1. sabawa says

    Well, I’m certainly going to cast my vote for Hillary b/c she was AMAZING at dodging that loafer.  Aplomb, sangfroid, poise, presence of mind…..words NOT used by the press to describe Hill’s composure under incoming fire but I was waiting.   Good grief…..the msm is a punch line.

    • Mike Devx says

      Hurrah Spartacus!  I assume you are referring to the infamous Hillary trip to Afghanistan, in which she made all those incredible claims…
      unfortunately, we have video of that too.  Their rush to safety while under withering sniper fire, that COURAGEOUS DASH!  Er… I mean, the video shows a stately disembarking from the plane, a stately, dignified movement to the vehicles, and a stately procession of vehicles driving off the tarmac, with nary a bullet anywhere in evidence…

    • Mike Devx says

      Oops. Spartacus, I just noticed that you provided us a link, and yes, it is a reference to Hillary’s infamous Sniper-Fire Afghanistan trip.
      Also, your new link reveals that it was Sharyl Attkisson who broke and publicized that story, too.
      I am beginning to think that I should accord Ms. Attkisson HERO STATUS.  Especially given her years among the mainstram media without, apparently, a whiff of corruption surrounding her.  How in the world has she managed it?

  2. sabawa says

    Excellent memory, Spartacus.  I had forgotten that event.  Have ‘they’ presented her with her medal yet?   Maybe they could craft a special one in the shape of a shoe!

  3. Spartacus says

    Attkisson rocks, but I yield to MorowbieJukes with the superior link.  And it’d be interesting to surprise her with a Medal of Freedom or something, for the sniper fire, and see if she has the chutzpah to accept it and try to play it off.

  4. MacG says

    What this reveals is that sexism is embedded in the left.  It was sacry for Hillary to have A shoe thrown at her while Bush had TWO thrown at him (but he deserved it) and stood right back up between each throw in a “Is that all ya got attitude”.  You can see even the body language difference, Hillary is a wuss clutching her hands and wincing while turning her back to the enemy. No wonder Benghazi got razed ;)

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