AP engages in the most despicable kind of media manipulation

A few years ago, a graphic went around that perfectly illustrated the way in which photographs can be used, not only to capture the moment, but to distort the moment:

Media Manipulation

That graphic popped into my head the moment I read a story about a really evil act by the hard-Left Associated Press:

Associated Press photo fraud of Trail Life

“I was horrified,” said John Stemberger, chairman of the board of Trail Life USA, a new, rapidly-growing scouting organization that doesn’t allow openly gay members.

Stemberger was referring to an Associated Press photograph that accompanied an in-depth story about Trail Life. The image showed a group of young boys gathered in a circle with their hands raised at an unusual angle. The AP’s original caption on the photo said they were reciting the organization’s “creed” during a meeting in North Richland Hills, Texas.


The photograph ran last Sunday in newspapers across the nation and generated hundreds of angry emails and some threatening telephone calls to Trail Life headquarters.

But it turns out that the boys were not saluting Hitler and contrary to the first Associated Press caption, they were not reciting a creed. The boys were singing “Taps,” a longtime Boy Scout tradition that the Texas Trail USA troop had adapted as their own.

The boys had gathered in a circle with their hands raised straight into the air. They gradually lowered their hands as they sang the song. It concludes with their hands flush against their side.

What’s even more despicable is that the AP, having published this gross calumny, initially refused to correct it:

But what really infuriated Stemberger was the Associated Press’ initial reluctance to remove the photograph and correct the caption. The Trail Life leader provided me with email correspondence he had with Nomaan Merchant, the writer of the story.

Eventually, the AP did correct the photo, and remove it from its archives, and Merchant (who was not responsible for the photo) apologized, but the whole thing smells bad — that the AP did that in the first place and that the AP took so long to correct its libel by implication that the implied message from the photograph took on a life of its own. As Churchill (or Mark Twain, or someone else entirely) said, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on,” a situation made worse when a major media outlet promulgates the lie onto the internet and then takes its own sweet time correcting it.

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    How do you correct a rape, exactly?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    If I was running psychological warfare operations, I would connect one of the AP’s editors to pedophilia and preying on boys.
    That would pretty much, even without solid evidence, destroy the credibility of the rumour when juxtaposed with this article being used as a rape weapon for revenge against somebody that refused the AP’s advances.
    And if people think that’s too harsh or too crazy… they must feel really good living it up in that mall of theirs while the front line fights a war of survival.

  • erisguy

    People act according to their natures. <i>Not bearing false witness,</i> like most morality and certainly all Christian morality,  is an alien concept to our depraved and vicious elite.  They know only Socialism, which they learned from media, from literature, from teachers, and from politicians.
    I’m sure Trail Life will soon be forced to be <i>tolerant</i>, the highest and noblest of socialism’s virtues.

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  • jj

    I don’t do ‘horrified.’  I wonder if all the people who profess themselves ‘horrified’ at the drop of a hat know what the word means.  Or perhaps we as a nation have indeed become so limp-d***** as a general rule that the term is in fact apropos.  Don’t know.  But seeing a bunch of kids even actually doing what the AP accuses them of doing would not, I’m afraid, fill me with horror.  It might make me want to bang their empty heads together, but horror wouldn’t enter into it.  

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Connecting the dots between one Leftist member and another Leftist member.

  • Charles Martel

    Erisguy worries—me, too—that Trail Life will soon be forced into political correctness, much as the cowards who run the Boy Scouts were. But it seems we may have reached a tipping point here. Organizations like Trail Life and the Girl Scout alternative, American Heritage Girls, don’t give a flying f*** what Apple, or Wells Fargo, or the fascists at GLAAD think of them. The beauty to truly alternative institutions is that they really don’t look for approbation from the culture they are rebelling against. For every low-information moron who looks at the AP lie and is persuaded by it, there will be several more thoughtful people who will say, “Hey, who knew? An organization where young boys don’t have to be victimized by adults’ obsession with the feelings of boys who are turned on by other boys.”

    • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

      The reason why they are pushing for gays in Boy Scouts and what not, are so that the homosexuals that got ejected from the Catholic Church, often put in there by Leftist members, can find new targets to prey upon. That’s about it. The evil requires sacrifices to corrupt and gain blood power from. This is  just one more normal step in the road for them.