Found it on Facebook: Breaking news about the Russian incursion into Ukraine

Breaking news: The Obama State Department is blaming the Russian invasion of the Ukraine on this obscure YouTube video:

(I’m very proud of my wonderful brother-in-law for coming up with this one.)

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    Plant a big kiss on his cheek from me.
    I just posted this to my FB page. Let the hilarity and all hell break loose!

  • Mike Devx

    We don’t have national security interests nor many interests of our own directly related to the Ukraine, where Russia has MANY.  European countries should have a lot more vested in the Ukraine, but they appear totally feckless.  What should the USA do about the Ukraine?  If we’re not willing to go to war – and we’re not – what are our options?  Not many.
    I’m much more worried about Israel.  Obama’s nut-soid Administration is using very harsh rhetoric against Israel, while at the same time coddling and c00ing the Palestinians.  Saying the Palestinians are fully ready for peace (where Israel is not), saying the Palestinians recognize that Israel isn’t going anywhere (then why is all of the Palestinian public rhetoric and posturing about wiping Israel off of the map?).
    It’s the usual nasty double standard, and I don’t like it one bit.