Catching my breath Open Thread

I went swimming this morning, which is the next phase in my recovery. Hmmm . . . did I say swimming? It wasn’t really. I was in a pool, but between a dysfunctional left shoulder and a mostly dysfunctional left knee, I couldn’t even manage a good dog paddle. But it did feel wonderful. I’ve been fighting gravity so hard for the past three-and-half weeks that it was marvelous to know I couldn’t fall.

The whole process was time-consuming, which is frustrating for me because I’m normally a person who moves through life very quickly. I have to get used to the fact that getting my wet towel and swimsuit out of the car is now a laborious five-minute task. If nothing else, this whole experience has made me more grateful than ever for the good health I normally enjoy and, I hope, more compassionate towards those with mobility problems.

While I get up to speed, please have fun with this Open Thread.

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  • Ymarsakar

    For those interested in some free entertainment of the modern era, check this out.

    They used to call video games “art”, attempting to elevate Silicon Valley type wannabes to a higher level than just programmers or computer CEOs. The real art, of course, rests when the user is able to create their own rules and/or applications in a universe created by a Creator, but also modifiable according to a person’s will. To harness the divine powers of creation, destruction is the other side of the coin. One is meaningless without the other, to human mortal understanding.

  • JKB

    I offer this sad tale by an engineer professor who demonstrates he, like so many, don’t really understand that engineers don’t need a “public welfare” mindset to do wonders for the public welfare.  It is sadly a commentary on how the Prog mindset is invading the last bastions of free thought at the universities.   Engineers with that nasty profit motive have done more for mankind than all the hopes and dreams of the rest of the inert liberal arts majors in all time.
    “Instead of trying to counter the survey data that led Professor Cech to conclude engineering education makes students cynical, I would instead like to highlight some of the motivations and actions of engineers and engineering students and then consider whether these indicate a desire to improve the human condition.”

    Read more: 

    I didn’t pay much attention when everyone was writing about Nazis being Leftists but I do find this anecdote from Daniel Hannan humorous:  Or is it sad?  
    “One of my constituents once complained to the Beeb about a report on the repression of Mexico’s indigenous peoples, in which the government was labelled Right-wing. The governing party, he pointed out, was a member of the Socialist International and, again, the give-away was in its name: Institutional Revolutionary Party. The BBC’s response was priceless. Yes, it accepted that the party was socialist, “but what our correspondent was trying to get across was that it is authoritarian”.”