Is it Wednesday already? Open Thread

Victorian posy of pansiesI’m typing away on an iPad while reclining on a couch with a passive motion machine relentlessly (and painlessly, thank God) cycling my leg between 27 and 63 degrees. The dog walker I realized I needed to hire is coming later today and, with luck, my oldest passes her long-scheduled driver’s license test. All will be good.

I’m also alert enough now to pay attention to the world around me, and anxious to share some good posts with you. Typos will probably abound, so please forgive me in advance.

A whole lot of the best posts today, of course involve the Emperor’s unilaterally and illegal decision to delay significant parts of ObamaCare so as to help 2014 election outcomes for Democrats. As is so often the case lately, Charles C.W. Cooke hits another one out of the park.

Immediately after reading about Michelle’s $12,000 dress and her tweeted photo of her dogs festooned in jewels at a fancy table, I read about Obama’s out-of-touch moment at Monticello.

The irony of course is that Obama’s violating the Constitution for nothing. There is no way (as we always knew) that ObamaCare would ever work.

I’m at the point where I’m running out if commentary about these two. They clearly think they’re king and queen, which is an ugly, dangerous delusion — but the fact is that they’ve got a host of powerful enablers fostering their delusion and making ever thicker the walls if the bubble around them. I’m not excusing the Obamas — I think they embrace their power and mean to use it to America’ detriment and their benefit — but they’re certainly being encouraged by a lack of serious pushback (including from Congressional Republicans).

Speaking of pushback, though, I do think popular culture is beginning to tire of PC tyranny. Its too much effort to find and insert links, but the last few months have seen people doubting global warming (I.e., worst winter since the last worse winter); the Duck Dynasty guys refused to back down; the Washington Redskins refused to down and are even fighting back; and Jerry Seinfeld made a stand for true humor. I’ve said before and I’ll say again that I think we’re going to see more and more worms turning.

A good primer about the lawsuit ClimateGate’s Michael Mann brought against Mark Steyn, National Review et al, for daring to challenge his veracity after the release of documents showing him lying about, obfuscating, and hiding data.

More to follow. Quite amazingly tired now.

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  • Matt_SE

    I also sense the worm is turning. Democrats are increasingly willing to question the narrative (of course, I’m not referring to the MSM). Republicans are increasingly willing to question the narrative surrounding the GOPs supposed “opposition.”
    Now, the Democrats never seem to learn their lesson. They think (like Jesse Myerson) that Socialism/Communism failed because it didn’t have the right people implementing it, not because of inherent flaws. So they’re just as likely to go farther left as to reverse course (see: NYC mayoral race).
    The hopeful sign is that people on the right are talking openly about removing Boehner and co. after this last capitulation on the budget. More people on our side are “getting it” that our leadership isn’t really opposing anything at all.

  • Ymarsakar

    The problem was always the Left, not Obama. That’s why even though the commenters at Neo Neocon were predominantly against Obama in 2009, it wasn’t a sign of any progress for me. People needed to see beyond the personality cult at the broader problem. The Left had yet to succeed in convincing them, but they did just that when people re-elected Hussein there. Then people realized that it wasn’t just a personality one time thing. They realized it was something more and they started to actually think about things they were forbidden to think about.

  • Ymarsakar
    Look at that, Los Angeles corruption, police unions, Democrats that need obedient death squads in training… it all fits together neatly in my head here, by merely connecting the dots. Now the question is when the dots explode.

  • JKB

    I wonder, Does anyone know how many shoes Michelle has?

  • JKB

    Even better in the doubting category are the several Dems who’ve come out recently to lament how tired they are of defending Obamacare.  And they go on to put that at the feet of the terrible job begin done by the Obamacrats.
    Obamacare – Unsettled Law
    First rule of Obamacare – no talking bad about Obamacare

    • Libby

      To me they seem more like the last victims of a conman to figure out they’ve been taken.Useful idiots who haven’t yet figured out their usefulness expired in November 2012.
      Fournier and Powers still can’t bring themselves to attribute  incompetence or ill will to any of Obama’s Obamacare actions. I mean, really, you think you might just get angry…soon – if this continues?  Such harsh words must sting dear Leader’s ears!

  • Danny Lemieux

    Be patient with Kristin Powers…she is on a journey and her world views are evolving. 


    Well, well, well.  It seems that Noah “the environmentalist” has some editing challenges.  No doubt the end result of collaboration between Hollywood and the Sierra Club.…

  • March Hare

    Did anyone catch this “Freudian slip”?
    ‘From the White House to Versailles it’s not that far,’ said Susan Swimmer, author of Michelle Obama: First Lady of Fashion and Style.
    Who else lived in Versailles?  Oh–Marie Antoinette, of course!

    I would like to note that the dress was lovely and fit Ms. Obama well, especially compared with some of the strapless formals I’ve seen her wear.  Her hair, however, was a distraction.  She would have looked much better, IMHO, if she had worn a more elegant up-do.

  • sabawa

    I believe Michele can have anything she wants because she is the First Lady and her sugar daddy said yesterday  he’s the President and he can do anything he wants.   

  • sabawa

    Powers did use the words incompetence and Obama in the same sentence yesterday on Special Report.  She was referring to the mess he had created.   I think her eyes are opening.

  • afischman

    This continue the healthcare coverage theme – venting here is safer than any alternatives.  Having been laid off 3 months ago I was happy to hook up with a consulting company that uses the hospital software I was trained to use.  The consulting firm is no longer able to provide healthcare coverage because of the Affordable Care Act – I went to the website to see what options I had.   I was not overwhelmed by a site with important content but was concerned that the presentation of plans focused on the finances of the plans but no discussion of providers (hospitals, doctors or medical facilities) or procedures that are covered in each plan.  Whenever I make a decision for a plan in the last 18 years I always include who/what was covered especially since I have specific Doctors and specific Medication that I need to be able to function.  I ‘chatted’ with an assistant on line saying I had to chose a plan first and then contact the providers to see if they are covered and nothing about medications.  I take a chemo drug, not for cancer, that is expensive but covered at 100% by the plan that I had until I was laid off leaving me with a decision between paying more for COBRA  or an ACA plan that may or may not cover the medication in question.
    There is a severe lack of medical information available to make an informed decision.  I have knowledge as a patient and a provider (I worked for a hospital billing department) so I <b>Know</b> what information is needed and is not there.
    In the end – disappointing and scary.
    Feel better soon.

  • Bookworm

    I’m so sorry to hear of your travails, afischman. I hope that they work out soon. 

    Obamacare:  devastate tens of millions so that, at the end of the day, the same number of people remain uninsured. 

    • Ymarsakar

      Nobody said evil was a good thing, after all. I don’t think even villains say that.

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