Howard Stern doesn’t like communists either

My earlier post about Trevor Loudon’s talk pivoted on the fact that communists are bad and that Democrats are communists.  What I didn’t know is that maverick talk show host Howard Stern said much the same recently.  This poster is a slightly abbreviated version of what he said, but it’s 100% accurate in all important respects:

Howard Stern Democrats are Communists

Here’s Stern’s whole statement, which he made at the end of February 2014.

(Hat tip:  Caped Crusader)

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  • ByTheFireplace

    David Friedman, son of Milton Friedman, wrote a book titled The Machinery of Freedom, Guide To a Radical Capitalism. On the Dedication page to the book, he quotes the following from Lenny Bruce:
    Capitalism is the best. It’s free enterprise. Barter.
    Gimbels, if I get really rank with the clerk, ‘Well I
    don’t like this’, how I can resolve it? If it really gets
    ridiculous, I go, ‘Frig it, man, I walk.’ What can this
    guy do at Gimbels, even if he was the president of
    Gimbels? He can always reject me from that store,
    but I can always go to Macy’s. He can’t really hurt
    me. Communism is like one big phone company.
    Government control, man. And if I get too rank with
    that phone company, where can I go? I’ll end up like
    a schmuck with a dixie cup on a thread.
    People who complain about capitalism have no idea how the alternative would work. 

  • Ymarsakar

    Stern seems to be going off on his usual tirade, except against his personal enemies cause they won’t let him make bank.
    The true test of integrity is when the Democrats offer you a deal you cannot refuse, when the Demoncrats make success hand in hand with obedience, then what will he say? Oh yes, what will he say then.

  • jj

    I never really knew Howard, except by reputation.  He seems to have somehow been in the background for a while.  When I finished being an undergrad at BU I took a year off, then started grad school, and by that time two more Long Islanders had arrived on campus – and they both stood out.  Not easy to do on a campus with 30,000 people, but they were both huge: Bill O’Reilly and Howard Stern were the two biggest people on the entire campus who weren’t scholarship basketball players.  O’Reilly claims to be 6’4″, (I think he’s selling himself short, I’m 6’3″ and he towers over me) and Stern’s taller than O’Reilly. 
    And then, not all that many years later, the NBC network, (which was of course both television and radio in those days), had Imus and Stern at the flagship station in New York (WNBC).  Imus handled morning drive, Stern did evening drive.  He wasn’t there as long as Imus, because when Grant Tinker came in to run the entertainment division, on Tinker’s literal first or second day in the building he heard Stern, and instantly reacted: “fire him.  Buy him out, whatever you have to do: we’re not having that on our air.  I never want to hear him again.”  Adios, Howard.
    Didn’t know he was such a staunch anti-commie, though: we live and learn.  Good for him.