1. JKB says

    Well, in that last image, that is of an incident where cattle were machine gunned, water tanks were shot full of holes (in the desert), water lines were ripped up, bulls were executed.  Now you might say there was a court order.  Yes, a court order authorizing the government forces to remove Bundy’s cattle from the BLM land.   The court order did not authorize the wholesale slaughter of the cattle, the intentional killing of breeding stock, the destruction of prior infrastructure, etc.  The latter can only be explained as efforts to use violence and destruction to terrorize individuals for political purposes.  
    Anyone want to guess what the definition of terrorism is?  Hint, it involves the use of violence to influence and coerce for political aims.  Just because the domestic terrorists had badges doesn’t mean they weren’t terrorists in fact, just that the rule of law is now absent.

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