the posts above about Islamism, antisemitism, Universalism, and communism, I can only say that it’s not true that man is the most dangerous animal of all.  The truth is that there are certain subsets of man who deny morality, individual freedom, and the worth of the individual — they are the most dangerous animals of all.  And now back to our regularly scheduled linkfest.


The more I hear about Scott Walker, the more I like what I hear.  He’s courageous, tenacious, and highly effective.  Unlike Rand Paul, Mike Lee, or Ted Cruz, all of whom are dynamos for conservativism, he hasn’t spun his wheels in the toxic environment of Congress.  Instead, despite enormous obstacles in Wisconsin, he’s wrought huge changes in that most Left of Left states.  As with other young conservatives who have appeared on the horizon, I’m not yet willing to give him my heart but, if he stays true to what he seems to be at this moment in time, he might well be my guy.


And finally, I was not charmed or moved by Budweiser’s “Welcome home, soldier” Super Bowl commercial.  This was not a community’s spontaneous outpouring for a returned soldier; it was a corporate event.  As best as I could tell, it was the commercial equivalent of astroturf, rather than grass-roots, organization.  I was therefore completely unsurprised to read that Budweiser wasn’t the only self-promoting corporation involved.  Lt. Chuck Nadd also makes a career out of self-promotion.  As the post to which I linked said, this is the American way.  But it doesn’t mean you have to be moved or manipulated by it.

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  1. Charles Martel says

    Regarding Greenburg’s excellent essay on Islam, it occurs to me that one of the most difficult issues conservatives have to face is how to persuade Americans that Islam is, along with Marxism, the mortal enemy of the West. There is no way that Islam can co-exist with democracy, women’s rights, the decent treatment of homosexuals, science, the free market, or the rule of law. No other religion on earth carries the malignancies of Islam or announces its intention to subject every human being to its death-cult mentality.
    But how do we square our respect for the First Amendment guarantee of religious freedom against the need to strongly resist an openly feral creed? Aside from refusing to cede ground to deceivers and bullies like CAIR and the left, and calling them out on their lies and true intentions—the universal establishment of sharia law or its secular equivalent—what legislative steps can we take? Can we circumscribe sharia-like practices without specifically naming that odious set of codified savageries? Can we ban travel to the United States by citizens of Muslim countries? What do we do to fight back?

  2. Matt_SE says

    Also responding to Islam’s Groundhog Day:
    Leftists have often been compared to Islamists, and for good reason: neither believe in the rights of individuals, and both will use “whatever means necessary” to achieve their goals.
    And just like leftists, Islamists fail due to the absurdity of their creed and then turn around and tell us the failure was because they didn’t try hard enough…we need MOAR Islam!
    To answer Charles Martel above, “how do we fight Islam?”
    Like leftism, you use examples of its “successes” to illustrate the endgame for the people:
    Leftism = Soviet Russia
    Islamism = Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan
    None of these examples are recognizable to Americans as civilized, free countries. For added effect, you walk the people through exactly how the core tenets resulted in these end-states.

    • says

      The Left and Islamic Jihad are allies because they are:
      1. Both religions and fanatical ones.
      2. Believers in Ultimate Divine Human Perfection and Utopia, although by different methods and descriptions of what constitutes heaven.
      3. Evil.

  3. says
    Check out Walker’s explanations for yourself. I wouldn’t rely on other people telling me what he stands for though, any more than I would trust publications that tell me Andrew Breitbart wanted us to do “X”. Take it from the horse’s mouth, trust no one in their analysis until you have backed it up with your own reasoning, thoughts, and resource checks.
    The two checks that must be done is:
    1. Is the candidate a true patriot and resistant to corruption?
    2. Is the candidate able to collect enough hard power to force through changes against enemy resistance and character assassination?
    Don’t believe the hype surrounding a candidate and don’t commit your heart. Even if a candidate sounds good, check his war potential and resources independently. Being hurt because of excessive loyalty are amateur moves amateur tacticians jump the gun on. Verify the strategic, tactical, and logistics situation. Then make your own decision. That way, you won’t regret it, come what may. A candidate is more like a tool and weapon sent to DC to destroy the foe. They are not idols or impersonas of divine power which we as the people must worship or feel loyalty to. How the war ends, depends upon the will of the users, and not so much on the will of the weapons. Even if political candidates have the potential and will to change the nation for the better, depending on how the people respond, that can all go into fire.
    Years ago, many things were known about unions and the Left and Democrat corruption. But people still believed that elections would defeat bad policy in America, not seeing the war being waged everyday on the weak and innocent by evil. They did not see because they could not connect the dots. As before 9/11, people could imagine the depth of evil and planning, they could not connect the dots. You must connect the dots to see that which most ordinary people cannot see.

  4. Danny Lemieux says

    Maybe the solution is to commingle “religious” Islam with “political” and “social” Islam – unlike Christianity or Judaism, Islam claims to be a political and social mandate. So, when discussing Islam, suffice to say, “I support the right of Muslims to their religious beliefs, I oppose the right to impose it on our political and social systems”.
    Maybe that’s where we find common ground with many (not all) on the Left. We have to distinguish people who are fundamentally “liberal” in their values from those that are fundamentally fascist. The Utopian Fascists on the Left will always find much in common with Islam because they agree on everything except the details of what a utopian fascist society should look like.

  5. says

    @Danny: and those leftist Utopian Fascists will be the first in line for beheading when Sharia comes to America!!  Like my leftist friend who owned an apartment building, but fulfilled his last travel wish before he croaked by touring N. Korea.  It never occurred to him that “landlords” would be the first ones up against the wall if something similar to North Korea took over in America.
    @Ymar: Yes to all of that….still, forced to choose on insufficient information (in other words, in the real world), at this point my choice would most definitely be Scott Walker.  He’s got a record of actual performance  that cannot be matched by any other person being discussed.

  6. Charles Martel says

    Danny, although your approach is reasonable, it invites a leftist to retort, “If that’s the case, then why would I accept you imposing your Judeo-Christian beliefs on me regarding abortion and homosexuality?” 
    Certainly something to ponder, although it would leave the door open to ask back, “Then how come you are not as critical of Islam as you are of orthodox Christianity and Judaism? Shouldn’t you be killing the Muslim baby in the crib, so to speak, before it gets a foothold here?” Much hemming and hawing will ensue. Probably something about race, imperialism, and white-skin privilege.

    • says

      Their premise is one of zero sum government power, where we can either be the ones oppressing the rich or the rich will be the ones oppressing us.
      I choose none of the above. Those that disagree and want to implement zero sum, will face the power of death, and see if they can zero sum out death and war.

  7. says

    I wrote about the Trader Joe’s developments in my blog, because it nicely illustrates what’s wrong with minority ‘leadership’. I noted that all the members of the agitating organization were educated professionals claiming to provide a voice to the voiceless. I’ve noted that the plight of the ‘voiceless’ never seems to get any better, while the community organizers exploit them as a power base. In 2014 America, it ain’t Whitey holding the Black man down.

  8. Charles Martel says

    bkivey, good point. Parasites like Jackson, Sharpton, the NAACP, and the black congressional dimwits depend on their fellow blacks’ continuing misery in order to stay relevant. (Or should I say, better poised to conduct shakedowns?)


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