Benghazi is not news at the Times; Michael Sam’s sexuality is

Michael SamI know this is a politically incorrect thing for me to say, but I couldn’t care less about Michael Sam’s sexuality.  If it were up to me, it wouldn’t be news at all, or it would be at the bottom of page three in the sports section. I’m not homophobic; I’m homo-disinterested.  Peculiarly enough (nowadays), I measure people by attributions other than their sexual orientation.

The New York Times, however, considers Sam’s announcement that he is gay to be major news, not non-news, and has given him lavish coverage (which I haven’t bothered to read, because I really don’t care).  As far as the Times is concerned, a gay college football player is front page news:

New York Times on Michael Sam

Think about this:  in the world of the New York Times, it’s minimally newsworthy that (a) the Secretary of State failed to provided necessary security for an Ambassador in a tremendously dangerous region, where he and three others subsequently died; (b) that the Secretary of State and the President both seem to have been AWOL while the Ambassador and three others were dying; (c) that the Secretary of State, the President, and the entire administration lied about events leading up to and including these four deaths; and (d) that the Secretary of State loudly proclaimed that none of this mattered.  The New York Times also thinks this same Secretary of State would make a stellar president.  (And maybe that’s true, if you like your presidents to be utterly unprincipled and un-accomplished.)

Considering that the New York Times styles itself the paper of record, wouldn’t you love to ask the petty, squabbling, arrogant staff there, “Just what record are you talking about there?”

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  • Libby

    More of those public displays of approval. We must all applaud – don’t get caught not being sufficiently enthusiastic about his bravery.
    And we already know that he will be treated 100x better by the MSM, entertainment industry and the political class than the openly pro-life and Christian Tim Tebow.

  • Charles Martel

    The MSM’s new collective slogan: “All Gay, All the Time.”
    I think that in the interest of the comprehensive reportage that the Times prides itself on, a reporter should be assigned to follow Michael Sam around and describe his conversations, tweets, toilet visits, romps in the hay, athletic workouts, and all the other quotidian activities that being gay elevates to a state of what passes for the sacred among progressives. 
    I don’t know about you guys, but after years of being assured that sodomy is one helluva wonderful thing, you’d think I’d have gotten the message by now. Apparently not.

  • jj

    You didn’t bother to read the coverage; I’m so removed from the world of the NYT I didn’t know it existed.  Now I do.  Thanks!

  • Texan99

    Here’s how I feel about his coming out:  What difference, at this point, does it make?

  • Caped Crusader

    Charles, it was a mystery to me also until a friend whispered a small piece of advice that is a little known and unreported fact. To check yourself you will need a good magnifying mirror, strip off, and with a good light source illuminating the discussed area, look closely and you may see a small sign reading, “ONE WAY ONLY”. This why you are not susceptible to this constant indoctrination, as it has no appeal for you. That is what mine says and I’ll bet yours does also.

  • Caped Crusader

    Forgot to say, I have heard that at the NYT and similar mainstream media outlets of all types, checking this inlet, is a mandatory part of the pre-employment exam, thereby explaining this constant prurient interest by the reporters. If not true, how would you explain 100% devotion to the “cause”?


    The Old Grey Lady is a tranny.  The so-called paper of record is more like Hollywood Confidential circa 1940’s/50’s.  The ghosts of Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons are kvelling.

  • Ymarsakar

    These two events are related. By abrogating the ability of gays to make independent decisions without the authority of the Left sitting there and broadcasting it to the social universe, the Left is able to accrue more zombie power, enough to make things like Benghazi insignificant.
    So those are connected, even if the Times isn’t authorized to write it down in plain bold font.

  • Matt_SE

    Don’t care at all about the gay story.
    The Hillary Papers story is much more interesting, and confirms what I remember hearing about her during her husband’s tenure: that she was the vicious one.  Bill Clinton’s scandal fell into two categories: the tawdry (and largely unimportant), and the corrupt (and very much important). Hillary’s fingerprints were all over the big scandals…and that was when she was only First Lady!

  • raymondjelli

    I don’t think its big news but then again Manti Teo was big news and Richard Sherman  was big news and Tim Tebow is bigger news than his actual success on a pro field. A lot of silly stories have to fill up sports venues. It is now 24/7.
    By the way I don’t feel sorry for Tim Tebow. If his Super Bowl ads don’t show him to be a self-promoter I don’t know what does. There are a lot of athletes and ex-athletes  doing a lot of charity work and/or who are religious and don’t make a brand out of it. At some point Tebow was wrongly criticized for Tebowing and now wrongly not criticized for being a media personality and not an athlete.

