Wednesday Morning Open Thread

Today was not one of my more productive days when it comes to writing. However, I don’t regret it too much because I did something wonderfully fun. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you about it because I know you’ll be jealous, but . . . well, I have to boast: I had lunch with Charles Martel.

You don’t need me to tell you that Charles Martel is informed and funny and witty, but I’ll tell you anyway. He’s all that and more because he’s just a delightful person with whom to spend some time. For that reason, I lingered a little longer than I probably should have over lunch.  The result was that, rather than returning to my desk, inspired, and diving into blogging, I ended up ferrying children hither and yon, doing grocery shopping, cooking dinner, and running other errands.

I promised myself, though, to hold on to the inspiration Charles gave me and to bring it to you on Wednesday.  Until I get those posts written, though, please enjoy this Open Thread

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    Just a passing thought after reading the news from the Chicken Little report, formerly known as the weather.
    Some start their day with a bowl of cereal – others with serial lies, right out of the box.

  • MacG

    Thought I’d pass this little tidbit along about the Democrats ‘help’ they provided the black families in the middle 1930’s in achieving mortgages – NOT

    • SADIE

      Lemme see if I understand it, Mac. The Dems build something that is broke and then want the rest of us to: a) glue it back together, b) sniff the glue, c) pay for the glue, d) pretend it’s not really broken, but the roof leaks, the structure has cracks and if only we’d pay for the paint, too – it would be as good as new. Am I close?

      • MacG

        Say, you wouldn’t be describing Gummint housing by any chance would you? 😉

    • Bookworm

      MacG:  You’ve given me yet another Johnny Carson moment, because all I could think when I went to that link was “I did not know that.”  (I always left it when Carson said that phrase.)  

      Honestly, since FDR, federal government programs have done a better job of destroying blacks than Jim Crow ever did.

      • Ymarsakar

        It’s merely a continuation of slavery. The Democrats, like the Left, don’t give up. They are going to have their slaves, one way or another. Even losing Civil War I won’t stop that. Losing Jim Crow, didn’t stop it.