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    An arms is something that a person can hold in their arms. The idea that tools are weapons but one’s arms are not, is the problem. Since weapons attached to your arms as the same as your arms to a warrior.

  • JKB

    Well, that isn’t terrible like most of what passes for “education”.  The register part is off but the author might be some ignorant teacher from the few places that do require registration.  
    Speaking of education, apparently, notecards for research papers are still all the rage at America’s top high schools.  The teachers don’t know why.  Way to keep up with technology there teach.
    High schooler gives an inside view of a top-ranked school

  • Mike Devx

    So that’s what the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution says!
    Did you also know that “Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration Of Independence to state that all people deserve to be free, and all of us can only be truly free when we live lives that are free from hunger, free from want, free from fear of losing our homes and our health insurance, and free from global warming, and free from discrimination and upsetting speech. ”
    Yep, that’s what Thomas Jefferson wrote.  Didn’tcha know that?

  • Roll Tide

    Book, Any additional reference in the Facebook post, as to what/where this came from?

    • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

      Roll Tide:  There was no additional information, which is why I was willing to entertain the notion that it’s an Onion-esque hoax.

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