Alleged Malaysia Airlines ad: either a tremendous irony or a mean hoax *UPDATE: IT’S A HOAX*

[UPDATED:  IT’S A HOAX.  My current belief about the situation is that, without more data, I have nothing to say.]

The email that came with this image says it’s a genuine Malaysia Airlines ad from a few years back. If true, it’s incredibly ironic. If untrue, it’s rather mean:

Malaysia airlines ad

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  • Indigo Red

    Bad taste hoax. None of the 777 models have dual level seating and they have only one engine per wing. 


    Mean, very mean, hoax.

  • jj

    Obvious hoax: as quick as your eye scans it you can see it’s an A-380, not a Boeing 777, but the concept isn’t bad.  ‘Isn’t bad’ in the sense that how many times in all of our lives have we seen irony catch up with advertising?  I have a poster on the wall right in front of me, boldly informing me that doctors recommend Marlboro Green, because it’s good for you.  Maybe it was, in 1944.  These days, a touch ironic.  Irony betrays us all, just as readily as does reality.  

  • Ymarsakar

    For a death joke, it’s pretty funny.