Cliven Bundy’s racist, or stupidly racially-tinged, rhetoric is irrelevant to the core issue of government overreach

AmericaThe best thing that happened to the Left in the last few days was the fact that Cliven Bundy couldn’t keep race out of the conversation.  It really doesn’t matter whether he was making a valid point about slavery by any other name or if he was making as invalid a point about race as the MSNBC crowd does on a daily basis.  What matters is that his stand against the government correctly brought to people’s attention the fact that our federal government has completely forgotten that it is the people’s servant, not their master.

To use an extreme example, the fact that Hitler was a vegetarian doesn’t discredit vegetarianism.  There may be other, nutrition-based or resource-based, grounds to discredit it, but Hitler’s food predilection says nothing about the merits of vegetarianism or vegetarians.

The same is true for Bundy’s stand against the federal government’s overreach.  There may be reasons to complain about his stand (e.g., “even though the federal government stole from him, the law is still the law, at least if you’re not President Obama”), but Bundy’s inept racial observations have nothing to do with the practical merits of the government’s conduct.

For more, see JoshuaPundit and Noisy Room.

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  1. says

    I’m hoping that I’m not in tin foil conspiracy hat territory but given how easy it is to search massive databases I really doubt it. Isn’t it interesting that the Obama admin always seems to find dodgy personalities to pursue aggressive aims against.
    Need a Christian who you need to say offended Islam as an aggressor but no one will feel sorry for? How about Nakoula?
    Need a racial incident? How about a George Zimmerman?
    Want to take disputed land away from ranchers who are a part of America you don’t like how about Cliven Bundy.
    How about a white man charged in answer to disclosures of black knock out attacks?
    With the NSA monitoring social media, cellphones. With the massive databases at the fingertips of the justice department, FBI, political operatives, etc…etc….. there can be no shortage of made to order enemies of the government.
    How about a Google like search. Rancher in zip code such and such, having racist statements on Facebook page and cell phone conversations that are pro slavery? Gotcha!!! It is unfortunately rather easy to do these days. You won’t just have a two minute. You’ll have a two minute hate geared to specific trending tags.

  2. Jose says

    When the Bundy situation began to make the news I could not make out exactly what his complaint was.  I watched several on camera interviews but Bundy and his family members were never able to articulate their position.  Eventually the media, or a portion thereof, explained the situation (I’m being trusting here) but it took over a week for the information to come out.
    My point is that the Bundys and their supporters are generally unsophisticated and inarticulate, so it was inevitable that one of them would trip over their tongue before long.  And being unsophisticated is probably what led to their situation in the first place.  I have no doubt they got a raw deal when the feds took away their grazing rights, but who really expects to hang their entire livelihood on renting land from the government, even state government?
    And why did the government “troops” leave?  Because they were sophisticated enough to realize that if shots were fired if front of all the cameras, no amount of verbiage would be enough to explain away their incompetence.  Someone in charge know enough to shut up and pull back.

    • Libby says

      Cliven Bundy’s daughter has explained the events leading up to the current BLM confrontation:
      The Bundy family has been grazing their cattle on that land since 1887, when they first retained the rights to do so – it’s not at all ridiculous for them to have hung their livelihood on it. It is the BLM that has changed the game, not the Bundys. 
      We rarely get perfect victims or whistleblowers – Catherine Englebrecht is about the only one I can think of in the age of Obama harassment. I wish that Bundy had done things a bit differently, either paying his fees or retaining a whip-smart lawyer, but he is still the victim of a lot of BLM shenanigans designed to part him from his family’s property. Any time spent analyzing his “racist” comments or other imperfections takes the focus off of a federal government that is out of control. This is no different that the IRS harassment of conservative groups, the Gibson guitar raids, EPA giving away an entire town in WY to an Indian tribe, the prosecution of Dinesh D-Souza, the jailing of the Mohammed vide-maker. The federal authorities are now regularly over-stepping their authority and destroying the lives of regular citizens because they’re either inconvenient to the cause or an enemy of the administration.  I applaud Bundy pushing back, warts and all, because if he loses, a lot more ranchers and other landowners will be losers, too. We wouldn’t be reviewing the recent unlawful activity of the BLM (and possibly Harry Reid) if Bundy had given in.

    • MacG says

      Thank you Danny, great link.
      If only we could force the media to play Harry Reid’s Negro dialect comment about Obama’s verbal chameleon abilities every time they play Bundy’s.

  3. Jose says

    Libby, Thanks for the link.  It adds little info at this point, and raises more questions, but confirms my limited understanding of the situation.  To my point, this info was not articulated on prime time interviews.
    Interesting that the writer asks for supporters to NOT bring guns.  I am so grateful no shots were fired there.
    Danny, can’t get the link to play so I’ll try it again at home.

        • says

          Watching tv and thinking the way tv tells you to, is your problem Jose. It’s not up to the bundys to educate individuals. That’s what individual free will was supposed to be. Did people check the exemption box for that too?

          • Jose says

            Y- When Cliven Bundy was standing in front of the live camera I expected him to explain his position.  He didn’t.  

          • says

            Jose, who are you to expect anything out of him?
            Were you one of the volunteers that lifted the siege of his territorial homeland?
            Are you one of the agents charged with government authority to make him obey?
            Just where do people get off with these “expectations” of people they have no ties with.

        • MacG says

          “MacG, unless the media edited it out”
           Something they would never do…
          One can edit via the questions they ask or don’t ask without actually cutting tape – ask Katie Couric.  So if you have a reporter so distracted by the scene that they can’t get to “Who, What, Why, Where and When?” in an interview with the one at the center of the conflict then they need another job.  OTOH some people just are not good at articulating things, ask any interviewer.  If those interviews that you saw on TV were done at the scene I can see where Bundy would be a little preoccupied himself.


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