Is it really only Tuesday? Round-up and Open thread

Victorian posy of pansiesFor those of us who believe in free speech, the antidote to bad speech isn’t censorship, it’s good speech. The problem for France, which is trying to censor an antisemitic, pro-Nazi “comic”, is that it has no good speech to counter the antisemitism that is breeding in France’s toxic stew of Islam and Leftism. That’s always the problem in socialist countries. They have no good to counterattack the bad — usually because they created the bad in the first place.

It was the French Left that opened the door to unlimited Islamic immigration to atone for sins in North Africa. The North African Muslims come, bringing their antisemitic culture with them, and there’s no one in France brave enough to challenge their culture or philosemitic enough to speak for the Jews.


Lee Smith argues that Israel fails to understand the Obama narrative about the Middle East, and is therefore failing to make the winning arguments to the Obama government vis a vis Iran’s attempt to ship major supplies of Syrian weapons into Palestinian hands. He’s right. He is also right insofar as the article implies that, to the extent that Obama’s goals are now antithetical to Israel’s continued existence, there is no winning argument Israel can make to Obama.


Must-read about why Palestinians are not American blacks living under Jim Crow.


As the mother of a teenage girl, I find incredibly amusing the latest feminist campaign to ban the word “bossy” in relationship to girls, or at least to pretend that it’s not a derogatory word. While we’re at it, let’s just ban the word “wet” in relationship to “water,” or at least pretend it has an entirely different meaning.

Bossy is exactly what little girls and teenage girls are. Boys (both little and teenage) have their own sins, but bossiness is not one of them. It’s girls who are certain that they are right and that they have the power to order everyone else around.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that girls are bossy.  Gender-deniers notwithstanding, little girls model on their mother and, within the home, Moms are the bosses. To a young girl’s mind, this means it’s the female’s role to make and enforce rules. End of story — and changing labels will not change that reality.


A matched set about Obama’s megalomania: From Ron Fournier (who has decided that there is no bloom left on the Obama rose), an indictment of the preening self-righteousness that leaves Obama blind to any information inconsistent with his sense of reality. And from Jeffrey Folks, another indictment of Obama’s “great man syndrome,” one that leaves him believing that he must make things happen, no matter how bad they are.

Winston Churchill thought he was special too (“We are all worms, but I believe that I am a glow-worm”), but he didn’t make the mistake of believing he was a god, or even the God. Perhaps that’s because he was raised within a religious tradition and, even if he was not devout, he knew that there was a divine presence bigger than he was. The problems begin when you have a man who believes, quote erroneously, that he really is a god (or, given the messianic language he and his followers use[d] about him, the God).


Writing in the L.A. Times, Jonathan Turley, a left-of-center law professor again expresses concern about the way in which Obama is usurping Congress’s powers, and the way in which Congress (both Democrats and Republicans) meekly lets it happen. I put it on my Facebook, and my Leftist friends assiduously ignored it.


HBO and SHO are increasingly trafficking in nude women, while Hollywood generally is delighting in the joys of lesbian lip locks, especially between actresses who deny being lesbian. Ed Morrissey talks about the sexual exploitation of women driving the trend. Julie Blindel, an open lesbian who comments on “lesbian chic,” adds her bit, which is that Hollywood cares little about advancing LGBTQ rights, and is infinitely more interested in catering for profit to the same male demographic that buys Penthouse. And so a culture sinks ever lower.


Apropos low-sinking culture, I caught a millisecond of Rush today. He was talking to a 57-year-old man who is deeply depressed about America’s ability to recover from the low point she now faces (economically, national security, etc). Rush asked him if there was another time in his life when things were this bad and the man pointed to the end of the Carter presidency and beginning of the Reagan presidency. The difference, he felt, was debt, which is infinitely worse now. Rush, however, expressed an inchoate optimism that had him believing that an up-and-coming young generation will have had enough and fight back.

I disagree with Rush and side with the caller, although for a different reason than he expressed. What both the 57-year-old man and Rush ignored is the sea-change in American culture since the last really bad time in the late 1970s/early 1980s. Before the 21st century, no matter how bad things were, America had a huge, strong middle, ranging from working class to upper middle class.  This middle group was traditional: patriotic, hardworking, able to recognize external enemies, family-centric, capitalist. It was the middle class as America’s backbone.  Since then, that middle has been culturally destroyed.  The young ones, the ones upon whom Rush is relying, have no knowledge or understanding of an other, better, way to do things. This HBO demographic is incapable of either a 1950s or a 1980s social and economic comeback.

Think of it this way:  When George Orwell created Newspeak, his point was to show that, when you contract language, you contract ideas.  And without ideas, people cannot rebel against a status quo, because they are incapable of thinking of an alternative.  That contraction of ideas is precisely what has happened in the last 30 years.  Unless we can introduce ideas again, about patriotism, family, hard work, etc., nothing will change because the young generation lacks the mental landscape to envision change.


