Friday morning round-up and Open Thread

Victorian posy of pansiesGood stuff today. Really good stuff. Here goes:

Kevin D. Williamson says that the IRS scandal is the worst scandal ever in American politics, since it fundamentally undermines our form of government. I’m inclined to agree with him and would even go so far as to wonder whether he’s been reading my blog.


And while I’m on the subject of destroying our form of government, Barack Obama is again investigating whether the power to issue executive orders is actually the power to re-write entirely federal legislation to suit his own political purposes. The administration claims it’s contemplating this exercise of power because the current program is controversial — but it’s only controversial because there are a lot of people who want to grant de facto amnesty to illegal immigrants. Here’s the deal in America as it once was: if you didn’t like the law, you changed it through the legislative process. Only in banana republics do you let the Dear Leader ignore the law and do it his way.


Even if common core works perfectly in some pristine education program on an Ivy League campus, it’s a disaster in real life. H

Here’s a squirrely idea from me: One of the things that totalitarian governments do is separate children from the parents, either physically or emotionally. (Remember that Hitler’s Youth would turn in their own parents for infractions.) To the extent that common core makes it impossible for parents to help elementary school aged children with what used to be basic math problems, you have to wonder if a goal, or a pleasant by-product, of the Common Core program is that it makes children see their parents as stupid, unhelpful, and unreliable.


Hillary lies again, this time about Iran. You’d think Hillary would eventually wise up to the fact that, in an internet age, it takes minutes, not years, to expose blatant lies. Of course, she’s counting on the media to shelter her. That’s naive too. In 2008, the media dropped her in a New York minute when Barack came along last time around. It even seems as if Bill’s dropping her, and Keith Koffler amusingly ponders why that’s so.

Career overseas civil servants should also think about dumping Hillary. The DiploMad explains that she (and her whole State Department) broke the special bond between America and her employees overseas.


More and more people are catching on to the fact that the Left is entirely adolescent in its approach to itself and to world governance. Matthew Continetti applies that adolescent theory to the New York Times, which is caught up in a firestorm made up of allegations that it fired Jill Abrahamson, its first female executive because she complained about wage discrimination. (And isn’t that irony lovely from a paper that carries the Democrats’ water on the wage discrimination campaign issue?)


Everything you need to know about life in Obama’s America: The same Pentagon that is actively or passively responsible for the VA program that intentionally killed veterans through neglect is working hard to get a sex change operation for convicted traitor Bradley Manning.


Meanwhile, the insanity on America’s college campuses continues. This time, a college is dropping “hump day,” because the camel theme (complete with a camel petting zoo) is seen as disrespectful to Arab culture.


What it’s like to be a voter in Chicago.


And finally, a look into the ugly heart of ProgressiveLand:

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  1. sabawa says

    It might be more disrespectful to Arabs to suggest that in some quarters, it is perceived they have been compared to camels.   Are we talking about facial features and/or the size of their feet?  Just to be a tad persnickety, I seem to recall the camel in the add is a Bactrian sort.  The Arabian camels are Dromedaries so Arabs need not fret on this issue.   I doubt that anyone meant anything by the joke.   While I lived in Saudi Arabia, they had a kid’s program called Jamal (Arabic word for camel) the Camel…… was very popular.   

  2. says

    I’ve also heard similar rumors about Shinseki, except that this one is about how he wanted more troops in Iraq because he wanted more body bags for some reason or other. And that Shinseki is behind the body bags at the VA, too.

  3. Charles Martel says

    I’m sure the Israelis, who are “of a Middle Eastern culture,” will take terrible offense. 
    Oh, wait. Israelis are mostly Jooos, and Jooos are rootless cosmopolitans. 

  4. says

    As for the IRS, if you told me in 2007 that the LEft would use the IRS to stomp on Americans, I wouldn’t have been surprised.
    After all, back then I held the Left responsible for all the evils of the Vietnam war and everyone that died there, on both sides. Compared to that, when the dots are connected, a little IRS here and there was nothing in comparison to the scale.

  5. Matt_SE says

    You referred to Manning as a traitor, but was he tried for treason, or were you using that word colloquially?
    Personally, I’d love to see some people in the IRS scandal tried for REAL treason. We haven’t had a good treason trial in a while.
    It’ll never happen though. The individuals involved are “of the system” so they won’t be held to the same standard the rest of us are.

  6. says

    Sandy Berger destroyed national archives with a security rating. We still don’t know what those documents were, and Berger only had his security clearance temporarily disabled. Whereas with the LEft’s fake scandal, Valerie Jarret, no one died and no information was destroyed, but Libby was put in jail for that.

  7. says

    One of the things I like seeing with the Haram slave trade is that Americans are no longer merely allowing the narrative to shape their perspective. Instead of seeing it as an Islamic Jihad isolated incident, they are connecting the dots and immediately making note of the connection with Hussein or Democrats. Even if this connection is without evidence or only minor ties bind them, there’s a huge difference between an American that would see this as the fault of Islamic Jihad, and an American that sees this as the fault of Islamic Jihad + US Left.
    In the first case, the hate is isolated only to foreigners. In the second case, hate distributes across and over to the domestic people in America. Without enough hate, most people have no defenses, mental, spiritual, or emotional, against Leftist propaganda. This trend can only crease as people find their natural emotional armor, redistributing their hate from foreigners to their domestic American neighbors.
    What that inevitably leads to… well people can figure that one out for themselves.

  8. says

    Common Core is not a disaster, it’s pure mind control. It’s prepping the little minds to be enslaved. The African slaver runners just use a direct physical method. The Left has refined mind control to a slightly higher level that doesn’t require physical detention… much.
    Those that have studied mind control, should see the signs. Those that have not… well, they’ll figure it out sooner or later.

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