It’s tax time and people are feeling the Obamacare pain

Tax formsWe went to our accountant last night.  She looked exhausted.  When we asked why, she explained that this has been an exceptionally painful tax season.  Obamacare taxes are hitting this year, and she had to informed people (well-to-do people, admittedly), that their taxes have increased by thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  They were not pleased.

Interestingly, none of them saw this coming — which, when you think about it, tells you an awful lot about the mindset of people here in Marin, most of whom are overwhelming Leftist, including the rich.  The rich here know how to make money, but they really don’t know much else.  They’re uninformed about the world and how it works.  Moreover, because they think that voting Democrat makes them nice people, and voting for a black Democrat makes them good people, they are as blindly uninformed and as easily led as the 20-year-old college student or the 50-year-old cafeteria worker who reads only People and watches only Dr. Phil.

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  • lee

    Tell me about it–two of the four most leftist Facebook friends of mine live in Belvedere. (FWIW, the other three live in LA near Pico (who has gotten very quiet on the politics of late), and  Tel Aviv.
    Go figure.

    • lee

      I almost forgot the biggest Obamacare cheerleader among my Facebook friends (he’s been pretty quiet) has homes in both the Marina and Santa Cruz. And may be my wealthiest Facebook friend. LOVES the O-care, absolutely LOVES it.


    Taxes, schmaxes  – it’s also the “another study” that should make heads spin like a slot machine on steroids.
    The National Institutes of Health is spending $718,770 to study postpartum depression in “invisible sexual minority women.” Claiming there is an overabundance of research on postpartum depression

  • Danny Lemieux

    That is about the most pithy summation that I have read of the Limousine Liberal mentality that infests /infects my tony Northshore Chicagoland neighborhood. These useful idiots really are all for spending OTHER PEOPLES MONEY to assuage their own moral vanity but, omg, you mean…there are consequences? Thank you, tax preparing woman, for sharing your story with Book – hit them hard! Hard as you can! Reality really is a beach! 

  • Earl

    For your accountant, my sympathy — almost “empathy”, as my brother is also in tax, and I know a bit about what “busy season” is like for tax professionals.
    For her “progressive” clients….the sound of the world’s SMALLEST violin!!

  • Charles Martel

    Lamentably, Book, our shocked Marin secular saints will not learn any lessons from this. They are almost exactly like battered wives and girlfriends: “When my Choomster sweet talks me, all the bad stuff goes away! I know I sometimes anger him, but it’s for my own good.”

    • SADIE

      The “hustler” has already given the womyn folk a STD – they have all the symptoms of advanced syphilis. What else explains the cerebral cortex going all gooey, mushy and what was left of the gray matter incapable of a higher function than voting for him not once, but twice.

      • Ymarsakar

        In other words, Zombie virus.

  • Matt_SE

    This is a constant source of bemusement/irritation for me: people good at making money who turn around and support socialists.

  • Ymarsakar

    They know how to be parasites on a system they never created and don’t maintain, yea.