A perfect example (from one of those benighted young people I spoke of) of “stupid is as stupid does.


Leftist states vote for Obama. Leftist states have the worst income inequality. Hmmm. Could it be that tax and spend policies, rather than making everyone have access to economic success, concentrate wealth amongst a favored few cronies, leaving everyone else out in the cold? It’s certainly true in California’s basket-case, Democrat-run economy, where the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class flees the state.


Michelle Obama is taking her girls (and mother) on another un-frigging-believably expensive, taxpayer-funded vacation, this time to China. Even Marie Antoinette didn’t have it so good. She just got to head off to the Petite Trianon — and she still had her head cut off, a fate that (thankfully) will not await anyone in this administration, no matter how much they abuse the People’s good will.


Yeah, we know that the IRS’s Lois Lerner is a bad girl. She’s also the face, the front-man, the scape-goat, the tip of the iceberg. It is ludicrous to believe that she was acting alone. The question remains whether her superiors, her peers, and her subordinates will also be called to account for turning the IRS, the most feared branch of the American government, into a partisan arm of the Obama administration.


The Left lives in an alternate reality. The real reality is that the biggest spenders in American government by far, both state and local, are leftist unions. The first Republican-leaning donor doesn’t even hit the list until 17 donors down.

The Leftist reality is that the libertarian Kochs, who rank 59th on the donor list and who share many of the Left’s favorite liberal shibboleths (e.g., legalized pot), are the evil geniuses who control American government and they must be destroyed. That’s why the New York Times is applauding Harry Reid’s deeply disturbing attacks against the Kochs.

That a man with his hands near the levers of American power would deliberately target two individuals and try to destroy them has . . . yes, I’m going to say it . . . a Nazi feel to it. This is revolting. It’s not even McCarthy-esque. Sen. McCarthy at least went through the motions of having hearings, creating a simulacrum of Due Process.


Speaking of unhinged from reality, here’s a good cartoon at Director Blue showing yet two more examples of the disconnect.


All I can say is that, if this flight story happened with a modern Brit in the cockpit, the squeals coming out over the intercom would have drowned out the passengers’ cries.


The Connecticut government is coming for its citizens’ guns. There’s a line being drawn here. Just as Obama is obliterating the line between his executive limitations and Congress’s role, Connecticut is seeing what it can get away with in terms of eviscerating the Second Amendment. I hope the state backs down, for this will not end well otherwise.

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  1. lee says

    Jeffrey Folks is too kind to Obama. Napolean and Caesar and even Lenin got to where they were because they did have leadership ability. Obama was thrust upon us, like a Manchurian candidate. He has never led anything. The first two may have been megalomaniacal to begin with, but I suspect they grew into megolomania. I also suspect that the One has been megolomaniacal since before he ever got any kind of job. 

  2. lee says

    RE: Nudity in HBO
    There was an amusing fake commercial/video making the rounds a couple of years ago. Someone was exciting about landing a movie part, and describing it to their mom, wife, husband, girlfriend, et al, in pronogrphci details. It sounding like the person landing a role in a porno film. The punchline was “It’s HBO!” which made it all okay foreveryone.

  3. lee says

    RE: Rush and the 57 year old…
    Raed Mark Steyn’s Happy Warrior “Where the Action Is” from March 7th. ( I can’t paste with my xoom pad.) It’s so depressing, and he agrees with you.

      • says

        There is an old SF story in which something analogous is happening.  In Milton Lesser’s The Star Seekers, the inhabitants of a multigenerational starship have lost the knowledge that they are aboard a moving space vessel and believe that their internal world is the whole universe. A boy on an initiation journey through the four spheres of the ship (which have become isolated from one another over time) realizes the truth about their larger journey, and that the ship is nearing its destination and will crash unless immediate action is taken. He encounters great difficulty in getting people to take the situation seriously. The people who are least interested in taking action are those who live in the Place of the Revelers. These people were apparently (generations ago) actors and entertainers, but now they only watch old videos and go to “empathy sessions.”
        “The end of the world,” said Rolf. “And the Revelers don’t even play games. They do worse. They watch old pictures of people playing games, they sit in their overstuffed chairs and experience empathy.”

