Tyranny and the 5th Amendment

To the extent this implies that the government itself is hiding behind the Bill of Rights, this poster isn’t quite right. An individual in the government, rather than the government itself, is pleading the 5th. Just because one works for the government doesn’t mean one gives up ones rights as a citizen.

Nevertheless, I liked the poster because it’s a reminder that we currently have an exceptionally corrupt administration in Washington. Should we be able to switch to a Republican administration, Lerner will be followed by a long line of 5th pleaders:

Tyranny and the 5th

Hat tip: Caped Crusader

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  • JKB

    Yes, it should be “government’s minions” 

  • jj

    I don’t know about that.  It seems to me to be another one-way street, where the issue is mutable to the occasion.  When Ken Lay’s COO does something wrong, the whole company’s at fault and responsible?  Of course: that’s private industry.  But when Lerner does something wrong the entirety of fault accrues strictly to her – just her, and nothing but her – not the whole misbegotten agency?  Is that not known as ‘having your cake and eating it too?’  Didn’t we once sort of frown on that species of double-dealing doubletalk?
    Kind of like the redoubtable (or incredible, take your pick) Dianne Feensteen, who becomes a major defender of the Constitution when her committee’s email is being looked at by the CIA – but when it’s your Second Amendment rights?  Oh, hell, f**k that, that’s not important!  Her Constitutional rights are protected, yours aren’t – should you happen to hold a position she doesn’t like.  Having your cake and eating it too: liberals are great at it.  And we’re morons: we let them get away with it.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    People are too weak to pull the trigger. They need to suffer a lot more before they will become worthy of victory.