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Raheem KassamI spend a lot of time at this blog speaking critically of those Muslims who, even if they would never dream of committing acts of violence themselves, nevertheless make no effort to speak out against terrorism in Islam’s name.  I’d therefore like to take a moment here to give a shout-out to a Muslim man who wants Islamic reformation — a goal that, of necessity, involves calling out Islam, Islamists, and passive-aggressive Muslims on the violence that’s lately seemed like the most prominent and dominant part of the faith.

We’ve had many discussions here about whether Islam and violence can be severed.  After all, the Koran is the word of the Prophet and theoretically cannot be challenged.  To the extent that the Prophet explicitly mandated the hatred and murder of Jews; the forced conversion, subjugation, or murder of Christians; the permanent denigration of women; the righteousness of wars for conquest and rape; the appropriateness of tactical lies; and the necessity of taking over the world, there’s really not a lot of room for reform.  Nevertheless, to the extent that more than a billion people around the world adhere to this faith, it behooves all people of good will to figure out if there is a way to reconcile Islam with more peaceable cultural mores.

Raheem Kassam is one of the people fighting this good war, a war that carries with it the possibility of bringing hundreds of millions of people out of Islamic backwaters into a more freedom centered prosperity and that might tame the Islamists’ love affair with bloodshed.  As a warrior in this fight, even thought he hasn’t donned battle gear, Kassam is taking very real risks.  In a Breitbart post, he tells us that the oxymoronically-named Islamic Human Rights Commission has awarded him “Islamophobe of the Year.”  An honor such as this one pretty much paints a target on someone’s back.

So, what did Kassam do to earn this farcical honor?

What was my alleged offence, you ask? In 2009, I set up and have since held a position at the counter-extremism pressure group Student Rights, which helps root out extremism in all forms on university campuses in the UK.

Forgetting that we have highlighted far-right speakers in addition to the wave of Islamists that fraternise at UK universities, the IHRC in its wisdom has decided that as an ostensibly self-hating Muslim, I am as eligible for the award as Britain’s Home Secretary Teresa May, who had the temerity to extradite Tahla Ahsan, who recently pleaded guilty to two counts of “conspiring to provide and providing material support” to terrorists.

Hurrah for Mr. Kassam!  I wish him success, I applaud his courage, and I hope that he inspires many more like him over the years.

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  • Charles Martel

    I wish this young man well, but I think his is a quixotic quest. Islam is not owned by the people trapped in it, it is owned by the Saudi princes, Iranian mullahs, and thousands of imams worldwide who use it to control their co-religionists. For every brave Raheem Kassam out there, there are 10,000 apathetic, cowed, or ignorant Muslims who will never hear his message, or be allowed to, or have the courage to respond to it.
    Ann Coulter was not joking when she said that the cure for the disease of Islam is to convert its victims to Christianity. Not by the sword, but by example. Many Muslims have seen the charitable side of Christianity and secretly converted as a result. The chance to encounter a loving God as opposed to the vicious, self-absorbed Will called Allah is one many have quietly taken.
    Other antidotes are energy independence, isolation, and military power. Close the door on immigration to the U.S. and Europe from Muslim countries. Destroy the militaries and the economies of Iran and its proxies, and keep applying the lesson until it takes. Be patient. The Germans, who were pretty smart people, took almost six years to realize that the Allies would be happy to keep killing them until there weren’t any more Deutsch. Even jihadists would get the point sooner or later.

  • Ymarsakar

    In recent news, Obama’s IRS reduced the rules, allowing Syrian rebel AQ asylum seekers in, to the tune of several thousand. All those refugees flooring in from Obama’s AQ armed forces in Iraq and Syria and Libya, somebody has to take them in right.
    As for Islam, have you ever seen a Leftist speak out at the evil by Planned Parenthood or Obama’s Regime? They would never commit violence, your Leftist neighbors say, but how many Sharptons do they have to fund to support X number of knock out games?