  • 11B40

    Well, to me, it’s the relentless grooming process of which the progressively progressing progressives are so fond.  Your “couldn’t care less” reaction, while not the most desirable of outcomes, sure smells like victory to those folks, morning, noon, or night. 
    Of course issues such as the actual homosex or why we have separate men’s and women’s showers and bathrooms will be ignored as today’s fetishization of “human rights” has consensually and scientifically proven that the only difference between homosex and heterosex is the latent and non-latent phobias of the practitioners of the latter.
    (As a way former military participant, I look forward to further advances to when men can grow their hair out like the ladies and all can shower in one big facility. I mean surely President Obama can evolve to where he can see the “optical inequality” of heterosexuals not being allowed to shower wheresoever their moods direct them. I mean, why should the DADT graduates have all the fun ???)
    The last several weeks have more than tried my patience and my Christianity in regard to my homosexual brothers and sisters and whatever.  The campaign against the Sochi Olympics, because the Russian government has decided that inflicting homosexual propaganda on its youth should be verboten, is emblematic of the monomania of the politicized homosexual “community” and its media fellow travelers.  I seem to remember not too long ago Olympic games were not to be politicized. Nowadays, I seem to come across way more news reports about the homosexual haters than about the Islamaniacs who have threatened to attack the Games. 
    But, if I may inflict one more example of the relentlessness of political homosexuality, it’s this.  Back in the joy of my youth, I read a number of G.K Chesterson’s “Father Brown” mysteries. Last week, I saw that our local Progressive (née Public) Broadcasting Station, KQED, was airing a “Father Brown Mystery” program entitled “The Hammer of God” which turned out to be about a Anglican pastor who murdered his brother with a hammer after the latter had a homosexual dalliance.  Needless to say, the plots resolution involved much weeping and gnashing of teeth with no negativity whatsoever expressed about the homosex.  Me, I’m pretty sure, that GK didn’t write this one.
    Now, I don’t mean to be overly pessimistic, but until the homosex becomes part of the discussion of homosexual “rights” we have no hope.  The deck against us has been totally stacked.

  • Ymarsakar
    Take a trip to the Japanese perspective, and then come back via my view of the Left to the US. Round trip.

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  • Mike Devx

    I’ve read two stories on this now, and that’s enough for me.  Many other things, all more interesting, to do.
    But this early in the “news cycle”, I can’t tell if this guy just wanted to be authentic and truthful to his teammates (and the NFL), or if he plans on joining some big leftist movement and becoming some kind of poster boy or spokesman.  Can’t say, don’t know.
    There’s a chance he just wants to live an authentic and true life.  A healthy cynicism would suggest otherwise.  It should become clear within a few days what his motivation is.

  • sabawa

    On top of everything else, Leslie Stahl is reporting that men and women are different.  She was actually breathless and shocked at this discovery.   She was most surprised at how ‘pervasive the differences between men and women are.’  Don’t these elite, leftist snobs owe everyone else an apology?  We have ALWAYS known that and these johnny-come-lately(s) continue to show their misplaced hubris.  Do they ever recognize that?

    • Ymarsakar

      In other news, Leslie has discovered the other part of the brain the Left excised from her without her knowledge.

  • Call me Lennie

    By my reckoning, this brings the total of athletes in the three major sports leagues, present and past, who have declared their gayness to be about a dozen (out of about 35,000)
    A couple of more of these ultra-fawntastic productions by the MSM, and it’s going to be a bit difficult to keep insinuating that there have been hundreds more, but they are still afraid to reveal themselves (at least with a straight face)

  • Charles Martel

    I smell a little blackmail here. You take a moderately talented kid who’s willing to admit that he prefers inserting Tab A into Slot Z and have him boldly declare his preference and then defy the musty, homophobic ol’ NFL to deny him his rightful place in one of its locker rooms. We’re all enlightened now, so the presence of a guy who digs other guys in tight confines shouldn’t bother us at all. (The only exception I can think of where “progressives” draw the line is straight men taking Girl Scouts out on camping trips.)

    • Ymarsakar

      Some Leftists have said they would trust the country and its military to Bill Clinton, but not their daughters.