  4. Charles Martel says

    I agree that the current crop of young people and low-info voters are a lost cause. It’s way too late to educate people who have been subjected to mindlessness since kindergarten. So, yes, if we try to depend on such people to wake up and help pull us back from the brink, it’s a no-win proposition.
    But as Ymarsakar and others here have pointed out many times, reality is a bitch. You can’t live on Big Sugar Mountain when the heat from the disintegration of our country is melting all the goodies. When the collapse comes, stupidity and dreaminess will have to give way to acting in accord with the Tao, the nature of things as they are, not as we wish they were.
    This is where we need to take a page from the Marxists and highlight the contradictions; in fact, force them. A small group of people passing through TSA and telling the morons who work there to “F-off” could clog the works in short order. Repeat it at dozens of major airports and you’ve got a Situation on your hands. Do the same thing at federal offices and agencies, and the courts, and you can strain the system to the point that the regime reacts stupidly by openly killing or beating people. When it calls on its armed minions—the gangs, the unions, the police—to make arrests and put down the insurrection, it will force the military to make up its mind and embolden armed sovereigns like Utah and Texas to directly confront the federal government. Since most of them are incapable of much else, the pathetic Millenials will have to be bystanders, as well as the effete West and East Coasts, the press, and the academy.
    That’s OK, just stand aside while the adults take back the land.

    • says

      Chapter 75

      The people’s hunger
      Is due to the excess of their ruler’s taxation
      So they starve
      The people’s difficulty in being governed
      Is due to the meddling of their ruler
      So they are difficult to govern
      The people’s disregard for death
      Is due to the glut in their ruler’s pursuit of life
      So they disregard death
      Therefore those who do not strive for living
      Are better than those who value living———————
      Small country, few people
      Let them have many weapons but not use them
      Let the people regard death seriously
      And not migrate far away
      Although they have boats and chariots
      They have no need to take them
      Although they have armors and weapons
      They have no need to display them
      Let the people return to tying knots and using them
      Savor their food, admire their clothes
      Content in their homes, happy in their customs
      Neighboring countries see one another
      Hear the sounds of roosters and dogs from one another
      The people, until they grow old and die
      Do not go back and forth with one another
      —How to avoid the gaze of large empires while being small and weak, but presenting the illusion of weakness only.
      Holding a cup and overfilling it
      Cannot be as good as stopping short
      Pounding a blade and sharpening it
      Cannot be kept for long
      Gold and jade fill up the room
      No one is able to protect them
      Wealth and position bring arrogance
      And leave disasters upon oneself
      When achievement is completed, fame is attained
      Withdraw oneself
      This is the Tao of Heaven
      –Going Galt;American military sphere; Pax Americana
      The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao
      The name that can be named is not the eternal name
      The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth
      The named is the mother of myriad things
      Thus, constantly without desire, one observes its essence
      Constantly with desire, one observes its manifestations
      These two emerge together but differ in name
      The unity is said to be the mystery
      Mystery of mysteries, the door to all wonders
      –During the Big Bang and before it, matter and energy did not exist as we know it.
      When the world knows beauty as beauty, ugliness arises
      When it knows good as good, evil arises
      Thus being and non-being produce each other
      Difficult and easy bring about each other
      Long and short reveal each other
      High and low support each other
      Music and voice harmonize each other
      Front and back follow each other
      Therefore the sages:
      Manage the work of detached actions
      Conduct the teaching of no words
      They work with myriad things but do not control
      They create but do not possess
      They act but do not presume
      They succeed but do not dwell on success
      It is because they do not dwell on success
      That it never goes away
      —-The greater the light of America, the greater the shadows extend in the world and in men’s hearts. To convince people to save themselves requires the destruction of their selves by ulterior factors. Do not convince people, allow the Left to stomp the boot on people and convince them. The greater the evil, the more the hearts of men will elevate the status of the antithesis.

  5. Jose says

    Re the Connecticut gun ban:  I think we have definitely passed some threshold here.  There has been a lot of talk of descent to a banana republic, but when you have that many people whose lawful gun ownership has made them felons overnight, and so many defy the government, only 2 things can happen.  We will find out if we live in a police state, or in a banana republic where idiotic laws are casually ignored.

  6. Matt_SE says

    Disagree about two things:
    1) CT gun confiscation: The gun grabbers know if they push this, they will lose. If they push too hard, they will die. I doubt it will get that far any time soon. Instead, they will do what the left is good at: conducting a cowardly whispering campaign that will appeal mainly to their base and almost no one else.
    2) America beyond the tipping point: True, the youngsters haven’t been well-educated in history. But as the saying goes, “Even a flatworm knows enough to turn away from pain.” When it becomes obvious (again!) that socialism doesn’t work and everything they’ve been told is a lie, the youngsters will be angry. They may not know that there is already an opposing worldview, but it won’t matter…they will be angry! Proper motivation is more important that erudition. They can pick up the counter-arguments later. All we need to do is be ready to explain our version of what happened.

    • jj says

      The problem, of course, is that ‘again.’  How many times does socialism have to fail before our friends on the left – and damned well not iust the young and dopey – reach the conclusion that it doesn’t, can’t, and won’t work?  If it was just the kids, okay, they’re kids and dopes – but it isn’t.  Far too many of the at least notional adults seem to be able connect effect and cause either.

