1. Wolf Howling says

    The left’s only problem with McCarthy was his target, not his methods.  Note that James Taranto at WSJ has a great column up today on the Eich case and Justice Thomas’s prescient and lone dissent in Citizen’s United.  

  2. says

    It will be interesting to see historians repeat the same things about Eich as we do about McCarthy.
    Who will know in the future what’s the real truth once the Left gets their hands on changing the past?

  3. says

    Civil War II, to finish what America’s 1st Civil War failed to get done (like Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan put together), will begin in 15 years if Hussein is re-elected in 2012. Because certain things of entropy, chaos theory, and Leftist evil will exponentially grow due to certain factors. The Left was merely growing as cancer, hidden, in 2001-6. But by 2008, it  reached full blown AIDS level + cancer later stage.
    So elections are going to fix it? How do you fix AIDS + later stage cancer, exactly?

  4. SADIE says

    Eich’s 2008 donation: $1,000.  Biden’s 2008 response: Priceless.
    Transcript of the 2008 Vice Presidential debate:

    IFILL: Let’s try to avoid nuance, Senator. Do you support gay marriage?
    BIDEN: No. Barack Obama nor I support redefining from a civil side what constitutes marriage. We do not support that. That is basically the decision to be able to be able to be left to faiths and people who practice their faiths the determination what you call it.

  5. ferninphilly says

    Hey Book, 
    There’s a piece of this whole scandal that just about every conservative pundit that I know seems to be missing- and I’d LOVE for you to comment on it: 
    Eich’s IRS records were leaked. 
    That’s how the public found out about his support of prop 8- someone leaked his donations list. 
    Someone at the IRS- the government agency with not “one smidgen” of corruption according to our illustrious commander in chief. 
    Would LOVE to see your thoughts on this!

  6. Mike Devx says

    Obama and Biden recanted.  But everyone knew they would, because they were lying in the first place.
    As I said in another post, Mr. Eich’s great second sin is that he refused to recant.  He has a history of inclusiveness and fair treatment towards all, and he pledged that nothing has changed, and he would continue to be fair, inclusive, and non-discriminatory toward *anyone*.
    That was not enough.
    And therefore, he has been discriminated against.  He has been hounded out of his job.  Approximately half the US people believe what he believes; if they were to be consistent, his attackers would have to affirm that they believe all of these millions of people should be fired, too.  But, that is not the case: Their goal was to make this high-profile target recant his political position.  They wanted a notch in the belt, a victory.  He did not give it to them.  More power to him!  Mr Eich is to be vastly admired.  His attackers deserve nothing but complete scorn and ridicule.
    They are totalitarians, fascists.  They are dangerous to the ideals of free speech that liberals USED to hold so dear.  This is a dark day for the liberals.  Some of them realize it.

  7. says

    Also, I need to point this out. I don’t think it even remotely likely that our government will descend into tyranny from either the right nor the left in my lifetime. We may idiotically vote the economy of the nation down the tubes. We might even continue descending into a cultural sewer. But totalitarianism? No. I do not believe that the American people are even capable of letting the pendulum swing that far without some incredibly massive national trauma (i.e. multiple nuclear strikes across the country). Anything less will simply cause us to tighten our belts and drive on. It’s what we’ve done since before the Revolution even.

    Posted by: MikeD at November 4, 2008 02:25 PM
    From VC, with a hint of irony. Not to single MikeD out, but a lot of people had the same ideas as him during that time period.
    They couldn’t connect the dots… well, how about now, connecting the dots yet People?

  8. says

    I just reposted my review of Sebastian Haffner’s invaluable memoir of growing up in Germany between the wars. One passage that particularly stands out at the moment:
    Haffner’s father was a distinguished civil servant. After his retirement, he received a letter from the German government, now under Nazi control. He was required to either sign a statement of support for Nazi principles, or lose his pension. Basically, the choice he was given was: sign or starve.
    Can anyone doubt that in America today, there are powerful forces among the “progressives” who would do exactly the same to Federal retireees?…support X, Y, and Z, or lose your pension….and maybe even to ordinary Americans receiving social security?
    To anyone paying attention, I think it’s pretty obvious that there are many who would do this if they could.  

    • says

      Romell was given a choice. Take the suicide pill or have his family farmed out to the SS/execution squads.
      Look forward to the new health and human control care, America. It’ll be the best thing ever.
      Those that think evil has limits, lack imagination and artistic ability.

