Is it true that Obama ignored Shirley Temple’s death?

Shirley Temple and Obama

Shirley Temple, may she rest in peace, wasn’t just an old movie star. She was — and to some extent, remains — an American icon. That alone entitles her to notice. But the President also should have noticed her passing because she was a former ambassador for the United States, a role she carried out with dignity and honor.

Of course, perhaps all of the reasons I stated above for honoring Shirley Temple explain why Obama ignored her death (if, in fact, that’s what he did).

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  1. mschaf313 says

    The banner of this site says Conservatives deal in facts and draw conclusions………….It was Republican NJ State Governor Chris Christie who ordered the flags lowered when Whitney Houston died, not Barack Obama.  Sorry to rain on the racist parade.

  2. Charles Martel says

    Obama was just doing what the rest of us would do, which is honor the person you would have felt most comfortable with.
    Obama: “Whitney? Choom, choom!”
    Whitney: “Sweetie boy!”
    Obama: “Shirley? Choom, choom!”
    Shirley: =CRICKETS=

  3. lee says

    Phillip Hoffman got six pages in Entertainment Weekly. Wanna bet that Shirley Temple Black barely rates a full column, and possibly a pic in the “Changes” (or whatever they call it) section? Six pages for a guy who OD’ed on heroin. (I think Whitney Houston rated about the same coverage.)  Maximillian Schell deserved better coverage than PHS…

  4. Mike Devx says

    Obama grew up surrounded by Whitney culture.  She was everywhere, and he couldn’t miss her.  Besides, she was black.
    To be aware of Shirley Temple, you have to be somewhat Americanized, and Obama is not.  Not very American, that is.
    You could also be aware of Shirley Temple’s importance to Americana if you have even the SLIGHTEST interest in learning new things that your Communist mentors in Hawaii and the Philippines didn’t force-feed you.  You would have to have a mild interest in keeping your mind open, just a crack.


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