Clever posters on everything from racism, to gun control, to morality, to Islamic fundamentalism

Caped Crusader sent me a rash of wonderful internet posters.  Not only are they good on their own, they tie in so well with points we’ve discussed in the past:

proud  to be
peace of mind
CS Lewis on morality
Blow up so fast

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  • Ymarsakar

    These days while professionally paid propagandists certainly have plenty of time to fine tune things, most of the creative propaganda stuff is churned out by individuals. Somehow and some way.

  • Ymarsakar

    OFA. Obama’s Fascist America
    Nobody realized it yet?

  • JKB

    Oh, I have the last guy in the first poster beat.  Long ago, on a sea not to far from Marin, I was a young officer at the wardroom table.  I don’t know how the conversation started but the operations officer who was born and raised outside NYC opined that he was Italian.  A fellow junior officer offered that he was half German.  Not thinking, I stated, well, “”I’m a Southerner and never needed to be anything else.”  I didn’t get the troubles I would today but even then such an assertion brought comment, though nothing nasty, but that may be because the captain was from Virginia.  
    So I guess I’m double bad or something by today’s standards.  I’ll cry later.

  • Caped Crusader

    JKB, your experience brings back memories from 1962 when I was, as part of my 2 years active duty, spending a few months as ship’s doctor on an extended end of the world patrol in the Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean on an icebreaker. This was during some of the tensest times of the Cold War. I was the only white Southern officer on the ship, all others being from New England and the west coast, and was constantly kidded about our peculiarities. Foremost among the tales, one day at lunch we were served a soup that contained okra and everyone wondered aloud, “What the hell is this stuff floating in the soup”. I proceeded to give them a lecture on the wonders of okra in the diet and how healthy it was, and how much we enjoyed it in the South. One  commented that it was pig food where he came from. Another day for desert we were served moon pies and nobody had ever seen one before, and all queried, “What the hell is a Moon Pie?”, after my identifying it. I patiently explained in some detail that its proper name was “Lookout Mountain Moon Pie”, and that over a million were made every day in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The startled expressions were priceless, and I told them they were very provincial and that I, unlike them, had never been served anything I could not identify and suggested they broaden their horizons, to the hilarity of all at the wardroom table. I then told them that an RC Cola and a Moon Pie were a great treat for all Southerners, and loved almost as much as a pack of Tom’s Toasted Peanuts poured into a bottle of Coca Cola as a quick snack or meal on the run.
    In an era before political correctness if you were not continually razzed in a friendly jovial manner it meant you were not an accepted  member of the group. Today’s people simply wold not understand an era when we had not lost our sense of good natured humor. What we said to each other then, could get you in prison today. The first thing totalitarians of all stripes try to destroy is humor, and all totalitarian states are humorless and life grim and guarded. That is why we must fight against it!