Thursday afternoon wrap-up

Victorian posy of pansiesThe perpetual motion machine is going and I find it easiest to watch movies while marooned on my backside. I’ll adjust, though, and soon start thinking harder and writing more. Until then….

This must be a record. I’m citing to The Onion twice in one day. But this satirical article about gays and being first at some thing is too funny to miss.

No, it’s not your imagination. The European Union is planning on seizing everybody’s money and dealing it out equally. Just remember, as George Orwell said, that some animals are more equal than others. In other words, not only will the seizure be highway robbery, but the redistribution will be highly in equitable.

Here is a cute human interest story out of Yemen: the most popular singer in Yemen is an Israeli Jew whose parents escaped from that country when the Muslim government kick them out.

One of the things I’ve tried to bring to people’s attention on the “real me” Facebook is the fact that if Obama, as chief executive officer, can do whatever the hell he wants with the laws, so can any subsequent president. Of course, if they were not afraid to speak the truth, my liberal friends would respond that this new approach to governance is appropriate only if the subsequent president is black or gay or female or Hispanic or maybe, just maybe Asian. And of course, the president would have to be Democrat. If the next president is a white man or any kind of Republican, be assured the old rules will still apply.

We all know that there is less press freedom in America than ever before. We also know that this is primarily because the press abdicated its responsibility and became a branch of the Democratic Party.

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  • Blick4343

    The Press Corpse will have to turn on Barry No Last Name in order to make Hillary look good. She will have to have problems to fix.

  • sabawa

    That gay ‘I wanna be somebody special’ person has a limited vocabulary.  Maybe he could be the first little gay-hipster to use soap in his mouth instead of toothpaste.

  • JKB

    Even further, Obama has no lasting legacy.  Almost all he’s done is by unilateral action.  The next President, just to return to the historical normal, can and should rescind almost all of his actions.  
    What’s more, to sort out Obamacare, the best action would be to send all the Obamacare whimsy to Congress in 2017 with a request they sort it out, rescind, ratify, modify, etc. to put the law on a lawful basis. So the Dems have Obamacare being fully opened and “tweaked”  to look forward to.  Of course, if the next President is a Dem, say Hillary, they may just continue on as it is and let Obamacare consume their administration.  

  • JKB

    On a open thread kind of note, Bryan Caplan has an interesting post on some research into the economic return of college degrees.   Turns out, the return on college really only accrues to good students.  Poor (bad) students don’t get as much of a return as they are less likely to graduate thus missing out.  
    What Bad Students Know that Good Economists Don’t 
    This put me to mind of the recent Sal Khan video with examples of “poor” students who used the website to correct their math problems thus moving into the good student category.  Khan Academy seems to be the one educational  innovation that is helping the most needy students, i.e., those who aren’t well served by the current time on topic/ up and out method of schooling.  
    Interestingly, that is where I think the most return on educational innovation will occur.  Figuring out where “bad” students hit the rough patch is vital.  Any real interaction with “bad” students will reveal they aren’t intellectually challenged overall.  Evidence suggest many can even catch up/surpass in the areas they have the most trouble with Khan Academy, etc.   Maybe the time-served method of instruction isn’t a good one.  And we are no longer stuck with just pushing kids back for yet another pass with the same teacher/method.  
    This fix for the struggling students could do more to save inner city kids and minorities than all the busing, all the early kindergarten, all the programs.   Which is why they’ll try to kill it.  But it is out on the internet now, where the teacher’s union, the educrats and others can’t get at it.  The Truth is Out There.  

    • Ymarsakar

      “Poor (bad) students don’t get as much of a return as they are less likely to graduate thus missing out. ”
      They also pay to retake the same classes over. More money for Marxist professors. When the GPA falls down, federal support is cut and debt is begun.

  • Matt_SE

    In a remarkable confluence of headlines, you could say that the press “rolled over and took it in the ass for Obama.”

  • Matt_SE

    …and they were the first ones to do so!