So God made a liberal….

Brilliant take on Paul Harvey’s “So God made a farmer….”

My neighbors are a different kind of liberal. They’re the kind who were brainwashed into thinking that Democrats are good and Progressives Republicans are bad and, since they know they’re good, they must be Democrats. They live a conservative life (marriage, children, hard work), but are afraid to preach what they practice and refuse to believe in what they know from their own experience breeds success. They are riddled with guilt over being the product of their and their parents’ labors.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Democrats are what they are because they sold their soul for some goodies. They made themselves.

  • bkivey

    That video is Right. On. Time.

  • lee

    Marinites drove me crazy when I lived there. Both the ones I knew, and the ones I just knew of. They think they’re sooooooooo caring of the “little guy”–but would fight hammer and tongs to keep them from being able to move in. Well, maybe as long as we keep the riff raff in the Canal District and Marin City (and they’re take great pride that that was home to Tupac Shakur)… To them, the only “little guys” are the Mexicans who clean their homes and take care of their yards. It never dawns on them that “little guys” are also the administrative distracts, the blue collar workers…
    Abstract feel good is so much nicer, so much more comfortable. than actually practicing what you preach.
    People would blather about “affordable housing” and pushing for it. But “affordable housing” is a crock– in Marin, it wound up being market-rate apartments (and Marin’s market rate is NOT very affordable). If you calculated it according to HUD. If people REALLY cared about housing being affordable to the “little guy,” they let it be affordable to build, and build housing that is affordable. (Marin permitting and fees ran almost three times what San Francisco’s did.!) And  the Maronites didn’t need to worry their pretty little collective head about over development and blotting out sky lines–only one third of Marin is able to be developed for ANY kind of construction, and the reality is, it’s even less than that.  And very few places allow much over a free stories. 
    But the costs of permitting means the only development is high end housing. A large apartment building hours up in downtown San Rafael, and it’s high end apartments. A multi unit development goes up by San Quentin, and it’s pretty privy condos. Because it’s not work out to build anything affordable fine developers will get closer to zip on their ROI.

  • Ymarsakar

    “They are riddled with guilt over being the product of their and their parents’ labors.”
    That is why it is better to attack their beliefs by exposing the hypocrisy and evil of the Left. What people used to think was that the Left and Democrat “moderates” could be convinced by better solutions or by exposing the flaws in the “not working socialism’. What many of the cannonfodder on the LEft wants aren’t solutions per say, but absolution of their sins. So just like a person being told to say X number of Hail Maries, and then do atonement for their sins to get forgiveness, the Left will only use a certain kind of solution to absolve their guilt. And it doesn’t really matter if it is effective or not, so long as it gets rid of the guilt, the primary goal. Thus even if your pagan self told the sinner to eat some pork and wage some wars to absolve their sins, the believer wouldn’t do it. Because you aren’t part of their church hierarchy. You have no standing, no authority in their eyes. You may not even be human, just a demon tempting them, in their eyes.
    That’s why you must attack the very core of their belief, by destroying their faith in their church, in their god, in their religion. Rip it apart, stomp on it, and set it afire. The only thing that can destroy their guilt is a higher, more painful emotion that rips that guilt asunder.

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