Kerry’s negotiating desperation re Putin would be funny if it wasn’t so scary

John Kerry's Right To Be StupidAs I was driving home from the swimming pool today, I heard that Russia’s representative was refusing to accede to John Kerry’s request that the Russians sit down for face-to-face negotiations with the Ukrainians. My first thought was that the report was way too polite. Kerry’s not requesting, he’s begging.

My second thought was that this is what happens when the President of the United States spends five years making it plain that America will not use its power and, worse, that the president’s word cannot be relied upon. Kerry has no leverage.

As for my third thought, I didn’t actually have a third thought.  Instead, I’m borrowing from a friend, who forwarded his thoughts on the matter to me:

Obama and Kerry attempting to use diplomacy with Putin is like trying to use reason with robbers during a home invasion. As they are talking, he’s filling his pockets and getting the tactical advantage. If he gets away with this who’s next? Further, why would anyone choose to negotiate over something they can simply take?

All of the above would be amusing if it was written into a lunatic novel.  (By the way, if you’re looking for a wonderful, clever, laugh-out-loud funny lunatic novel, I highly recommend Akhmed and the Atomic Matzo Balls: A Novel of International Intrigue, Pork-Crazed Termites, and Motherhood.)  But this is isn’t a lunatic novel.  It’s real life, and Obama has managed to destroy in five years almost 70 years of American influence.

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  • Ymarsakar

    When I said civil war was the optimistic scenario in the near future US, some things might need expaining.
    The worst case scenario is that the world goes to hell, the nukes are armed by Islamic Jihad, and then fired at us while we’re fighting ourselves in America. Civil war is NOT the worst case scenario, even though most people thought it was some conspiracy nut case years before.
    Goes to show what the super majority knows about predictive analysis.

  • Ymarsakar

    Book, have you noticed that when the Leftist alliance loses a Presidential election, you still have those monkey chums in power?
    It’s not merely because they owe each other favors because their kids go to the same private schools. It’s because the Leftist alliance is very good at coalition building, even amongst people (feminists and Islamic Jihad FGM cutters) that would never get along.
    Meanwhile Republicans talk about ultimate electoral victory, wasting the talents of various Presidential candidates on junk. They don’t invite in a Sarah Palin as Secretary of Energy. That would never be the case even if the Repubs won. That’s an institutional problem.

  • Libby

    Yep, and also like negotiating with a robber after working hard to ensure that your neighborhood is a “Gun Free Zone.”
    Hard not to believe that his destruction of American influence is intentional. Sorta like “coincidentally” disparaging Israel in the Goldberg interview while Israel is in route to DC for negotiations. Oopsie!

  • Ymarsakar

    Of course it is intentional.
    Some people didn’t want to take that pessimistic or high risk analysis seriously. But it’s pretty much a moot point by now. Whether by intent or not, evil is still evil. And people will be educated on what evil truly means by the Left. We don’t have to lift a finger to do that kind of convincing.

  • Charles Martel

    The nightmare scenario, as Ymarsakar alludes to above, is American falling into civil war as the world’s thugs are arming themselves with nukes and beginning to unravel Pax Americana at breakneck speed. It doesn’t matter whether they ever touch us with nukes or not, Obama’s mission to dismantle America will have succeeded. Mortal enemies don’t always have to be external—cancer kills from within as thoroughly as a bullet from without.

    • Ymarsakar

      I liken the Left to the HIV virus. It uses the host’s own immune system to break things. As with the HIV virus, you may feel fine for awhile, then AIDS happens suddenly and the deterioration is exponential.

  • Sgt. Mom

    Horrifying, isn’t it? Seventy years of hard work and blood, being pissed away in barely half a decade.  The up side – if there is any up-side at all, is that now everyone (especially the Euroweenies)  who whined about the USA throwing weight around, will realize now what it means when the USA doesn’t throw weight around. May they choke on it.