      • Matt_SE says

        This fight is continuous because new generations are being born that know nothing about it. If the hardened lefties are idiots or knaves, I can’t help that.

    • says

      If they are angry, it will be like the Venezuelans angry at Republicans for not giving Venezuelans the help the international community should give. Emotions on pigs are relatively easy to manipulate for evil.
      A person that is controlled by hate or anger, is merely a weapon pointed at one faction or another.

  7. Charles Martel says

    Jose, I hope there’s a third possibility: A long line of tarred and feathered former officials—legislators, police chiefs, judges—shambling along the roadsides in a restored constitutional republic, nostalgic for the good old days.

  8. Libby says

    Re: Ban Bossy – Let me get this straight: Poor behavior exhibited by little girls as part of their social development is to be encouraged by banning the proper term for it (making them a “victim” when called out for being bossy) and re-labeled as leadership. However,  poor behavior by little boys, such as rough-housing, squirming and poor attention in class, good guy vs. bad guy role play is labeled as a behavioral issue/learning disability requiring medication to eradicate, or worse, labeled as evidence of a potential spree-killer in the making. These people are nuts and will start using the word “bossy” more often!
    * * *
    There is one lone entity in France willing to take on the Muslims (if not explicitly defend the Jews): satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. They still believe that no one should be off-limits from mockery. Sadly, after a lawsuit by Muslim leaders when they published the Danish Cartoons failed to shut them up (CH won), the response to their next Mohammed cartoon was to bomb their office. We’ll see how long they can continue to fight for free speech.

    • says

      Malcom X’s home was firebombed by Democrat and Islamic Nation operatives in America. People have forgotten what the powers that be used to do to obtain that power.
      I call it generational memory loss or the Elf Syndrome.

  9. Danny Lemieux says

    How about if instead of trying to change the country, all libertarians (small “l”) and conservatives try to change just one person…at a time. If everyone of us could open the eyes of just one young liberal/progressive person with a mind full of mush, we would change the world, not to mention our elections. I’ve got a few that I am working on myself.

  10. says

    The only way for people to change is for them to change themselves. Everything is a result of authoritarian motivations and corruption. It’s not going to produce a free society, because individuals bound to that authority cannot apply freedom in any meaningful context.

    But hey look, Tim Larkin has broken through the media’s glass ceiling somehow. In this day and age. Every one of the “crazies” is starting to break through the surface here, as the evil of the Left reigns supreme over us all, as the Sword of Damocles.

  11. Mike Devx says

    Well, the special Florida election for rtiring Bill Young’s US House seat played out last night, and the GOP beat the Democrat machine.  Democrat Alex Sink was supposed to win, favored by nearly all prognosticators.  She did not win.
    A somewhat unappealing GOP candidate won instead, by 2%.
    The signs continue to be positive for November 2014.  There’s something I especially liked this morning.  I somehow got on Democrat mailing lists and they pop up with regularity in my Inbox.  Most of the time I just delete.  But today I am reading them, and I am happy.
    The Democrats are spinning this to their people as “we expected to lose, this is a Republican seat”.  But not really. it isn’t.  Not anymore.  And they did expect to win it.  The rest of the email(s) are urging everyone to stick with the program.  “We’re all doing just fine!  Just fine!  Just fine! Just fine!”
    Ah, yes, this is so reminiscent of 2010, I’m getting happy feet.  Remember 2010?  Remember how the Dems used all of June-August to support their enthusiastic, “It’s A Recovery Summer!”   Remember their big Recovery Summary campaign?
    Yes, in 2010, they tried to baffle the voters with complete bullshit.  And they failed.  By October they were beginning to realize they were in trouble, but it was too late.
    It’s still very early.  It’s only March.  But they’re following exactly the same playbook.  Let’s hope they keep it up for five more months!  Be quiet and let them dig that hole.  Dig that hole!  They *are* regularly breaking the law with fiat declarations voiding the worst effects of ObamaCare, it’s true… but will that be enough?  Will voters fall for it, or will they realize that after November 2014, the Democrats are really going to stick it to them?!?!  Early 2015 – after the election! – the Democrats are going to ream people.  (And then hope in the year and a half until the 2016 elections, they can make everyone forget (again)?
    We just saw our first indicator that the program is not going to work.  But the Democrats show every sign that they’re going to stick with the program.  I enthusiastically urge them on!  Yes, you just failed to get the message out!  Yes, you’re absolutely right!  So, just shout a little louder!  And spend a hell of a lot more money on exactly the same message!  Yes, Democrats, you are right about it all, especially ObamaCare!  Just a few little fixes, and we the American People are going to love you.  We love you!


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