Monday morning Open Thread

Marathon dog

I have a busy morning coming up, but will be back at my computer by about noon Pacific Time. Until then, please enjoy this open thread.

Oh, and a question for you: The headlines for the last few days have been overwhelming, with everything, at home and abroad, in politics and in popular culture, seemingly coming to a head. Coincidence? Cloward-Piven strategy? Planned, but not Cloward-Piven?  Your opinions, please.

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  • Ymarsakar

    It’s merely the opening moves of a chess set.
    Things are setting up, but all the potential moves have already been researched and thought on. It only looks fast or surprising to those that did not predict the currents.
    My old and standard prediction is still in force, nothing has deviated our current world from it. 10-20 years for an American civil war, if Hussein wins the 2012 election. 50 years for the Leftist alliance to enslave or conquer America, if Hussein loses the 2012 election. That’s adapted to 40 years for 2016 obviously, at most. At minimum, there will be no war, because people will be slaves that think they are free. And slaves that think they are free have no reason to rebel against their masters. Btw, the Leftist alliance has already declared war on humanity. So that’s already been progressing.
    The rest of the world is reacting to what the Left has done in America, for Iraq and Afghanistan’s propaganda. People always suspected that there were problems with the “anti war” movement that went beyond casualties in Iraq. They were right. Except it wasn’t “unAmerican” activities the way people liked to hem around the subject, it was treason itself at work. And treason is no longer treason when it prospers.

  • sabawa

    Last night I caught “Indiscreet”  on TCM.  It’s a film staring Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman, 1958.  In one scene, they are strolling home from a dinner out.  Small talk ensues.  Grant says something to the effect that people are starting to talk about climate change.  My question:  is that the same climate change we’re experiencing/talking about or something altogether different?     Climate:  either change or get over yourself.

  • Mike Devx

    A headline today: 108 People Unaccounted For In Deadly WA  State Mudslide.
    The first few sentences…
    The search for survivors of a deadly Washington state mudslide grew Monday to include 108 names of people who were reported missing or were unaccounted for, but authorities cautioned the figure likely would decline dramatically.
    Still, the size of the list raised concerns the death toll would rise far above the eight people who have been confirmed dead after the 1-square-mile slide Saturday swept through part of a former fishing village about 55 miles northeast of Seattle. 
    I bring this up because I’m *STILL* irritated by New York/Harlem congressman Charles Rangel saying, of a gas explosion in some apartments that has killed 8 people, “This is our 9-11”.
    First of all, who is the “us” in “our 9-11”?   9-11 belonged to us all, all Americans, and even to some extent other countries, as many foreigners also lost their lives in the murderous 9-11 attacks.  And they were murderous attacks, not an accident.
    So… 8 dead in Harlem… and now we have 8 confirmed dead in a WA mudslide, with more likely to come among the 108 missing.  I’d like to know, should people in Seattle consider this “their 9-11”?  Or it was a fishing village that got struck just outside Seattle.  Should all rustic fishermen living in villages declare this “our 9-11”?
    Sorry, I’m just still extremely irritated at Mr. Rangel, for his inability to keep things in their proper proportion.  THOUSANDS died in the murderous 9-11 attacks…   The Democrats really don’t seem to “get” 9-11 any more…

    • Ymarsakar

      Rangel’s like that black slave that likes controlling and overseering his fellow slaves. He gets a kick out of being elevated above the black mass.

    • Bookworm

      Couldn’t agree more, Mike.