My Mom wore me out Open Thread

I took my mother to the doctor and the bank today, she on her walker and I on my crutches. It was physically tiring for me, partly because the crutches exacerbate a shoulder problem and partly because I had to get my mom and her walker in and out of the car several times.

It was also emotionally exhausting because every time I see her there’s less of her. The funny, charming, sophisticated, interested and interesting woman has vanished completely. Now, she’s an amalgam of complaints and intermittent dementia, and bears no relationship to the mother I remember. That’s okay. At her age, she is what she is and I still owe her love, care, and respect — but she does wear me out.

Funnily enough, the thing that disturbs me the most when I’m with her is that she no longer smells like my mom. I’m a person who responds very strongly to olfactory cues, and my lizard brain isn’t detecting that old familial relationship. It’s a weird cognitive dissonance, with my higher brain saying “mother” and my lower brain saying “stranger.”

Anyway, for those wondering, Mom is fine, as this was just a “tune-up” visit. I’m fine too, only I’m so tired it’s hard to sit upright. I’m heading downstairs to lie down and read a book or watching junk TV. Have fun here while I’m away.

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  • JKB

    If you got 40 minutes to learn I recommend this video on slavery:
    “The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present and Future “ 
    by Stefan Molyneux.

    • Ymarsakar

      Critical thought needs to be banned in order for the American slaves that think they are free, to be milked of their taxes on the farm.

      • JKB

        It is “odd” how the Progs work to keep slavery defined in the minds of the “educated” and ignorant alike as being sadistic treatment.  Vice it being a condition under which another has control of one’s work, compensation, living conditions, disposition of “private”property, healthcare, nutrition, etc.  All being enabled and enforced by government through coercion and violence.  
        I wonder why?

        • Ymarsakar

          The 3% of humanity knows why.

  • Caped Crusader

    I have just learned an interesting fact, that in some respects is a little hilarious also. In a recent column congratulating Martel in his esteemed professorship at Bowdoin College I ended with the Maine Stein song, which I have always felt was the coolest college song ever composed. Since I lived in Maine in 1963 I has always had an affection for the state. I have just found out that the Chinese adopted the tune for their national song to rally fighters against the Japanese in WWll and set their own lyrics to the tune. I do not speak or read Mandarin so if anyone can translate please do so. Here for your enjoyment are both versions of this great martial music:


  • Tara S

    Firstly, may I just say that, if/when I’m ever in a position to need regular care, I hope I have people close to me who are as loving and conscientious as you seem to be? 
    Secondly, I don’t remember where, but I followed a link to this article the other day:

    Now, for the record, I actually agree with almost everything the article says. It’s absolutely terrible that some people decide that disabled people are better off dead or are too much trouble to keep alive, and that they take steps to remedy the “problem.”
    But here’s an exercise in logic: read that article and — except for the news stories at the beginning and some disability-specific phrases — replace every instance of the word “disabled” with “unborn.”
    And then tell me how on earth the author of the article could ever support elective abortion.

  • JKB

    Hey, don’t miss this interview what Scruton has to say about the decline of the modern university.  

    I posted this comment at Maggie’s Farm where I found the link:
    The true university these days is a collection of books.- Thomas CarlyleThis fetish for old buildings is touching, but useless. As is said in the interview, the humanities, more appropriately, the vanities, are now centers of ideological conformity. The university is dead. It takes 50-60 years the clear out the deadwood at the university, assuming that deadwood permits new growth. Does anyone think a bunch of old buildings haunted by angry ideologues will not be Detroit, decaying, long left behind, by those who want open investigation of the world and open dialogue?

  • Ymarsakar

    The best universities these days are for profit websites, services, youtube channels, and internet databases/wikis.
    And I’m not joking.

  • bkivey

    Interesting that you make the differentiation between the various ‘brains’ that make up the human brain. I’ve long maintained that an examination of the human brain will reveal the layered nature of our brain, from the brain stem to the cerebrum. The more successful (relevant to reality) sociological and political theories make use of this fact. Progressives just can’t seem to wrap their minds around the fact that 3 million years of evolution stand between them and their pet theories.