  • 11B40

    I guess that what’s left of my brain is hung up on an aspect  of the situation in Ukraine that seemed to get very little examination early on and is now fading even faster into the background.
    When I first became aware of the evolving crisis, I couldn’t quite understand the behavior of the vaunted European Union’s many minions.  Why were they so enamored of developing a more involved relationship with what was basically a near bankrupt, corruptocratic, somewhat democracy that had been pointed out by Samuel P. Huntington in his “The Clash of Civilizations…” back in 1996 and still available from Amazon as a “divided” country that was likely to come apart due to its ethnic and sectarian divisions and is still today encumbered by the presence of Russian Federation military.
    Yesterday, President Putin stated that what had happened in Kiev was an unconstitutional coup and, you know, as much as I hate to, I think that that’s a pretty realistic assessment. The media, for all its brilliance, never did explain how the Maidan mobsters justified their behavior in terms of Ukrainian law.  
    And the lovely Ms. Ashton, of EU brilliance, was oh so busy “supporting” what was going on without ever quite explaining the who, what, where, when, why, and how like journalists used to do.  She and hers seemed to like the direction things were going, so on they went.
    Which is not to say that our Foreign Service did anything more intelligent. But, to me, this was and is an EU versus Russia gambit and we should poke our nose out as soon as possible instead of trying to back the EU’s misplay.  What was originally, to my knowledge, a contest over a trade agreement has now become the impeding dissolution of the Ukraine as we recently knew it.
    My negotiating theory would be something akin to “You know, President Putin, that thing you said about an “unconstitutional coup” kind of struck a C major chord with me. Why don’t we mentally go back to the situation “ante” and see if we can’t work through this from the beginning.”
    President Obama needs to put some serious space between the USofA and the goofball EU of Europe which, as I recall, has a pretty full plate of economic and political crises among its own members. And the EU itself is no paragon of democratic virtue as it has proven with its previous economic and political shenanigans, like the old Lisbon Treaty cramdown and its overt condemnation of the Swiss referendum to limit immigration into Switzerland.
    The help the Ukrainians need to establish a democracy and preserve their country is more of the Moses taking the Jews into the desert for 40 years than the EU’s “Let’s make a steal” tax-farming.

  • Mike Devx

    Ted Cruz speaks to Haaretz.  It is impressive to see one of our politicians speak so clearly.  As the article indicates, he’s careful and thorough and they don’t have to edit what he says.  I’m impressed.
    Here’s a big chunk of it.  Link at the bottom.
    The Canada-born Texas senator, whose Cuban father opposed Castro, has a structured explanation for the current crisis in the Ukraine and he knows exactly where to pin the blame. “For five years under President Obama, America’s leadership in the world has consistently receded. As a direct consequence we’ve seen the spheres of influence of Russia and Iran and China expanding. For five years President Obama has alienated and abandoned our friends and allies and has pursued appeasement in negotiations with our enemies.
    “Putin’s aggressiveness and act of war against Ukraine was eminently predictable, because Putin has worked systematically to reassemble the old Soviet Union, to expand Russia’s dominance, and to subjugate peoples who had been freed by the end of the Cold War. Putin acts with impunity because he fears no meaningful reprisals from President Obama.”
    Cruz says Obama erred by failing to “embrace” the Ukrainian revolution from the outset. The president should have offered an immediate free trade agreement and economic incentives as well as “assisting with energy infrastructure so that America could begin exporting liquid natural gas to the Ukraine. The US, Cruz says, “could benefit American interests and at the same time help free Ukraine from the economic blackmail that it’s been subjected to by Russia.”
    Cruz says that Obama’s pledge to “stand with the world community in ensuring there is a cost” to Russian’s invasion of Ukraine “are certain to produce no more than guffaws from Putin.” The US, he says, should move to expel Russia from the G-8, review existing treaties with Moscow, return to “previously agreed anti-missile facilities in Eastern Europe that President Obama cancelled in order to appease Putin” and implement the Magnitzky act, which allows the US to target individual Russian human rights offenders.
    “The only language Mr. Putin understands is strength,” Cruz says, “but this is something the Administration seems incapable of providing.”
    In words that will undoubtedly please right wingers in both Israel and the United States, Cruz states his opposition to any U.S. pressure on while refusing to get pinned down on his own attitude towards settlements or a two-state solution. “The US should not be pressuring or hectoring or blackmailing Israel to accept terms that in Israel’s judgment are inconsistent with protecting its national security,” he says. He accuses the Administration of “embracing a false moral equivalence between the Israelis and Palestinians” adding that “so long as Palestinians continue to embrace terrorism and refuse to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish nation, there will be no peace.”


  • beefrank

    Rush aptly described the situation as ‘KGB vs ACORN’.

    • Ymarsakar

      As suek or sadie may have said, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the KGB tree. The larger one will smother the smaller one, eating up the sun.
      The only language the Leftist Regime understands is force.