    • Libby says

      When I read that Eich was given the opportunity to recant in order to save his job I was reminded of what is going on right now in countries such as Syria with Christians: they’re given the opportunity to renounce their beliefs and embrace Islam or die. Extreme, but isn’t it a variation of the same tactic?
      Obviously, the Left is not threatening physical violence. And yet….we saw very aggressive attacks on Mormons over Prop 8, including one instance where protesters stormed a church sanctuary and lashed out at worshipers. And then there are the abortion-supporting Femen protesters in Europe & South America who are physically attacking clergy and also interrupting church services and screaming at worshipers from the pulpit. Recent AGW proponents have suggested more than just censorship of “deniers,” such  as jail time or criminal liability for  those who fund AGW-denying studies. Immigration protesters feel perfectly comfortable storming a non-immigration reform supporting politician’s office or home. Is this tyranny, or has the Left recently become impatient with those who have chosen not to “evolve,” feeling free to use any manner of coercion to get these unpersons to fall in line? Something has definitely changed in the last decade and it seems to signal more ugliness to come.

      • says

        What do you mean they aren’t threatening physical violence, don’t you remember the SEIU, police swat raids at the “wrong house” and the various Churches that were fire bombed by Prop 8 whatevers?
        You just don’t HEAR about it because blackmail and threats are effective.

    • SADIE says

      “Can anyone doubt that in America today, there are powerful forces among the “progressives” who would do exactly the same to Federal retireees?…support X, Y, and Z, or lose your pension….and maybe even to ordinary Americans receiving social security?”
      Good point. Military brass were told to accept gays in the ranks or resign.


  9. says

    In many ways, people refused to believe the Leftist alliance had the will, ruthlessness, and power to do this because the people themselves never truly understood what Hatred felt like. To them, the common masses of America, “hatred” ended up being like the feeling they got when selecting chocolate over vanilla. Those that never felt true hatred, could not comprehend the Left’s motivations. They misunderstood the Leftist alliance and its members, cannonfodder, and priests (theocracy).
    Until you truly feel hatred for your fellow American, you cannot understand the position of the Leftist alliance. For when the Left says patriots are to be hated… they mean it, and only those who understand what hatred truly is, can then make a logickal juxtaposition of that stance.
    Now that Hussein has made it easier to localize, freeze, and hate a single Democrat politician, who at the same time cannot be distanced from the majority faithful of Americans since Americans voted in Hussein twice, people are beginning to connect the dots, yes? They are beginning to hate evil. And in hating Evil, they truly now begin to understand what the Left means when they say they hate Republicans.

  10. Mike Devx says

    I have changed my mind enough to say, yes, totalitarian rule could happen here in the US.   I still do not believe it is likely to happen.
    But it may just be a matter of definition.  Senate Reublicans and the House ccould be quite effective in blocking Obama’s programs and lawless executive branch decisions, but they choose not to challenge Obama and the Senate Democrats.  So what we see is a developing creeping, smile-face de-facto totalitarianism.  Our courts have four justices that regularly find the most bizarre reasonings to support totalitarian laws, impulses and philosophies.  As long as those four can find the end goals “good”, they’ll find a way to support anything.  The Breyer dissent in the recent “political contributions” case particularly shows how *all* constitutional rights can be totally, completely ignored by supreme court justices.  Breyer’s dissent – which all four of those justices signed on to – appears to me to be little more than the complete surrender of individual rights to the “collective national will”.
    Our government structure itself could hardly be called totalitarian.
    Yet, the totalitarian left has constructed such a “network of influence and collusion” between pressure groups, the media, and various arms of the government, and they’ve been refining it and refining their tactics through decades that this metwork now *works* very well.
    Add in the fact that we now have the IRS actively involved, targeting conservative groups for audit and delay – to deliberately make them ineffective – and performing personal audits against those individuals the Obama administration directs them to – to harass, threaten, and provoke fear – and things are getting downright dangerous now.  The use of the IRS as a tool of widespread political oppression is new to me, and, again, seems incredibly dangerous.
    In sum, yes, we are definitely headed in the wrong direction.  And the separation of powers that was supposed to prevent this from happening appears to have broken down.

  11. says

    What a fascinating discussion.  I’m sorry I sat it out, but I suddenly got brain fatigue yesterday and had to do something mindless.  Well, many mindless things.  Washed the kitchen, washed the laundry, washed the dogs, read silly books.  I come to you guys, not smarter, but refreshed.

  12. says

    Almost everything concerning the failure of America’s foolproof Constitution was engineered to collapse. This was done intentionally, either with malice before hand or intentional planning (PP).
    The evidence for these operations are replete in the Left’s history in the uS, as well as the Democrat history. It’s just that few if anyone know the real history, the one that wasn’t covered up, rewritten, and revised to help Leftist propaganda. That’s not including the LEft’s Black Ops which few if anyone know about (Horo ain’t one of the knowers). Think of Yeeland, Fast and Furious, and other Leftist black ops that you don’t know about. Then think on what they haven’t told you yet.

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