Tuesday evening round-up

Victorian posy of pansiesJust a few deserving links, before real life catches up with me.

StandWithUs, which may well be the most effective pro-Israel group I know, is sending around an emergency alert asking people to protest the newest front in the BDS movement:  getting Israeli architects expelled from international organizations:

On March 19, the Council of the Royal Institute of British Architects [RIBA] voted to call on the International Union of Architects [UIA] to boycott Israel and suspend it from the prestigious international union because of Israel’s allegedly “illegal” activities in the West Bank.   The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS), RIBA’s sister organization, passed a similar resolution.  Both were engineered by RIBA’s Angela Brady.

In short, RIBA backed BDS (the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement) whose goal is to demonize Israel, isolate it as a pariah, and eventually eliminate the Jewish state.

This resolution is irrational and fundamentally anti-Semitic.

Read the rest (and take action) here.


You’ve already read it elsewhere, but I’ll reiterate it here:  What was first a supposition is now backed by proof — the Obama White House orchestrated the Benghazi cover-up.  The administration’s — and especially Hillary’s — fecklessness left Americans in Benghazi vulnerable to attack; the administration’s political cowardice led to any attempt to defend our ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi during the attack; and the administration actively engaged in a cover-up to hide its myriad failings, not the least of which was lying to the American people about Al Qaeda’s growing presence in the Middle East and Africa.


Yesterday, I blew a gasket about John Kerry’s reprehensible statement likening Israel to an apartheid state.  Sadly, he is not an anomaly within the Obama administration.


I need to coin a new word, because I’m not homophobic. What people do in the privacy of their own lives is their business, not mine and, as long as they’re not aggressively making it mine, I wouldn’t presume to judge or even care very much. What I am is homo-politics-phobic, meaning that I cannot stand the way gay activists have intertwined themselves with Leftism, which I do hate, and announced that, if you don’t like their Leftist politics, than you’re a homophobe.

My strong suspicion is that I’m not alone. Certainly, the NRA cares only about people having the opportunity to exercise their constitutional freedoms. That’s why they’re perfectly happy to make room in their big tent for an Asian gay man who strongly supports the Second Amendment.

Incidentally, on the subject of privacy, Dennis Prager has something very important to say about Donald Sterling’s rant. The rant is certainly ugly, not to mention psychologically fascinating (Sterling sounds as if he’s terribly afraid that his decidedly meager charms will be inadequate to entice his black/Hispanic girlfriend if she finds herself in the company of men who are not only as rich and famous as Sterling, but who are also attractively black). There’s a bigger societal problem though, says Prager, that no one is talking about, and that’s the loss of privacy.

This is consistent with what Prager has always said, which is that people must be judged by their acts. In that regard, I’ve often pointed out to the kids that the Democrats’ darling Harry Truman was a racist who integrated America’s Armed Forces and an antisemite who supported the creation of Israel.


And finally, one of the reasons I came to be a big fan of Castra Praetoria is the periodic “Heard in the Clear” posts.  Always funny and often profound.

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Don’t forget that Benghazi is merely covering up the Hussein arms sales to Al Qaeda, which is why Fallujah 3 surprised the Iraqis with a renewed, rearmed, and more lethal AQ that took over the city. Also the Seal Team that terminated Osama B, got taken down by an anti air launcher. Wonder where the Taliban found one that was still working, they should have used up most of their old stockpiles from now. Wonder where they got it and the information to set the trap for the insertion team.
    Of course, people may find that hard to believe. But in that case, the proof won’t come from me, so stop looking. Look forward to the Left convincing people.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    If anyone continues to wonder why I don’t respect America’s “sports” craze such as the NFL, NBA, or other 3 letter acronyms, see the link above.
    American sports are merely cess pits where rapists, mistresses, criminals, and various other greedy sharks congregate. They are not examples of “manliness” or “American virtue”. They are a bunch of weaklings who still avoid paying taxes, while businesses go out of business due to being incapable of paying the increased protection fees of Democrats.
    Ooo, oo, they go around leaping like bunnies doing physically amazing things, people think. Nothing a little power of Death won’t usurp in the fame business. People have forgotten their roots and why athletic ability was originally cherished. It was so that the bear would stop cashing you and eat the slower. Death will always be stronger than what leaps of faith the NBA has in their dunks. People have forgotten the origin of true power.

  • Libby

    There are so many upsetting details about Benghazi it’s overwhelming, but the blatant lie that it was caused by a video was especially irksome because no one even believed it at the time. Sure, Susan Rice doing a ‘full Ginsburg’ to spread the lie was bad, but it’s nothing compared to Obama and Hillary days earlier claiming it to the victims’ families and the rest of America while standing in front of the coffins. If Hillary even dares to run the Republicans (or any conservative group with actual guts) should run clips of Hillary’s performance that day.
    Side note: How come we still don’t know who survived the attack (or even how many), where they are now, and heard their firsthand account of what happened?

  • sabawa

    Good questions, Libby. And what happened to the ‘perp’ who made the video that (did not) start(ed) this lie?   Is he still in jail….and on what charges?