Obama wasn’t mugged by reality; he wanted this reality

obama gives us the finger_thumb[41]William Kristol has a good summary about Obama’s inertia in the face of world chaos.  I disagree, however, with the language I’ve emphasized:

In late 1979, with the seizure of American hostages by Iran and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, President Jimmy Carter was mugged by reality. Carter then tried, however haplessly, to change direction. But Barack Obama is no Jimmy Carter. Will Obama increase defense spending, as Carter did? Is he likely to launch a military excursion, as Carter did, over the objection—and then resignation—of his dovish secretary of state?

Carter, whatever his problems, was more hawkish than most in his party. In this he followed in the footsteps of every other Democratic president in the past century. Until Barack Obama.

It’s been a bit bewildering, even disorienting, to watch Obama get mugged by reality and refuse to press charges.

Obama hasn’t been mugged by reality.  This is what Obama wanted.  That’s why the comparisons with Carter don’t actually work — and it’s not just that Carter only had a four-year term, rather than an eight year term.

When Carter embarked upon his foreign policy, his imagined result was that America would still be a world leader, but one that would lead through Gandhi-esque peace, rather than through arms.  When peace didn’t work, Carter pivoted in an effort to return America to leadership through economic and military strength.  When he was voted out of office, Reagan did that job and did it well.  Carter was a dreadful president and I seriously dislike him for his increasingly overt antisemitism, but he was still a patriot.

Obama is not a patriot.  America’s total retreat is what he wanted.  That is, he was never seeking world domination through peaceful means.  Instead, his stated goal was to cut America down to size and make her just one nation among many.  The world cheered him in that goal.  Now the world is being reminded of the dictum to “be careful what you wish for because you might get it.”

Obama, however, is not weeping over his wishes being granted.  He got exactly what he wished for and is undoubtedly pleased with the results.  Insulated by his praetorian White House guard and sycophantic media, he doesn’t worry about the downsides of his execrable foreign policies.  All he cares about is the fact that he succeeded in weakening (perhaps permanently) a nation he’s always viewed as an overbearing, racist, capitalist bully.

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  • jj

    Oh, I don’t think Obama wanted to be made to look like an international jackass by a flatworm like Putin, I really don’t.  And though he lives in more of a bubble than any president in my lifetime, I have little doubt he doesn’t know the world regards him as a naive and inept clown.  One of his major campaign bullet-points, right after the bit about the seas going down, was that America would regain international respect (which I can spell) and affection.  Lawyers are not famous for introspection – law school doesn’t teach, encourage, or recognize it as a virtue – and he has the calcified skull of the self-righteous on steroids.  (He was that way anyway, Harvard law didn’t help.)  But – even he, secure in his fortress of rectitude, will have noticed by now that things ain’t proceeding according to plan, and, if anything, fewer people hold America in anything resembling regard.  Thick as he is, that will have penetrated.  I really do doubt it’s what he had in mind.  

  • JKB

    Well, the world needed to learn a hard lesson.  Not to mention those like Althouse, McArdle, WRM, etc.   To bad others will suffer instead of those who embraced the Obama “doctrine”.  But sometimes, you just got to let them fall down the hole so they can see just how deep it is.  
    I’m sure many in France are learning a hard lesson as well with their little foray into ignorance.

    • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

      A lot of people are going to die and be tortured. The Left, as always, will be having champagne parties like they did at the Fall of Saigon.

  • sabawa

    My observation from viewing his flaring nostrils, over and over again, tells me that somewhere deep within his Mounds-determined core (no nuts), he cares about his legacy.  Will generations, near-future and beyond, hold him in any regard?   NO!

  • Charles Martel

    We’re back to the parable of the scorpion riding atop the frog: Obama’s nature is immutable in that he will not learn from his actions in any rational or coherent manner. Sabawa is right to say that The Gelding is worried about his legacy—which is why I am starting to get pretty scared: He may decide to groom his legacy by suddenly growing a pair of balls and trying to confront Putin if Russia moves to make war on the Baltic states. With Putin having already entered the realm of macho psychosis, having Nancy Boy do the same isn’t going to sit well with us normal humans who lack bomb shelters.


    (ESPN interview: March 20)‘You know the truth of the matter is, if you followed me, most of my day is sitting in a room listening to a bunch of folks in grey suits talking about a whole bunch of stuff that wouldn’t make very good television.” BHO
    The quote is probably the most salient of his presidency. He came, he saw, he’s bored.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    To rephrase your title, Book, a mugger can’t mug himself. Thus Hussein is the one mugging others of reality.

  • 11B40

    Every time I see a photo of President Obama’s petulant use of one of his middle digits, I can’t help but remember the time my father saw me doing something similar to my Big Sister at the dinner table.
    “If you’re having trouble with your finger,” he gently said, “I can fix it for you.”