Keanu therapy — and things that are even worse

I’m having a “less than halfway through recovery” slump. I’ve taken a careful and, arguably, scientific approach to dealing with the slump: chocolate ice cream and repeated viewings of Keanu Reeves in Speed.

Keanu Reeves

I now know what it feels like to be an addict on a bender. I’ve clearly hit rock bottom.

I was going to remark rhetorically that the only question remaining is how much lower I can go for the next four months, but I think I already have my answer — I’ve now started watching Magnum, p.i. I’d be watching the Love Boat if it was on streaming Netflix. I’m clearly regressing.

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  1. Texan99 says

    Little 30- or 60-minute morality plays with appealing characters and a little suspense–what could be better for the convalescent?  I quite enjoy “Touched by an Angel” when I’m in that mood.  With some chicken soup and a day-long lineup of Law & Order, Northern Exposure, Charmed, The Mentalist, and the like, I can survive any minor physical ailment.  May I also suggest Warner Brothers cartoons on YouTube?
    Be nice to yourself while your brain is fuzzy with fatigue, discomfort, and medication.  It won’t last that long.

  2. jj says

    If you have a need for Reeves, try Constantine or The Devil’s Advocate.  I don’t get the Reeves thing – that’s a taste I never acquired – for me his range extends all the way from A to B, but those are at least different!  With other people who are far better actors, in much better stories.
    And if you’re Netflixing, try Lost – maybe you’ll be the one to actually figure out what the hell it was about!

    • says

      JJ: I think, if anything, you overestimate Keanu’s acting chops. My fondness for him is irrational, but that’s what crushes are all about. I do love, though, that when he’s not on screen he keeps himself to himself.

  3. Charles Martel says

    One of the things I loved about the Warner Brothers cartoons was that most of their characters were seriously unbalanced. It was always a game to see how few seconds would elapse before Yosemite Sam would launch into a six-shootin’ psychotic episode, or Pepe Le Pew would take to misconstrue a flat-out rejection as an “Ahhh, she ees playing the hard to get!” moment.
    Same with Basil Fawlty in “Fawlty Towers.” My wife and I used to make small bets on how much time it would take in an episode before Basil went apeshit.

  4. says

    Anime, even more powerful of a anti Leftist decontamination protocol. But only when it’s in Japanese. As English is prone to being controlled by Leftist conditioning, on a mental level.

  5. Libby says

    I share your weakness for Keanu and “Speed.”. He has a knack for selecting films that benefit from his, er, style of acting. I would suggest also viewing “The Matrix” (1st one only) and “Point Break.” Mindless fun.


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