More on the Travis Air Force Base crash

This is excellent footage of the stunt plane crash yesterday at Travis Air Force Base. &It supports accusations that Eddie Andreini, the pilot, might have survived that skid if emergency rescuers had immediately used fire extinguishers.  The deeply uncomfortable conclusion is that the pilot, rather than being killed instantly in the crash, died horribly in the fire after the crash. If that is indeed what happened, the Air Force has a great deal of “splaining” to do, as Ricky Ricardo so often said.

The footage also corroborates my memory that the emcee immediately told everyone to stay where they were, an instruction instantly and completely ignored by every single person on the field.

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  • jj

    Nah – the Air Force doesn’t have any explaining to do.  Why should they?  Why should they be different?  Who in this society as it’s currently constituted ever has any responsibility to do anything right or explain why they didn’t?  Jackass Los Angeles cops make a mistake and blow away a perfect innocent who had as much to do with what they were looking for as your cat did – no problem.  The Washington landslide took place in an area everybody knew, and the USGS had warned thirty years ago – was unstable, the county let the whole community be built there –  y’know: tough s**t for you.  The Benghazi question isn’t “what did he know and when did he know it?” it turns out it’s “where was he when he didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground?” – and, you know, no consequence.  It took seven tries, but we did finally get fairly acceptable carpet installed.  (The Mohawk carpet mill probably cost its shareholders $50,000 just screwing around at my house the last seven months, but what the hell, no downside, no explanation owed anyone.  And everybody knows seven months of my time comes free, so it’s all good.)
    The point is nobody, particularly anybody connected no matter how vaguely with any governmental entity, but it’s broader than that: nobody can be relied on to do anything right in this country any more.  The federal government, the army, the air force, the navy, the marines, the coast guard, your state, your county, your town, your school, the IRS, the department of education, the highway department, the state cops, the local cops, the town cops, the garbageman, HUD, HHS , the kid who throws a newspaper on your porch, gardeners, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, lawyers, doctors, mechanics – they will, universally, 100% of them, f**k it up whatever they get near at least once before they get anything right, these days.
    And you think the air force should or will be held responsible for this guy dying?  They’re going to turn out to be the only responsible entity in the United States of America?  Come on…

  • Ymarsakar

    That wasn’t a bad crash at all. The pilot obviously compensated at the last moment or got too low due to some kind of windage. He could have walked off. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was upside down, and there’s no canopy protecting against the concrete…
    People were obviously in a position and mentally prepared to run up there in a few moments, but they lacked an order and the tools to do so.
    “We are aware there is an incident” Nothing to see here, move along.
    Every ant and cog has their role. Your role is to freeze and allow the emergency guys to declare the site safe, so that they can call in another team that will determine where the pilot is. That’s your social harmony for ya, Book.

    • Ymarsakar

      And people wonder why I hate the Left and don’t like social authority. Oh, it’s good for you, they say. It’s good for some people at the top. Those at the bottom burning up due to accidents or minor mistakes… not so good for them.

    • Ymarsakar

      Originally hierarchies developed in order to organize the power of a group, so that people didn’t get in each other’s way and individual initiative would be rewarded and rendered a benefit to the group’s needs. The only reason. The only reason ever, for any warrior, hunt, gatherer, child raiser back then to obey the group’s hierarchy (leadership) was because they were competent. It was better to obey, it carried a higher survival rate than going on your own.
      Well, guess what Book. Now a days, if you Obey American authority, your chances of dying go up. Way up. I mean way up. Ft. Hood. Ft. Hood 2. Libya. Benghazi. Syria. Fast and Furious. SWAT raids. We’re not even talking about “hypotheticals” any more. Or “slippery slopes”. This ain’t a slippery slope. The train is sailing on the vast ocean of nothingness. Way past the “point of no return’ sign.
      This is what happens when the bottom 20% of humanity think they are the elite of humanity, those better than us, and thus Born to Rule (PillowC) over us. Even with the best military soldiers in the world, even with the best emergency responders in the world, if the leader is a retard that punishes personal initiative and rules by fear (feminism, homosexualism, jihadism), people will not perform any near what it takes to survive.
      Since social authority is designed almost to render failure an outcome (equality of outcomes), it’s much better to merely do things your way. And not what other people say is the Right Way.
      The authorities can always command obedience via terror, punishment, and death. But individuals should not delude themselves into thinking it’s a path without choice. People choose to obey. That’s a choice they make. They make that choice because it’s easier allowing an organization to shoulder the sin of living and to shoulder the responsibility. But when your hierarchy doesn’t shoulder any responsibility to begin with… well.