Found it on Facebook: Barack Obama, warrior for the middle class


In other words, Moochelle’s dress costs more than a year’s income for a poor family.  This disconnect from reality and this utterly classless ostentation also explain Obama’s delightful “middle class” dinner for the socialist French president:

American osetra caviar “farmed from the estuaries of Illinois”
Pennsylvania quail eggs and a dozen varieties of American potatoes.
“Winter Garden Salad”
Dry-aged rib eye beef “sourced from a family-owned farm in Greeley, Colorado.”
Chocolate malted cake “presented in a geometric form,” using bittersweet chocolate from Hawaii, along with vanilla ice cream from Pennsylvania.
Wines from California and Washington state
Chardonnay from Monticello
Vermont maple-syrup fudge
Lavender shortbread cookies
“Cotton candy dusted with orange zest.”

Food fit for Marie Antoinette and friends.

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  • Blick4343

    This is known as the classless presidency — or is it tasteless — or clueless?  Were the Quail eggs scrambled with the 10 varieties of potatoes? Inquiring Minds want to know. 


    350 guests, approximately $500,000 for the State dinner (the going rate)..that’s $1,400 per person – half of blue burka dress not included.

  • Ymarsakar

    Warrior ka… that’s funny, Book.

  • jj

    $12,000 and she ends up looking like that?  (Well, somebody had to say it.)

  • Seanroconnor

    Apparently I am in the minority – I thought it was a hideous dress/outfit.

  • lee

    Does anyone find “cotton candy dusted with orange zest” juvenile dressed up to pretend to be adult? (BTW, I do like cotton candy, but seriously–state dinner dessert?)

  • Libby

    And these are the people who lecture us on “income inequality?”
    I can’t seem to find it on the web, but IIRC, early in the first term the Obama’s replaced the existing WH party planner (who worked for the Social Secretary) with a guy who owned an event planning business. The new planner then outsourced planning to his former business partner’s event planning business, and a a result, events became much more extravagant and costly. I expect a president to put on a good state dinner, but under Obama, like everything else,  they’ve become spare-no-expense affairs.

  • raymondjelli

    The middle class doesn’t need warriors on its behalf. That’s feudalism. We are free citizens and we deserve representation. You know….representation….a government that does what the people want and doesn’t tell us that we have to pass the bill to find out what we peasants have been given.

  • lee

    Someone at the link commented, “Corn dogs would have gone better with cotton canday.” Love it!