The media is the canker at the heart of liberalism’s corruption

Incest media logosFrom my cousin, commenting on the profound damage the incest media does to classic liberalism and to America:

Today’s “liberal” cannot fulfill the requirements of being a genuine liberal. First, the liberal media representatives cannot report the important news. They can go into lengths describing a botched execution in Oklahoma, but cannot relate the story of the executed man’s hideous crime.

Serious issues like (1) the refusal of the Obama administration to have military force available to rescue endangered staff in Benghazi, and (2) the absence of any order to attempt a rescue of Ambassador Stevens and his staff on 9-11-12 are not reported (reporters note that the Benghazi terror is a Fox News story). The IRS scandal of targeting conservative groups overwhelmingly is also ignored. However, the Clippers’ owner’s rant is covered in explicit detail. The shrinking labor force, down to less than 62%, is never mentioned.

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the black caucus are given plenty of space to broadcast their rants about Supreme Court Justice Thomas, the Koch brothers, the special investigation panel, etc. Harry Reid acts like a tabloid reporter in discussing the Redskins’ football team name, the Koch brothers, and his claim that ObamaCare criticism is “all lies,” while blocking Senate action on any bills the Senate receives from the Republican-controlled House. The increase in number and quality of Obama’s lawless activities is barely mentioned in the liberal media.

A genuine liberal is always critical of federal government power. A genuine liberal seeks to protect the citizens’ rights. That is different from stoking a grievance industry in the manner of MSNBC’s Al Sharpton. That is also different from stoking fake causes like “War on Women” and Islamophobia or attacking Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Condi Rice.

When a fake liberal media protects an increasingly lawless presidency, the result is chaos. Federal expenditures cannot continue to rise while the economy stagnates. A large majority of the jobs created during the “recovery” under the Obama administration are low wage, low skill jobs. Meanwhile the fake liberal donors like billionaire Steyer demand that a major job creator such as the Keystone pipeline not be built. The train wreck in Lynchburg, Virginia, this week tells why the pipeline should be built. The alternative, transportation by rail through populated areas, invites disasters like that in Lynchburg, Va.

A genuine liberal wants open debate, not the current performance of the fake liberal media.

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  • JKB

    I’ve been thinking about trying to sell some bumper stickers.  Not unrelated to the drive to suppress thought by the modern “liberal”.
    Teach a child to pass the test, they learn for a day
    Teach them to order their thoughts and a tentative attitude toward knowledge, they learn for a lifetime.
    Fight Progressivism
    Encourage Freedom of Thought
    Fight School Helplessness
    Encourage Children to Think for Themselves.
    Teach Children to be Citizens, Not Subjects
    Promote Freedom of Thought
    Fight the Progs
    Encourage Freedom of Thought

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  • Ymarsakar

    I think I mentioned fake liberals several years ago. Forgot which one exactly.
    But now a days, there is no classical liberalism. There is only real liberalism. Which isn’t the Left. The idea that there is old liberty, and then there is this new and better morphed modern liberty… that doesn’t even need a comment on.

  • Ymarsakar

    I’ve noticed by now that a lot of people’s mental and emotional processes mirror my own, except setback by 4+ years. Their thinking process is what I already went through.
    In their terms of seniority, there’s a gap. It’s necessary to disassociate Leftist propaganda from reality, and the term “fake liberal” greases the mental wheels. But after a while, the training wheels are unnecessary. I’m at that point. They are not, yet.