Can we get people to realize that Obama does not take his job seriously?

Obama smoking potPresident Obama does not take his job seriously, nor does he respect the dignity of the office.  Both are important.  Not taking a job seriously inevitably means a job done badly.  And when that job is as much symbolic as it is practically, disrespect can be fatal.  After all, in the old days, even if one disliked the candidate, one still “respected the dignity of the office.”  But what happens if the president demeans the office so much there’s nothing left to respect?

Today three things crossed my computer screen addressing the fact that Obama is a lightweight who’s so protected by the media bubble that he and his followers actually think that, in serious times, his lack of seriousness is a good thing.

First, a video showing the world’s priorities versus Obama’s priorities:

Second, you know Robert Fulghum’s New Age, feel-good book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten? Michael Walsh has penned a post that could be called “Barack Obama: Your kindergarten guide to governing.”

Third, Stephen Green says that the only reasonable explanation for Obama’s failure to take any action regarding Ukraine must be a lack of seriousness.

Obama has taken the Kennedy doctrine and reconfigured it for himself:  “Ask not what your president can do for his country; as what the presidency can do for your president.”

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  • Ymarsakar

    How many American coffins does it take to fuel up an Airforce 1 trip for Biden+Hussein?
    Zero, the media tells us there are no coffins coming back from Afghanistan.

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