The problem with being on a pedestal is that, when you fall, you fall hard

Destroying Stalin's statueWas it only yesterday that I posted about the young woman who burned her Obama shirt in a frenzy of betrayal?  She isn’t just done with Obama, she’s done with government.  Her ideology, most of it foolishly Leftist, hasn’t altered one iota.  What’s different is her belief that government is an engine of change.

But, but, but, I hear you asking, “How can you be a Leftist without believing in Big Government?  Leftism is predicated on a Big Government doing the right things.”

You’re absolutely correct, of course.  She’s suddenly a young woman with a heart full of anti-government animus, and no functioning ideology to go with it.  My suspicion is that, if she ever votes again, she’ll pull the lever for a libertarian.  Perhaps in 2016, she’ll be another Rand Paul voter.

That inflamed young lady isn’t the only one who’s shattered to discover that her idol had feet of clay, and bad clay at that.  Will Pitt, notorious for years as one of the more rabid anti-Bush haters and one of the utterly fatuous, strung-out Obama worshipers, has also been slapped in the face by ugly Obamacare reality.  At Newsbusters, P.J. Gladnick details Pitt’s disillusionment, which set in very quickly once Obamacare failed to work as promised.

Within months, Pitt went from saying that a few glitches with Obamacare were “No. Big. Deal.” to castigating Obama as a “piece of sh*t used-car salesman.” Needless to say, his friends in the Democratic Underground are not happy with him.

When it comes to these two people and all of the others like them, their sudden epiphanies about Obama, about Democrat policies, and about Big Government can easily be described as too little, too late. They’ve already visited upon us eight years of what will quite possibly be recorded in the books as the worst administration in American history, one that devastated not only America but the whole world.

But here’s the deal: It’s not too little, too late. There are local, state, and federal elections coming up this year and next year and the year after that. Although our ship of state has had eight years to sail this disastrous course, it is still afloat and can be turned around. The process will be laborious, it will go very slowly, and the damage will be significant, but as long as we’re above water it still matters that we get rid of as many loathsome barnacles as possible. These former Obama fanatics were barnacles. It remains to be seen whether, as I once did, they’ll turn around politically or whether they’ll just slink off and leave the body politic alone. No matter what, we’ll be better off without them.

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  • Ymarsakar

    The Left would have inflicted the same damage, with or without Hussein here. It would just have taken a few more years.
    Thus I’m not too upset with the individuals, so long as they atone for their mistake. But the vast majority of Americans aren’t atoning for anything, mind you. They’re stuck on the couch or at the mall, hoping Obama will stick it to the political less influential, the hate groups, etc.

  • Matt_SE

    If you go on to read Pitts extended comments, it becomes clear that he regrets there not being single-payer. So, he’s doing the standard “they didn’t go far enough” schtick.
    That’s not really a reversal.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I share Matt_SE’s concerns: we have to keep in mind that a significant portion of the “Obama disapproval” vote is comprised of voters that are upset that he failed to deliver more stuff to them for free. 
    Remember Peggy Joseph?

    • Bookworm

      Matt_SE and Danny:  I agree.  These people are hard core Leftists . . . but they’ve also discovered that their idol is a fraud and that government programs aren’t capable of delivering the goods. 

      If they were still in “blame Republican” mode, they’d just double down on getting more Leftists into power and creating more programs.  But they’ve moved to “blame Obama” territory and they’re looking at the failure of programs they supported. 

      That’s some serious cognitive dissonance that they’ll have to struggle with. They’ll never become conservatives (well, maybe a few will), but our best hope is that they drop out of the political system.  They stop screaming at rallies, they stop hijacking town halls, they stop aiding ACORN to commit voter fraud, and they themselves stay home on election day.

      • Ymarsakar

        I agree with Book. Although I’ve only background checked one of the individuals she speaks of.
        There are many Leftists, even so called former ones like Horowitz, that aren’t completely “de-programmed” of their Leftist conditioning. Thus it is wise to have an independent analysis and intel profile of a person first, before taking what they say at face value.

  • Charles Martel

    The girl is halfway there. She understands that government is, by nature, coercive, which is a necessary conclusion to draw if you’re going to seriously think about the subject. But she’s still muddled by the extreme concept that because government is sometimes bad, it is always bad—not to mention the hippy-dippy peace-love crap that she thinks government is responsible for.
    So her next leap must take her to the conclusion that it’s better to deal with a small zit than it is to deal with shingles or a massive acne attack. Yes, it’s unfortunate that the zit won’t build houses for the poor or buy birth control for needy co-eds, or whatever passes for compassion in Fever Land, but it’s still a better deal.
    By the way, burning The Gelding’s mug with a butane torch was great! This girl has good organizational skills.

  • Mike Devx

    To me, this is all a part of the larger picture of a nation that just *might* be able to turn itself around after a hundred-plus years of dominant progressive, Big State momentum that is driving us slowly onto the garbage heap of history.
    You’ve highlighted a story of two hardcore supporters who are disillusioned.  They should be disillusioned.  This is appropriate.  If this country is to recover, you would expect the Big Statists to become weaker and disillusioned as their philosophy finally crashes and burns around them.  But they won’t be agents of change.  Change will come – if it comes – when much of the middle abandons the left.

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s a good thing people are learning to understand what hate feels like. But I warn them that hate is only a weapon if human will controls it. In most cases, as with black cannonfodder, hate is a tool used to whip the slaves into obedience.
    Even without B Hussein O, the Left would still have achieved Supreme Power, eventually. The analytic prediction was still going according to plan and nobody had junked up the cogs. There was a lot of talk, but no action.
    So whether somebody votes for Hussein or not, is meaningless. Elections are meaningless. If they had meaning, it could stop evil or stop civil wars.
    What has meaning is atonement. You are either atoning for your evil, or you are evil, or you think obeying evil makes you innocent.