A refreshing break in the day

Tired of stale old movies? Have your kids write a script (perhaps a door-to-door salesman theme), then have them record the dialogue and, lastly, have a couple of adults lip sync while acting out the dialog. “Charming” doesn’t begin to describe the result:

If you enjoy this kind of thing, you’ll find more here. Here’s another (possibly even funnier) one for good measure:

Just had to add one more, because Josh Groban (excuse me, Josh Gwobin) is a good sport:

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  • shirleyelizabeth

    When really enjoyed when they were coming out with the kid history episodes (the first ones being the best), but I guess they were linked somewhere big recently and are showing up in my feeds again. It could be because I really hate cockroaches, but the Pest Control one had me cracking up.

  • Beth

    Kids History is hilarious.  My kids have their kid’s voice down–they can quote the ‘babysitter’ history word for word.  There are some really funny, clever people in this world and these are some of them; they’re great if you want to put life in perspective.  So glad you found them.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The West hasn’t done enough with voice art. It’s good to see the cuteness being cultivated.