Open Thread *UPDATED*


My mom suddenly went from her normal slightly loopy to very confused. It may be something as simple as a bladder infection (a common cause of confusion in the elderly) or it could be something more complicated. At her age, one expects things to happen so, while I’m concerned, I’m not distraught. It is what it is.

In the meanwhile, though, please have fun with this Open Thread. I’ll just leave you with two thoughts this morning. First thought: A computer gaming company employee was fired for suggesting that, although Sterling is a nasty old bigot, in America he should still have the right to express his thoughts freely in the privacy of his own home. Second thought: Was the so-called Peace Process always a set-up?

UPDATE: The doctor’s current thinking is that mom caught a virus going around her senior living community.  When I visited her this morning, she was extremely confused when I arrived (and, as always, angry at me for “abandoning” her, which is her go-to delirium mode.)  Three hours later, when I left, she was pretty oriented, but complaining unhappily about typical flu symptoms.

I’ll be going back later this afternoon to check up on Mom but, for now, I’m confident that the people in her care facility know what’s wrong with her and are taking good care of her.

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    When SNL and news collide: Fernando: Saludos, my friends. How are you, darlings? It is so lovely to be back, here in the Hideaway. And, as you know, my friends.. as you can see, the booth is empty, and I am very upset. I don’t feel marvelous. I look marvelous, but I don’t feel marvelous. Which is hokie-dokie for me, because, as you know, my credo is “It is better to look good than to feel good.”
    We’ve been screwed for $2.4 million!  By golly, Resnic studied design at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, which more than qualified him for plastic surgeries, vacations, condos, stocks ….
    The inventor of the “origami condom” has been accused of fraud and having used taxpayer money to go on lavish trips, attend parties at the Playboy mansion, get plastic surgery in Costa Rica….

  • jj

    The Sterling thing is funny if only because of the very public collisions it’s engendering between a variety of liberals and the Constitution that protects them.  It’s plainly apparent they only have use for it as a one-way street, isn’t it?  If they keep this up even the meanest of intelligences – their natural constituency – will begin to wonder what goes on.  Maybe.
    I think it’s hilarious that the pajama-boys who run the Turtle Whatever-It-Is Company (I just read it three seconds ago and I’ve already forgotten: that’s how interested I am); Turtle Dork Company let’s say, have walked right into this with their eyes wide open, and their little winkies on “Full Outrage.”  This is amusing because it will result in the kid they canned owning their company if he wishes to do so.  I’m sure they’re very bright, very inventive, and the apple of their mommies’ eyes – but they’ve just blown it in epic terms.  Owing to a fundamental failure to understand the most fundamental – not to say “elementary”- of documents and the rights appertaining thereto in the republic.  Okay: you asked for it, with a half decent lawyer (which may be an oxymoron, I admit) and a half bright judge (definitely an oxymoron) you’ll get it right in the nose, boys.
    The other thing that Rush brought up about this, is the NBA’s position itself, or at least one specific aspect thereof.  Sterling has been around a long time, he is, I believe (I don’t give any percentage of a damn about basketball, so don’t really know) the longest-tenured – or perhaps it’s “senior” – owner in the league.  He’s been around so long that when he bought that team he paid about $12 million for it.  It is now, I have heard, worth around $500 million.  If the league forces him to sell, then they also force him to incur a couple hundred million in capital-gains taxes.  Whatever estate planning he did to benefit his wife and family has just been shot in the foot by this Silver guy and the NBA, who I suspect have not remotely thought this through.  They can ban him from their little league, I suppose; they can take down his nameplate and remove him from the masthead – but can they really damage his heirs to the tune of a couple hundred million?  I suspect his heirs will think not; nor do I imagine they’ll be reticent about having their representatives express this viewpoint.
    Watching this stuff develop could be kind of fun. 

  • Mike Devx

    Sterling hs the right to voice his opinions in whatever way and whereever he wishes to.  And other people have the right to shun him (or anyone) or boycott him or do whatever they wish to, as well.  (Whether it is a GOOD idea or not for them to do so is beside the point.)  
    As long s the government is not involved and dictating things via its POWER, I don’t seek  pay much attention to what people do.  And since the NBA is not an example of free market competition, but is instead a cabal that you buy into – more of a gang than a business owner), if they want to force someone out of their little game, well, whatever, to me.  I don’t care.
    It’s not censorship unless the government is involved.   IF you think the NBA owners don’t have the right to kick Sterling out, then you probably think a church congregation can’t expel someone for child molestation.  Or, you’re not being very philosophically consistent.

  • Ymarsakar

    Like many things in life, the gov is involved. People just aren’t aware of it.

  • Mike Devx

    Now there’s this guy, last name of Olin, a “cunnmunity manager” working for a gaming company called Turtle Rock Studios.  He sent out a series of Tweets expressing the idea that Sterling’s right to speak his mind in the privacy of his own home was violated.   He has been fired by his company for expressing views contrary to the company’s views.  He Tweeted under his own name, not the company.
    Id boycott this company, just as I uninstalled Firefox and I’m boycotting Mozilla because of what they did to Brandon Eich.  But I’ve never heard of this idiotic company.  As I’ve said, they have the right to manage their employees as they see fit, whether I agree with the company or not (and I personally vehemently disagree with companies doing this ).  
    These are still isolated incidents.  But we’re moving toward a culture where companies WILL fire you for your private-life social media comments that are not in line with company viewpoints.  This is a vicious cultural trend that, while it’s got nothing to do with the government nor censorship, is still seriously troubling.  What the hell is happening to us as a People? What are we becoming?